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GNU, Linux, coffee, and subversion. This podcast is founded in the ideals of anarcho-syndacalism, anti-facism, and human rights. I stand in solidarity with all peopele of colour, of marginalised communities, and the oppressed around the globe.

378 gnuWorldOrder_378 Nov. 1, 2020
**normalize** (sometimes packaged as **normalize-audio** ) , **pa-mixer** , and **pm-utils** from the **ap** software set of Slackware Linux. shasum -a256=b2c1c95f67442d521fb9811a54fd727b0d2ddaf78f5ecf6bbb56151fb469588b
377 gnuWorldOrder_377 Oct. 26, 2020
Fedora Silverblue. shasum -a256=9edd7aaced5d0e9a4da67d8743c19f361e28ec1fa35005fb8ad98d3ada3ce1c2
376 gnuWorldOrder_376 Oct. 18, 2020
Listener email and a look at GNU Nano from the **ap** package set of Slackware Linux. shasum -a256=691d8d45e6a7356bd2a376e5d57d19100459ac996f0eea9651972abacae297bb
375 gnuWorldOrder_375 Oct. 11, 2020
The music players **mpg123** and **moc** (**mocp**), plus the popular **mc** file manager and **most** pager. shasum -a256=8d60e71b74f9e3a237202e8dec8e4c7541a6d6044542dbd263ccd6f560bcdbff
374 gnuWorldOrder_374 Oct. 4, 2020
An introduction to the **mariadb** database and the **mysql** command. shasum -a256=447d20a7ae21d3b1facae7fc4298a83444c8593ccfdf043ce71b2252a47afaeb
373 gnuWorldOrder_373 Sept. 27, 2020
**madplay**, **abxtest**, and the **man** package of the **ap** Slackware package set. shasum -a256=ea90872525214b27203663b87edd3c539f65925c44539a7c2ee91ec76a4e807e
372 gnuWorldOrder_372 Sept. 21, 2020
History of containers, and a look back at this past weekend's Open Jam game jam. shasum -a256=3e6ebf899c8227b5a6344b19b2eb53a63932d582161e8895f2c58d3792c301f6
371 gnuWorldOrder_371 Sept. 13, 2020
Get started with containers with **lxc**. Also covered in this episode: the **lzip** command. shasum -a256=fa6d1575f3f817b3d29708e2c3dfcafcd6f552d988b7a0219bfb8c9d465abe71
370 gnuWorldOrder_370 Sept. 6, 2020
lm_sensors, lsof, and lsscsi. shasum -a256=a0b8eca38dd1f3028a361416eac4daec546a5455f30a892fcd937b91abe77055
369 gnuWorldOrder_369 Aug. 30, 2020
The final binaries in **linuxdoc-tools**, most notably **sgmldiff** and **xmlto**. shasum -a256=321129430008f82f781a82510d99f0e2a38ba72e06e925903c64e6f5cd77c0fd
368 gnuWorldOrder_368 Aug. 24, 2020
More about **linuxdoc-tools**, including some basic info about SGML and DTD. shasum -a256=034e597e89ac388d5e8736adeba837a03eb51e63ae18b75173f8e9270abdd6c4
367 gnuWorldOrder_367 Aug. 16, 2020
Hey, it's time for another **Debian** anniversary. shasum -a256=2b5a04c04e463d860d2f8dbce425a6d99489da6c28d3674a3cccf6dae29cb8b2
366 gnuWorldOrder_366 Aug. 10, 2020
**libx86** and **linuxdoc-tools**, including Asciidoc and Docbook. shasum -a256=1c7ce8e031f7dc5c72d35fca6d5c049f9822791d3ad18474a65d6d4b2b5984fc
365 gnuWorldOrder_365 Aug. 1, 2020
The Korn shell. shasum -a256=2e667ae8289eb0d704b5953d95d24b9036bf52ad72b33f30669913f35b063ede
364 gnuWorldOrder_364 July 27, 2020
The **joe** and **jove** shasum -a256=39e428a9c91a97eb8f4c4f25a2f49e19fb6074abd467635a40be38ddb60bc294
363 gnuWorldOrder_363 July 20, 2020
The **ispell**, **itstool**, and the **jed** text editor. shasum -a256=3a813757a3dd324bd67dd7ce6686b7167a42a53ed6d01974d796d07aad03da48
362 gnuWorldOrder_362 July 13, 2020
**Gutenprint**, **HPLIP**, and **htop** from Slackware software set AP. shasum -a256=ce0a5743e17f4b21bedb5397fb05a4c9b56f6fe7dd43b4242f53e2cf84d4e8e1
361 gnuWorldOrder_361 July 5, 2020
Pdfmom is a macro set for Groff meant to make it simple and intuitive. Here's an example MOM document. .TITLE "My example mom doc" .AUTHOR "Klaatu" .CHAPTER 1 .DOCTYPE CHAPTER .PRINTSTYLE TYPESET .PT_SIZE 10 .LS 12 .START .PP This is some sample text. I hope it comes out alright. It …
360 gnuWorldOrder_360 June 28, 2020
gdiffmk for producing diffs of groff files. glilypond for integrating lilypond musical notation into grof files: $ glilypond --pdf2eps -t ./b -- example.1 > $ groff -p -Tps > $ okular The **grap2graph** command to convert grap graphs to a bitmap. This requires the **grap** command, …
359 gnuWorldOrder_359 June 21, 2020
More about groff. Here's a math equation: .EQ e = mc sup 2 .EN # prepocess math equation and convert to pdf $ eqn -Tpdf | groff -ms -Tpdf > my.pdf # or just use groffer $ groffer -e -ms Quick conversion of an equation in eqn format …