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GNU, Linux, coffee, and subversion.

gnuWorldOrder_Xx05icons April 19, 2015
One week late due to a homevisit to the States, Klaatu returns with a friendly introduction to theming your Linux desktop icons. shasum -a256=63f1df4c7d870b087d4a7c3dd2766ee181081a01e78fdd13b3c477b47d42b6fd
gnuWorldOrder_Xx05 March 30, 2015
Everything you ever wanted to know about hard drives and filesystems. shasum -a256=9a6a323f4101f0c4d767c3a1f67aecc32c26707d8be6aebdba49d4b9fa7b7c91
gnuWorldOrder_Xx04gccld March 15, 2015
HOWTO link to libraries using relative paths. That's all. That's the entire episode. shasum -a256=8c0457c378f80740a57637bc872b34c52f9d338d964489391504d8159d724178
gnuWorldOrder_Xx04 March 2, 2015
Klaatu talks about packaging techniques, portable apps and App Images, ldd, LD_PATH. For the noobs, he covers EVERY possible way you can install applications on Linux. shasum -a256=d4d904b9070a93ed7dc6934656f99c35ba4f9fb63ee035756949b75e1b5fd1aa
gnuWorldOrder_Xx03 Feb. 15, 2015
Klaatu talks about distributions, and what they mean to Linux users and the corporations who might want to deliver products to them. And then for the noobs, an explanation of how dot-desktop files work and how you can leverage them. shasum -a256=aac172057c5aad32dbeb806c4adaf01d30e905740f059cdf9c996acbc47ff8f5
gnuWorldOrder_Xx02 Feb. 1, 2015
Klaatu tries out a neat init hack, demonstrates how to type non-ascii ("special characters") characters on Linux, reviews his experience of spending the past 7 months with the Dvorak kdyboard layout, and talks about learning curves and change. Watch this space for a bonus GIMP-tutorial episode, coming soon (that's two ...
gnuWorldOrder_Xx01 Jan. 19, 2015
Klaatu muses about the Hacker and Maker cultures, demonstrates how to install fonts, and gives a demonstration of Krita. Did you know that Krita has just won the ImagineFX Magazine Artist Choice Award? ImagineFX is by no means an Open Source -centric magazine, so this is frankly a huge win ...
gnuWorldOrder_Xx00a Jan. 11, 2015
Stand-by for a brief station announcement. sha256sum=734ed0c8f294b9b990c9c9f5c3c6ceb6b8ba3d10aa0bbc0c669c13d10b6444e4
gnuWorldOrder_Xx00 Jan. 1, 2015
The 10th season is here, compleat with a VIDEO FEED created on Free Software exclusively. Sign up for it at In this episode, Klaatu talks about Systemd, and does a demo on how to kill applications, and a demo on writing a Systemd script. sha256sum=00e6e84ea22a1a4bb84f077053f84c55ac9321839fbeaef3f6c639f5e5ebabe4
9 gnuWorldOrder_9x20 Aug. 18, 2014
Season finale. Breathe, smartd, modular python, RHEL7, Gnome 3 Classic, paid free software, and more. sha256sum=0b767a18434ee1d4f56ce011e1d296881e36dd307b17494f43c0008dc9d9555e
9 gnuWorldOrder_9x19 Aug. 3, 2014
Klaatu talks about Cheat, SMART, Clipit, Python file operations. sha256sum=910991eb2dadcd9e5b66b237d3cfe3e1b3d00db4af42c0c4bf31dc97ce91b9ba
9 gnuWorldOrder_9x18 July 16, 2014
Klaatu talks about classes in Python, and about openSSL and RT Kernel patches. sha256sum=383f4ae08db825a62eef06be3faff15ae55872323cd145ad80a7c1771e16280a
9 gnuWorldOrder_9x17 June 30, 2014
Listener feedback reveals sighup and the secrets of marmite. Klaatu talks about self in Python, and about POSIX and POSIX compliance. sha256sum=665b044c8063b707505bdf788f7eb1a299d93ad0a34c2722b449ce39a453d741
9 gnuWorldOrder_9x16 June 16, 2014
Truecrypt is dead for now, Blender is still amazing, Gnome is pretty, and some companies just do not know how to package stuff up for Linux. sha256sum=1a2bf19e7bd34bf3aa3b6d3f5f62b80a9a0878b3d51f4fb400066c947ae55a1a
9 gnuWorldOrder_9x15 June 2, 2014
Klaatu talks about new developments in Linux graphics and games and stuff, and a bit about bash subshells. sha256sum=9018ae688dc96ecce2e2e2fda198e1ca3260ced65a556051c9ff451b09385967
9 gnuWorldOrder_9x14 May 18, 2014
Klaatu raves about open source job market, dicusses __main__, HeartBleed and corporate responsibility, investing in open source, and SQLite3. sha256sum=bd47e6daf4ba5bd63dc9edcf9bb497a2cb87b4ae5b6e79860655150c0faab9fd
9 gnuWorldOrder_9x13 May 4, 2014
Klaatu talks about ownCloud, tcsh and BASH, recordmydesktop, and more. sha256sum=8a487192b327606dfd0a87a18a79f9f5fe6930f88816cae4e0ce26e44b989cf3
9 gnuWorldOrder_9x12 April 20, 2014
Klaatu takes listener feedback, and starts you out with PyQt. sha256sum=3022c6b3aba4ac8565c20fe09a7987ced58a7ac4cc3182c708e53b334b958287
9 gnuWorldOrder_9x11 March 25, 2014
Taking a break from Python lessons, Klaatu discusses why Linux is so much fun, the virtues of stability, and the exciting new Shotcut video editor. sha256sum=a0394ce1405ee4132930362547158137a246312d894003e7fa2d88450c90dcbb
9 gnuWorldOrder_9x10 March 23, 2014
Pygame continues with a simple hunt and gather game. And yes, you finally get to use graphics and keyboard control. sha256sum=0267517f98fe997832fd48892a52df7a328be1f57c0a132236e82f3a14c2af3f