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GNU, Linux, coffee, and subversion. This podcast is founded in the ideals of anarcho-syndacalism, anti-facism, and human rights. I stand in solidarity with all peopele of colour, of marginalised communities, and the oppressed around the globe.

7 gnuWorldOrder_7x01 Oct. 16, 2011
Klaatu checks in with Fedora, the KDE 6.5 network manager, and the Mandriva fork, &Mageia&. Then he takes about new users, the mythical New User Experience, and more. After coffee, he talks about how to sign your email with GPG, and the philosophy of Trust and the new SSL alternative, …
7 gnuWorldOrder_7x00 Oct. 3, 2011
Back from his extended two-week hiatus from the show, a re-newed Klaatu talks about the new Fat Chance Lester release &Android&,, the yesplz fix, his talk at Ohio Linux Fest, lpr and lpadmin, ghostscript, foomatic, /etc/cups/printer.conf and more. md5sum=01f3e2c38621667525ce4ab34ca461f1
gnuWorldOrder_0x0 Dec. 30, 2008
New to Linux? Start here. shasum -a256=9f683b35d6a47e97d957b6f9f44f41bb8463451df22f54acb4c17caa8ac26122