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Boris Johnson issues warning after huge crowds flocked to beaches on Thursday
Infection rate is increasing in several countries that relaxed lockdown measures
The changes could allow President Vladimir Putin to serve another 16 years in office
Millions of jobs at risk as new forecast slashes 12 trillion dollars over next two years
Huge military parade in Moscow was postponed from 9th May due to coronavirus
His death sparked widespread protests
Pubs, restaurants, cinemas and museums in England will be allowed to reopen from July 4
The two sides have carried out a series of retaliatory measures since February
Afghanistan says last week was the deadliest in 19 years for its armed forces
The US president had expected one million people at his rally in Tulsa
More than one million ticket requests were received
Court says Donald Trump's campaign rally, his first in months, can go ahead in Tulsa
Talks held on bailout package worth over $800 billion
The policy stops "Dreamers"- immigrants who entered illegally as children- being deported
The EU's highest court strikes down a Hungarian law restricting foreign funding of NGOs
Garrett Rolfe faces 11 charges related to the shooting in Atlanta outside a drive-in
Indian PM addresses nation as 20 Indian soldiers reported killed in border- skirmish
The skirmish took place in the Galwan Valley
South Korean officials have described the destruction as a senseless and unprecedented act
The ruling comes even though the court has grown more conservative