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GNU, Linux, coffee, and subversion.

9 gnuWorldOrder_9x09 March 8, 2014
Klaatu reports in from New Zealand, discusses SELF in Python, the difference in coffee cultures, and introduces you to PyGame. sha256sum=c56db6d27f5de5c0840f4c753aacdc0f10749d34685d068b8cef68a78cc83ebc
9 gnuWorldOrder_9x08 Feb. 22, 2014
Klaatu returns. Sort of. This was recorded before the New Zealand move, so no updates about life in New Zealand until next ep. In this episode, hear about Sphinx and get another Python lesson. sha256sum=54e6345f0c44132342c66bf24a65c248932eb78d8d2d159feef17d9cafbdf5b0
9 gnuWorldOrder_9x07 Dec. 31, 2013
More Programming 101. Klaatu introduces Python. sha256sum=b2d651e88d1a54621c3bfc31583094a87f08cd6efbcc0e29cf56180b9c7ae5a8
9 gnuWorldOrder_9x06 Dec. 1, 2013
Programming 101 sha256sum=b233a9a0ba77f520ededa2bb6d8ee83a5cfc36e5d8d202f9a303fd28c966f424
9 gnuWorldOrder_9x05 Nov. 11, 2013
Klaatu talks about the Trinity Desktop Environment, Slackware 14.1, Pear OS 8, Steam and Valve, and more. sha256sum=a1e3bb02efa5c3b08421b8fa0006e3493f4a85f5f0108725de9f4845780d95a1
9 gnuWorldOrder_9x04 Oct. 30, 2013
Klaatu talks about his procmail recipes, his experience with Ardour 3, Ubuntu, and much more. Plus, Slackware 14.1 is almost here. sha256sum=f4cb75f5b73b66b47cd1101b85bf4981f2a86f5c645a315ac493e4970a227938
9 gnuWorldOrder_9x03 Oct. 11, 2013
GNU Hackers Meeting videos, using Linux in the classroom, and consumerism vs. Making. sha256sum=f15e40f23a937bcd2b1d3c33e7f95b343e97ab25f5f3d47a95943af483ae0a79
9 gnuWorldOrder_9x02 Sept. 22, 2013
Ohio Linux Fest 2013 reviews: RISC processing vs. x86, DoorToDoorGeek's presentation, GPL vs. BSD licenses. Also, Open Indiana reviewed, and Linux Audio explained...sort of. sha256sum=74a9866a09aecec4036c1ab076afe2abb54121c55bebeaa92ddb5e8d5b59929c
9 gnuWorldOrder_9x01 Sept. 18, 2013
Klaatu talks about shift and bash arrays, and the non daw audio suite. sha256sum=20c7dbe5858a2619e1348cc5e824c05c079a5166bc86d35edcb8dd6129438e5f
9 gnuWorldOrder_9x00 Sept. 1, 2013
The ninth season begins with listener feedback about pkgin, python, paired programming, and a little udev tutorial. sha256sum=64ba0e3caafed09bfaddcf55a87495089fc1414cd86845e830a6d50d168d01d4
8 gnuWorldOrder_8x20 June 12, 2013
Slax, the Pocket OS. Plus some stuff about SSH tunneling and SOCKS proxying and firewall generating. sha256sum=4bf7428c19bff202b1dc9db4cff582fcfade3678c5d16334e5f39ccc5bccf579
8 gnuWorldOrder_8x19 May 28, 2013
All about tar, the file chooser problem, CSS3 float vs inline-block, and a small review of the Oggcast Planet Live conference. sha256sum=c48613d5514db180afe3b5670c42791f059c8ac09abca3f45562b0927760e3dc
8 gnuWorldOrder_8x18 May 13, 2013
EFI emulation with Qemu and TianoCore, a nifty Git frontend called Tig, some emacs tips, and more. sha256sum=93981f17e9a2383c0d39ba29df58fab9c4a7ab1d8e4d913934a32d7d66e69ab4
8 gnuWorldOrder_8x17 April 29, 2013
Klaatu raves about ownCloud, and discusses a few triumphs of multimedia-on- Linux, and talks about openDCP in movie theaters. sha256sum=7105a254343e42001c4848f1e208476142d3dbbeaf567417a951933156426374
8 gnuWorldOrder_8x16 April 15, 2013
Klaatu talks to Threethirty about Linux, life, everyday anarchism, Fedora, Gnome3, and more. sha256sum=e9ab110931ae7e8b0344f0ccecbba120ad6216abbc8bfa745bbb13dbd003bc6f
8 gnuWorldOrder_8x14 March 29, 2013
Running Qemu in the shell with ncurses, networking with Qemu, and the author of Hiawatha sent in some great tips. sha256sum=c85fe9a5ccda79fd68fd44faa7a2465d21451ba65bfc013bf853e1f2ef7eea02
8 gnuWorldOrder_8x15 March 23, 2013
Klaatu talks about his experience at the Northeast Linux Fest and the MIT tech museum. He also reviews a few different web servers and discusses code fluency vs computing fluency, and some listener feedback. sha256sum=e1d8255368d425bc5794864d54b00a5ae1a313834b65477c77346ee251febf56
8 gnuWorldOrder_8x13 March 3, 2013
A discussion about Gitorious and the finer points of git remote origin. Also, turning Salix OS into Slackware proper, collaborative LaTEX, and some thoughts about learning, teaching, and computer fluency, and lots more. sha256sum=ca11fb861ba2744a8b5ec000f0d4a01489c62b6d99ec1b336d8314042caa40ae
8 gnuWorldOrder_8x12 Feb. 15, 2013
Sigg3 reveals the definitive answer regarding dep resolution in Slackware, Klaatu talks about the silence and verbosity of UNIX, reviews dragonflyBSD, and discusses stability, high availability, specialized applications, and new users. sha256sum=78eb44ea75e5e352cdef6ec6d46e0ea887b01b64c60be199626fa1fe4200dd35
8 gnuWorldOrder_8x11 Feb. 1, 2013
Klaatu takes some listener feedback and talks about elitism, the Unix Philosophy, Lightworks, Flowblade, Slackware on the Raspberry Pi, and a whole lot more. sha256sum=c22d284ec7a38207245843b7422062454dbf2b2d5bae36629f24023ac7f5ed62