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GNU, Linux, coffee, and subversion.

12 gnuWorldOrder_12x24 June 11, 2018
Listener feedback from Brian, blu3r4d0n, and Josh. A bunch of stuff about Github, Microsoft, trust, and free software. Show notes on
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x23 June 4, 2018
Here's a howto for nmcli.
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x22 May 28, 2018
From the **a** set of Slackware: maketag, mcelog, mdadm, minicom, mkinitrd, mt-st, mtx, (n)compress, and ntfs-3g. shasum -a256=3888b3baa8b2cf58843984251e17afb040758c4cf3343bbe8c0dd0536df63996
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x21 May 21, 2018
How to reduce the size of bloated PDFs. Use this tip judiciously, as it does lossy compression of PDFs, but it might be useful in some cases. Also, pointless Slackware predictions and another LVM tip. shasum -a256=f228b672d0cd405d0ed04162614b85730bf9512819c88807fc0c5c9576fe06c7
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x20 May 13, 2018
F-f-f-Flatpak! an uncomprehensive first impression. shasum -a256=977490f091d45ef976b1d6b7854ed1bc3bdf1432e8c31e4322778e976f1f33fa
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x19 May 6, 2018
Use LUKS for disk encryption. You can even use it to encrypt thumbdrives. It's easier than you think! shasum -a256=f11e5c52e73a4447f9e67ff1ee54825318f5c81e2993f59ecbd0fbb3b370c4bf
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x18 April 30, 2018
A tour of LVM. This show covers setting up LVM manually, which can be useful since often LVM is setup magically during installation. Hopefully, this overview will clarify what LVM does, what it's capable of, and how you can interact with it. shasum -a256=2a9f63775736f2fd58e97e157f5650643986bd55540194ce2f5b1fc216f999b4
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x17 April 23, 2018
Klaatu continues his tour of all the little packages that are installed on your Linux box. In this episode: JFS, kbd utils, kmod, less, lha and lrzip compression showdown, libcgroup, libgudev, lilo, logrotate, and LVM. Since setting up an array of drives often happens when you are installing an OS, ...
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x16 April 15, 2018
Why should you use open source for your next project? Klaatu tells all! shasum -a256=1d6fcae49e3e47803f48d1ee51db945d1e5960190fa40066d1f115437b8c4a83
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x15 April 10, 2018
Listener feedback. shasum -a256=1d61524f85971444c75320767e09692ac278242e7aade8a9e5be4543ea6ea419
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x14 April 2, 2018
Klaatu installs NetBSD on a Raspberry Pi rev 1. Klaatu attempts to kill its FFS file system LIVE ON AIR. Long story short: you should go install NetBSD on a Pi. shasum -a256=6d4b01d5609a6b22e1f5f3fc0922db2f351b5afc74860c7d78cd9c752a56cf19
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x13 March 25, 2018
Learn how to use Slackware tag files to customize a Slackware install, plus the secret of how to perform a Slackware install in less than half a gigabyte. shasum -a256=b0ec5f9b9f526f014ebc4c955e5da0edf4e96be1e19715165f9ef91ab43a87c5
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x12 March 18, 2018
Exploration of the Slackware install set continues with inotify, some install scripts, ISA plug-and-play, jfsutils, kbd, kernel packages, with a few detours into the world of gzip redirection, some stuff about grep, and a howto on compiling the Linux kernel. shasum -a256=e1ce088d19e7318c29745a954eff2b509c44db44fa3ca5406d1dae4fde41a6a0
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x11 March 11, 2018
Klaatu gushes over Porteus, the portable Slackware distribution. shasum -a256=951dbd39a435001fd1818acadac123444ad9fc370ecbfcae15d6a7b88f895374
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x10 March 5, 2018
Klaatu tries `pkgsrc` on Slackware, and you won't believe what happens next. But to sum it up: it's super easy to implement, easy to use, and pretty nifty. To get `pkgsrc` on your Linux OS: Download: $ wget Extract it to `/usr`: # su - # tar --extract --verbose ...
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x9 Feb. 26, 2018
A bunch of listener feedback. Hear about old time sci fi internet shows, runtimes, and much much more, not the least of which is an open source audio converter powered by LibreOffice spreadsheet. shasum -a256=f7bb79ddb88065a8995aea87ef3f87d1f8293e206f871e77dae3dfe996b1d44e
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x8 Feb. 18, 2018
We hope you find this episode useful. shasum -a256=214eb2263e77756db83e8de06707140d69f59f8509969cd1496e62c4a9f0b565
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x7 Feb. 14, 2018
Klaatu, whilst stranded in a hotel somewhere in middle America after a delayed flight, reviews his new InkBook Classic 2 ebook reader, which has replaced his broken Kobo n905. shasum -a256=91c0d0d74e6b8627d39bf08d5a413afca3027ee5e0cd4376a69197769eae9f91
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x6 Feb. 7, 2018
Klaatu expounds upon xargs and talks GNU parallel. Also, a bit about the concept of runtimes. shasum -a256=83bde56b08fb15cf7e554491b4e9df6e46efc04102e3afb5555852d6349679ff
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x5 Jan. 27, 2018
All about the GNU xargs command. shasum -a256=2befbf2c6eb24428db2acbe7b007020e4bdafd4b7f1b98578f16a67f52d72474