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GNU, Linux, coffee, and subversion.

12 gnuWorldOrder_12x4 Jan. 23, 2018
A bonus episode this week. Klaatu talks about getty, agetty, inittab, gawk, and more. shasum -a256=17356498562df4a04957c1dc6f02107f26152eace77c870246cf2b5efdace891
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x3 Jan. 22, 2018
Klaatu talks about BeOS, Haiku, elvis, e2label, mlabel, and much more. Either next week or the week after, let's do an episode on find. Send Klaatu your cool find hacks. shasum -a256=6d85516bd7276a97e49d00b127e4d292181943dc498a6575c7ff99b17a887360
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x2 Jan. 14, 2018
Klaatu introduces his podwrite tool, his custom toolkit for publishing this show and his [Chronicles & Commons]( show. shasum -a256=062f6eda50a5c9d3177bc7725ca5fd21d9b6043e0a2dd6eac43cf03837d6a5d3
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x1 Jan. 8, 2018
Klaatu continues his tour of the low level Linux filesystem, covering exciting commands like attr, the GNU coreutils, infocmp, and more. shasum -a256=dd7e999b1e9eebf835ab0a18a7f70850422fbf610cf033d640bd219c5ad77491
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x0 Jan. 1, 2018
Linux user, know thyself. It's a new year and a new season, and the GNU World Order is now officially an Ogg Vorbis and Opus cast. Although there is no speex feed now, there is no need to update your feed. The old speex feeds are symlinked to the new ...
11 gnuWorldOrder_11x8 June 18, 2017
Klaatu talks about some handy utilities he has been using lately, including lsblk, kompare, and some dolphin plugins. He talks about the GUI IDLE, and the eternal question of how money and free software relate to one another. shasum -a256=9a1dfa0f4dd63957ca6490a73356c6362c80a153cd67121796e7ab054bdd826c
11 gnuWorldOrder_11x7 April 24, 2017
Klaatu talks about why computer users panic when they have to deal with audio, and how Linux users can solve this for themselves and others by understanding and using Pulse Audio. shasum -a256=d5d337a24d3ac633143c3862fce9c52565f1d6428d2df1c035ba5f07109aa873
11 gnuWorldOrder_11x6 March 6, 2017
Klaatu takes [one] listener feedback, talks about CentOS on the Pi, and takes a look at the Lua-based LÖVE game engine. shasum -a256=5a429d070c80ae1119ca583499c0486190d68f0c210309afaab6d698c05bffbf
11 gnuWorldOrder_11x5 Jan. 2, 2017
Klaatu takes listener feedback, talks about web browsers, and discusses how to troubleshoot Linux audio. shasum -a256=68906a5d4ac7d06244c57f0054c1d1bb51f2e52d400f6215f6b9cd66bb5ad4f2
11 gnuWorldOrder_11x4 Dec. 6, 2016
Klaatu talks about AppImages, the magickal technology that lets you build no- install applications that run on ANY Linux distro. In use by Krita, MyPaint, digiKam, MuseScore, and more. Also, Unix Porn is back thanks to a free domain name, and Listener Feedback is reviewed. shasum -a256=905c7c7e0bd1c71d7c00b62672546ce0975493788af2f938c595578e78e17f0c
11 gnuWorldOrder_11x3 Nov. 14, 2016
Klaatu talks about why and how open source software exists, gives a short tutorial on how to setup and use virtual env with Python, and answers Listener Feedback. shasum -a256=eebd7e23807f353ccbefef869a989def68d3fbebbdbbc5cc38bc4edf451c7092
11 gnuWorldOrder_11x2 Oct. 2, 2016
A Mageia review, and howto roll your own RPM packages from a source RPM. shasum -a256=691d23f26fb61e408c720c995c15c1c5484bd0a2fd5bdae3d6f0b8a5141db4f5
11 gnuWorldOrder_11x1 Sept. 18, 2016
WSL, coffeebreak, and a nifty little utility called makeself. shasum -a256=72a4f9eb356db6cededc839a7893d489b8c9d759d7b75f9e457012e09d8e570b
11 gnuWorldOrder_11x0 Sept. 3, 2016
Klaatu is back after a longer-than-planned hiatus. In this episode, he raves about Slackware, and reviews the PocketCHIP. shasum -a256=9d99f49a81035f9085e66fd17aadaab5e14046befdf8444d85d63707d708acb7
gnuWorldOrder_Xx10 Dec. 7, 2015
Klaatu talks about MyPaint, compares layer behaviour in GIMP to other photo editors, talks about desktop cusomisation with Fluxbox, and more. shasum -a256=a2df5644bdb7b3f0543611878780b5fa2aae51ee2d33da584cb29787f95d3b14
gnuWorldOrder_Xx09 Nov. 15, 2015
Klaatu talks about selections in Emacs, compiling for 32 bit on a 64 bit machine, file managers, and an intro to MariaDB. The Flowblade experiment didn't quite work out, so this episode was edited in Kdenlive. shasum -a256=07e6f0bfefa2ea40bb3dc8df726c7774337e0f7fa080bbfca3b7c1d851cabdee
gnuWorldOrder_Xx08 Aug. 31, 2015
Klaatu talks tough about why anyone should even bother with Linux. He shows noobs how to manage thumbnailing in file managers, and does a pretty good Synfig tutorial. Klaatu failed to slate this episode with a notice, but please note that previous episodes of Gnu World Order have been edited ...
gnuWorldOrder_Xx07 July 29, 2015
Klaatu talks about file choosers, file management, and font menus. Note that previous episodes of Gnu World Order have been edited in Kdenlive or Blender, but as an experiment, this episode was edited in Lightworks (which is not yet open source, making this the first episode since season 0 that ...
gnuWorldOrder_Xx06 June 22, 2015
Klaatu talks about Docker and Docker Hub, and shows you how to get started with it. Plus, how to create your own MIMEtypes with the dark magick of XML! What Klaatu fails to mention is the way to programmatically give the MIMEtype that you create an icon. The secret is ...
gnuWorldOrder_Xx05init May 31, 2015
Swap out your init system with something new. Is your init system baked into your distribution? Sounds like you use a non- modular package management system. Try Slackware! shasum -a256=71789c77be4fa1529f324b581aa93ba4a57aea0b27a7b4582a56dc739948bbdb