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GNU, Linux, coffee, and subversion. This podcast is founded in the ideals of anarcho-syndacalism, anti-facism, and human rights. I stand in solidarity with all peopele of colour, of marginalised communities, and the oppressed around the globe.

439 gnuWorldOrder_439 Dec. 19, 2021
Listener feedback, and a look at Bitkeeper, the version control system that compelled Linus Torvalds to create Git. shasum -a256=06464d7ab46c267f33f064e709893dce9d2fec2ecb60cf3b459c668cf144abf7
438 gnuWorldOrder_438 Dec. 12, 2021
The **strace** and **subversion** commands from Slackware software series **d**. shasum -a256=744f5c3ff4829dfea8561c77c907d41700ea61d9043426f5b01de36d92bd135d
437 gnuWorldOrder_437 Dec. 5, 2021
Listener feedback. This is the Git hook example. Save it as **.git /hook/pre- commit** in a valid Git repository, and make it executable with **chmod +x .git /hook/pre- commit**. It gets called any time you tell Git to commit a file, and replaces **foo** with **bar** before committing the file. …
436 gnuWorldOrder_436 Nov. 28, 2021
**Slacktrack** and **SCons** from the **d** software series. shasum -a256=6946c332ad396d63ad541910f1b3afc2e248bc75826d8cd49dbc6fc9b67b39c8
435 gnuWorldOrder_435 Nov. 21, 2021
The RCS revision control system and Ruby. Here is the code from this episode: #!/usr/bin/env ruby class Character def initialize(name,role,lvl) hp = rand(8)+1 @spells = ["cantrip", "chill touch", "detect undead"] puts("You are #{name}, a level #{lvl} #{role}") end #init def listspells() puts("#{@spells}") end #list def spellcast(n) puts("You cast #{@spells[n]}") dice …
434 gnuWorldOrder_434 Nov. 14, 2021
Listener feedback. Linux systems without GNU. Systemd and the search for feature parity across POSIX. shasum -a256=692be42f030a94cc0167fb685ec44bd9ab2c61bcd5cf6e1e952a5a0e3a8b0a10
433 gnuWorldOrder_433 Nov. 7, 2021
How to deliver Python packages with **setuptools**. shasum -a256=dbe581ef517129cf3618ecc65e3227f9b8e3b26fb37e4337a3d13834e8f9fc9e
432 gnuWorldOrder_432 Oct. 31, 2021
Reflections on Python. shasum -a256=626408153665b2c8f0bd8b16e9e176a8b60d56dbe9be37230ae7ddb5799586eb
431 gnuWorldOrder_431 Oct. 24, 2021
**Pkgconfig** or **pkg-config** , a BSD make command called **pmake** , and listener feedback about assemly code, and Perl, and using udev for mobile connection. shasum -a256=5d7fc5e192bb861c803a05ae39cdcf5ea631487f76d00fbf9f6adc01708c16ee
430 gnuWorldOrder_430 Oct. 16, 2021
GNU **parallel** and **patchelf** from NixOS. shasum -a256=3da4ffeacaea2620521f08a86b92a2b28d61e638a5cee17437cc3f9c9703b271
429 gnuWorldOrder_429 Oct. 9, 2021
As it turns out, Perl is amazing! Find out why, and how to start using it. shasum -a256=af031cff2ac768956f9b2d67b11d05482ff15a621edf37570c95b91f75db3786
428 gnuWorldOrder_428 Oct. 3, 2021
The **oprofile** and **p2c** packages. shasum -a256=e5be2a595d242b7cf0bdc591ca9e0d75ad0d7efe12b38691f8c01f002f4b6596
427 gnuWorldOrder_427 Sept. 25, 2021
**Mercurial** version control, and assembly with **nasm**. shasum -a256=cf44e1ebc96e76fc089494680e15a351d51ea7b5863627821963b1523a4daf1f
426 gnuWorldOrder_426 Sept. 18, 2021
GNU **make** and some listener email. shasum -a256=9eb4bbe2adccbeffc890b241b54dc544becae97f303ca9bde9fc326aa7083c20
425 gnuWorldOrder_425 Sept. 12, 2021
The rest of **llvm** , some listener email, and then a quick and simple introduction to **m4**. shasum -a256=5f83e2d229f55154d7cf35023e462f597d57f33ad7efa30aac3ef87c14403f78
424 gnuWorldOrder_424 Sept. 4, 2021
The **llc** , **lli** , **llvm-ar** , **llvm-as** , **llvm-bcanalyzer** , **llvm-c-test** , **llvm-config** , and **llvm-cov** commands from the **d** software series of Slackware. Also, an off-script rogue demo of **lcov**. There isn't much of a logical flow to these commands, but here are a bunch of examples to …
423 gnuWorldOrder_423 Aug. 30, 2021
**llvm-query** , **llvm-rename** , **clang-tidy** , and **git-clang-format** , from the **d** software series of Slackware. shasum -a256=1767673039f5a233a1d8b04469b7b7e21bd3c0c17982049f7f71feecd3f5871d
422 gnuWorldOrder_422 Aug. 21, 2021
A long answer to a short question: how did Klaatu get a remote gig? Also, **rlwrap** , a wrapper to provide GNU readline functions to arbitrary commands, musings about distributions and derivations, Slackware 15 release candidate has been released, and more. shasum -a256=2b17d0b2a38e61d98f3a659aef42320343bc7dd05488036a5b55808a9cd68995
421 gnuWorldOrder_421 Aug. 14, 2021
Some listener feedback about COBOL, and then the first six commands included in the **LLVM** package from the **d** software series in Slackware. shasum -a256=e34aabcc997c9945c6d67702df72a3b49076e31c2e5565f8f6aa1179bf30eea8
420 gnuWorldOrder_420 Aug. 8, 2021
**help2man** , **indent** , **kernel headers** , **intltool** , **libtool** from the **d** software series in Slackware. shasum -a256=a14c3561b457bd59586a5f7cc67688c38dec7b2c149ade01cb0994ad69cfbd2a