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GNU, Linux, coffee, and subversion. This podcast is founded in the ideals of anarcho-syndacalism, anti-facism, and human rights. I stand in solidarity with all peopele of colour, of marginalised communities, and the oppressed around the globe.

13 gnuWorldOrder_13x20 May 12, 2019
Finishing up the binaries in /sbin from the **util-linux** package. Includes **sfdisk**, **swaplabel**, **swapon**, **swapoff**, **switch_root**, **wipefs**, **ziptool**, and **zramctl**. For **zramctl** to work, remember to load the zram module. $ sudo modprobe zram shasum -a256=acc50c7428599f3d4c911a7c4f35f2127150829c781495d3e5754d1b940b69f6
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x19 May 5, 2019
Listener feedbacks from Mastodon, including commentary about the Julian calendar, Flatpak sandboxing problems, Flatpak usability problems, clarification on Bzip2 and LZMA and ZIP compression. The overview of util- linux continues with **mkswap**, which designates a partition of a special hard drive or a special file as "swap" space. _NEVER run …
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x18 April 28, 2019
Is it really possible to use CentOS or RHEL as a desktop Linux distro? Klaatu finds out! shasum -a256=3e14fa81ac4405e0537391e94a8e2b3781cbdfa385e3d8d8a2aaa126ff12f044
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x17 April 21, 2019
Listener feedback from Carl about gauging community health of a project before getting involved with it. Klaatu has defined five community profiles, but has no definitive answers. Listen in and send in commentary if you have ideas on this topic. shasum -a256=95ff76183a370842c08f8d631dc93bd86e2d1a2f7b22adc3ed1d784651b55a44
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x16 April 15, 2019
Are Flatpaks and Snaps a regression in security? and other exciting listener debates. Util-link continued, continuing with utilities in /sbin: * sbin/ctrlaltdel * sbin/fdisk * sbin/findfs * sbin/fsck * sbin/fsck.cramfs * sbin/fsck.minix shasum -a256=9b11c74e14357729d327e196a40a890dc32db2f54d723b178366174233f153a9
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x15 April 8, 2019
Util-link continued, starting with the utilities in /sbin: * sbin/adjtimex * sbin/agetty * sbin/blkdiscard * sbin/blkid * sbin/blockdev * sbin/cfdisk Plus some listener feedback about getopt and getopts, bzip2, good bad sound, and more. shasum -a256=1613deec4e2c1801fda8597c6ae4afb785a7a9311dbd92e7bf249d021956c573
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x14 April 1, 2019
Let's build a flatpak together! shasum -a256=3d9aae810bac35a55ad167851b993e5a810699bbbe31371210a54e8151e6118f
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x13 March 25, 2019
Listener feedback. GNU World Order is voted best Linux Podcast of 2018 by []( but fame is fleeting, and it is no longer 2018. Bzip2 compression. You should run bzip2 compression tests and send Klaatu your results. Controversy over scripts that download and install automatically. A bakery that runs on …
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x12 March 18, 2019
The journey through the **util-linux** from the **a** package set of Slackware continues. First, a tutorial on `getopt`, an argument parser for Bash and Tcsh. Here is a demonstrative sample script: #!/usr/bin/bash ## or you can just use /bin/sh OPTS=`getopt --options f --long foo --alternative -- "$@"` eval set -- …
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x11 March 11, 2019
Heaps of listener feedback about licensing, the difference between a user and a developer, the `atool` archive tool, old GNU World Order shownotes, the first couple of applications from **util-linux**: `dmesg`, `findmnt`, `hostname`, `more`. shasum -a256=7e06731c4ab165e046250b5b690baf27c2b7f2219373d5fa6fbb9a7866b34e69
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x10 March 3, 2019
Coffee across the globe. From the **a** package set of default Slackware packages: udisks, udisks2 (udiskctl), unarj, upower, usb_modeswitch, usbutils, and the utemptor interface to utmp, btmp, and wtmp. Udisks is a friendly interface for interacting with drives. $ udisks --enumerate /org/freedesktop/UDisks/devices/sdc1 /org/freedesktop/UDisks/devices/sdc2 /org/freedesktop/UDisks/devices/sdc /org/freedesktop/UDisks/devices/sde [...] /org/freedesktop/UDisks/devices/sdf1 $ udisks --mount …
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x9 Feb. 24, 2019
Episode audio levels adjusted, Flatpak tips, and three great coffees in downtown Raleigh North Carolina. Finishing up the applications-that-start- with-"t" from the **a** set of Slackware: `time` (not the built-in Bash one) and **tree**. shasum -a256=07f111b749baa5acde63f76ab4bdb642059152f198c5b0b820e321219fe3a1bd
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x8 Feb. 17, 2019 vouchers, THE CLOUD is just a virtual computer on somebody else's (or your own?) cluster of computers, building dependencies on things you already own. In the **t** packages in the **a** set: heaps of tar tips, and some thoughts about tcsh. shasum -a256=8e45743a4466aceeee219925070f24ac2478cbaa6dbe499458f651fb78c596d9
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x7 Feb. 10, 2019
Deep thoughts about licensing, effective licensing, and why groups of free software developers haven't the luxury of turning a blind eye. shasum -a256=715a7a795d97f2c77269286b8e9ae2e671d2cd75aa679b40b690857631ba564d
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x6 Feb. 5, 2019
Tech talk, licensing, ZFS, and more. shasum -a256=1099dd8dfa56d6a275f6c958a16167c459f8e59dbb8b0b0f2a8c85a8278970b4
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x5 Jan. 28, 2019
Klaatu talks about software licensing as related to ZFS, and then covers the **S** section of the **a** package set in Slackware (he also realises mid-way through that he had already covered the **q** and **r** sections and part of the **s** section, but nobody complained about it, so presumably …
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x4 Jan. 19, 2019
Klaatu installs ZFS and creates a ZFS USB drive. Continuing his review of all packages installed with Slackware, he talks about reiserfs and rpm2tgz. Finally, a thoroughly biased unbiased review of the amazing webhost cooperative, []( shasum -a256=e2f12449b7fe76356509613ee9ad3b612d3a152dad4323c6a494d75023bcf223
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x3 Jan. 13, 2019
All about the quota command from Slackware package set **a** ` # enable quota in /etc/fstab # for example: # /dev/sda1 / ext4 defaults,usrquota 0 2 # # then remount the partition: % whoami % root % mount -o remount / # create quota index: % quotacheck --user --create-files --no-remount …
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x2 Jan. 6, 2019
Lister feedback, a new book, Lua, Luarocks, and much more. ` \--[[ GNU All- Permissive License Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification, are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright notice and this notice are preserved. This file is offered as-is, without any warranty. …
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x1 Dec. 30, 2018
Season 13 begins! We have switched to a fancy new hosting provider, [](, a cooperative web hosting organization run in part by Josh Cox, a long-time supporter of the show. Introductory episodes about [Linux]( and [Slackware]( have been posted. If you're new to Linux, start with these episodes!. In _this_ …