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GNU, Linux, coffee, and subversion.

8 gnuWorldOrder_8x10 Jan. 17, 2013
Klaatu talks about business spreadsheets and presentations to increase your bottom line and reduce overhead. Or does he possibly interview multimedia tech artist Ruji? Listen to find out! sha256sum=0f7102c321e7a91cef0ced0b8d4c19e0d3e5dc215303a53bfe1ea465072e0d0e
8 gnuWorldOrder_8x09 Jan. 7, 2013
Klaatu talks about Python and the GenHydro drumkit generator that he and his old pal Doug wrote. Then he discusses flexbackup, independent art, don depresso and ruji, sigflup and yesplz, and other stuff. sha256sum=1d02032940fcad83a6242878170282f2c1c1bd27366b91b9f98851138d3da934
8 gnuWorldOrder_8x08 Dec. 20, 2012
Due to impending significant events, this episode has been released early. sha256sum=c161c2b2401abe0645c796c85ee8490fa3ce3dde52e358e7515f89f98eeb12d9
8 gnuWorldOrder_8x07 Dec. 10, 2012
Klaatu reads listener feedback, with commentary, including a really amazing PHP script by Charles Simonton, SlackerMath, SlackBuilds, tablets, consumerism, a temp file generator bash script, and dependency resolution, compiling from source code, a new coffee drinking game from Deepgeek, and lots more. sha256sum=1a04441466746ad4f673f9102f3a7f9e3f6719dfecc8d123d0dd7e2ca9124ba6
8 gnuWorldOrder_8x02 Nov. 30, 2012
Slackware 14, listener feedback, and a review of ColorHUG, the open source hardware and software colorimeter. sha256sum=6620e8dd0160e2fe674da2662edee64626d967d65a8483585a71bdec276badca
8 gnuWorldOrder_8x06 Nov. 26, 2012
Lostnbronx talks about his new book, writing, the epub workflow, the meaning of life, the universe, and Linux. sha256sum=e1fbb58c2a63429673406f7e41d5b1bdf77f4b408f8fd0a3dc70bda92db60d63
8 gnuWorldOrder_8x05 Nov. 11, 2012
Klaatu talks about Slackware 14, Slackware Port, and Plan 9 and 9front. He also lies in the intro, promising to talk about flexbackup and then utterly forgetting to do so later on, so please do not get your hopes up. sha256sum=379e816df43e021047b1b958ba97588996e60f3a721f7d51e4d131ce0e2160e4
8 gnuWorldOrder_8x04 Oct. 28, 2012
Listener feedback-a-plenty, including the tree command, some new bash tips and functions, turn your emacs into a typewriter, get a git-sensitive bash prompt, a new grep trick, commentary on Calligra, a bit about the date command. Also, a beautiful sparkly new game on Linux called Nikki and the Robots! Also, ...
8 gnuWorldOrder_8x03 Oct. 14, 2012
Klaatu talks about Lightworks, Torchlight and the Humble Indie Bundle, a grep trick, and more. sha256sum=4a7ba165af1ad2b2d8d7884a191657a9ac65ea614942fbfd727e0c2632c357e5
8 gnuWorldOrder_8x01 Sept. 16, 2012
Bashrc functions from listeners, using fdupes to find duplication files, and some philosophical rambling about negative feedback and free software. sha256sum=1b4fb675ff29a4fa9c5d2fac573384a8207ff15d299dc1d353ff11a63de9e45b
8 gnuWorldOrder_8x00 Sept. 2, 2012
La nouvelle saison commence! Klaatu talks about some neat .bashrc funcs, the new website, Fedora in public, and Slackware. sha256sum=b6f0c8859dc7efdb8c1ad4fea9b4bc23f0f658c53838b1f73587a7fd52936b12
7 gnuWorldOrder_7x20 July 22, 2012
Two hour season finale. Bash tips and tricks with find and xargs, listener feedback, kde contextual menu entries, synclient, and more. sha256sum=e50d8e21b8864aa194ea5d9408f5d51d52d3169c0b51ac20e9eb79678226ea2c
7 gnuWorldOrder_7x19 July 8, 2012
GNU Emacs has package management. HOWTO be a good little slacker. sha256sum=138dbc9895628524a9bdb8812b8b4ca6f60adb3d250a29889832b6f36b6399cb
7 gnuWorldOrder_7x18 June 24, 2012
Listener feedback. Southeast Linux Fest: a retrospective. And the Raspberry Pi, running ArmedSlack, thanks to MRWork's internet smarts (see links below). sha256sum=dcdb956db1e6fe47c7915ff8f73cd4a9c8d301469039af90a785174eb32dfd12
7 gnuWorldOrder_7x17 June 11, 2012
Klaatu talks about listener feedback, BSides Security Conference and reverse engineering patches (not a HOWTO, just that it exists), a failed QR Code experiment, the qrencode application, explains (more or less) what the heck a filesystem is, how users shop for new software, upgrading to Fedora 17 via Anaconda, and ...
7 gnuWorldOrder_7x16 May 28, 2012
Klaatu muses over packaging, the UNIXness of packaging systems, Gnome3's inclusion of Google as its default search engine on both desktop and browser, thelastknowngod's tip about the free command, Claudio's tip about arp, and more. md5sum=9c1ae6995e725d95e42a69323d1c028f
7 gnuWorldOrder_7x15 May 14, 2012
Listener feedback about Ardour 3 and synchronized video, the 1000th episode of Hacker Public Radio, KDE activities, a new Debian Handbook, the new Slackermedia update, the new Fedora Reloaded series, and more! md5sum=9c9d2117a42ae95a8b18e3c80d226236
7 gnuWorldOrder_7x14 April 30, 2012
Klaatu interviews ScottL, maintainer of Ubuntu Studio. md5sum=032281a617ca6cde528301e26896f2e4
7 gnuWorldOrder_7x13 March 31, 2012
Klaatu sets up a git server, takes listener feedback, and relates a tip from JessiJames in IRC on how to create and use encrypted thumbdrives. md5sum=032281a617ca6cde528301e26896f2e4
7 gnuWorldOrder_7x12 March 18, 2012
Adding drives to LVM, encrypting and decrypting files with GnuPG, and producing stuff on Linux like Stuzz does. md5sum=65af182e7625bca9ff0da821056b64d0