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GNU, Linux, coffee, and subversion. This podcast is founded in the ideals of anarcho-syndacalism, anti-facism, and human rights. I stand in solidarity with all peopele of colour, of marginalised communities, and the oppressed around the globe.

gnuWorldOrder_0x2 June 19, 2020
Special Juneteenth episode about anarchism, diversity, and what GNU World Order is all about. shasum -a256=004d209bb4b76d9fdc861b870963bd75e39fbe5108a6aa1d62d745524e1f2d41
358 gnuWorldOrder_358 June 14, 2020
Listener email about **simple-mtpfs**, and then **groff** and **groffer** from Slackware **ap** software series. $ simple-mtpfs --list devices $ sudo simple- mtpfs --device "1: blah (MTP)" --verbose /mnt/floppy/ shasum -a256=b7a62e2a129ff2c79ac7314703dd8d01ab688ac54be881a8ec86eb8f6727312b
357 gnuWorldOrder_357 June 7, 2020
Despite its name, **gphoto2** is more than just a command to control a camera over USB. It also interfaces with MTP file systems, like the one you might run on your mobile device. Find out more in today's exciiiiiting episode. $ gphoto2 --auto-detect $ gphoto2 --abilities $ gphoto2 --list-folders $ …
356 gnuWorldOrder_356 May 31, 2020
Learn a little Postscript in this episode about **Ghostscript**. shasum -a256=2137b030fb0aaa989d8c0889e2027ea53c411e9325d136b7520bcc28bed366ec
355 gnuWorldOrder_355 May 25, 2020
**enscript** and **flac** from the **ap** software series in Slackware. shasum -a256=b30a5eee768734c9bb9a8c9ea7e220797dbb78782a1b6a16a1bb78c3703c01c9
354 gnuWorldOrder_354 May 18, 2020
**dmapi**, **dmidecode** and related tools, and **dvd+rw-tools** from the **ap** software series in Slackware. shasum -a256=eeef2b68f2b247611fc8c62b7089a6ce6b0c1761b8f9b7b848ae5d2c49f9ec52
353 gnuWorldOrder_353 May 11, 2020
Using open source in real life. shasum -a256=0fd20ae0f5c8548b87c6e0172c156fa784901f310824f5e89d6b056804b56f24
352 gnuWorldOrder_352 May 3, 2020
A look at the **diffstat**, **cmp**, **diff**, **diff3**, and **sdiff** commands. shasum -a256=ccf6f683cbc3cd63eb279cfb4eba25fd7b2ae5442e857fb4343f3d96124729e0
351 gnuWorldOrder_351 April 27, 2020
CUPS filters, **dc3dd**, **ddrescue** from Slackware set **ap**. shasum -a256=08856286276094134acda428989544651c74d027bbb26d7501ddfa8cf57233d9
350 gnuWorldOrder_350 April 20, 2020
How to get to the CUPS interface through a terminal web browser, like **w3m**,**lynx**, or **elinks**. The philosophy and culture of bug reporting: 1\. A bug is any unexpected interaction between you and a product. 2\. A bug report offers you an opportunity to troubleshoot a problem. Ideally, it results …
349 gnuWorldOrder_349 April 12, 2020
All about printers and printing with the **CUPS** and **lpr** commands. shasum -a256=f2a97651d0c771f1932fdae3eb78003f178ff53945fc15f8e72d0bf0c6e68ec6
348 gnuWorldOrder_348 April 6, 2020
Musing about the **Common Unix Printing System (CUPS)**. Next episode will be about the **CUPS** and **lpr** command set. shasum -a256=526d897467b4700e1f52b0ff4aff40e3d1717746c0d1496ca4ecdddbe3f746ee
347 gnuWorldOrder_347 March 29, 2020
Cloud, containers, and **cgmanager** from the **ap** software series. shasum -a256=0ab9699ad8edd33184d49df20bc9985037a8d0ff0555cda04c02737bbc6defd8
346 gnuWorldOrder_346 March 22, 2020
Words of encouragement and solidarity during the COVID-19 pandemic. shasum -a256=f8c083467c3db586b6b52d2f4c2ba451f95cd68c7d5fe79aa4c578c9128df4f3
345 gnuWorldOrder_345 March 22, 2020
The many commands of the **cdrtools** package, including a bunch of useful utilities for **.iso** files, such as **isoinfo** and **isodump**. shasum -a256=50c760903faa7cfee397acda52f0c06118965ab8ae6bc452bfa1a24b03e62b14
344 gnuWorldOrder_344 March 15, 2020
The **bpe** binary patch editor, **cdparanoia**, and **cdrdao**. shasum -a256=2e0b7bcbf2b73b820c10e40b39c594f4ae6c94ec3bb3dadaa6c4f6a0c090e0f2
343 gnuWorldOrder_343 March 9, 2020
Licensing, and how non-open corporations are inadvertently flattering open source. shasum -a256=269feb919e026eb2e31d22ac9460053f2377df8e24f7db11feadbdf2630cbb34
342 gnuWorldOrder_342 March 2, 2020
Listener feedback from **beegrrl** about OOP, and **bc** from **ap**. shasum -a256=fb55a7417e1749ae0024614bd3ee5611729f1001f2bcacd352fc64e92a10be5f
341 gnuWorldOrder_341 Feb. 23, 2020
The journey through the Slackware **ap** software set continues. The **amp** mp3-to-wav converter, **ash** shell, and the **at**, **atq**, **atrm**, **batch** commands. shasum -a256=a5e4b99fd72eded1e0bacfec7443a897824861f3881e661ecf1a3eb2f0665010
340 gnuWorldOrder_340 Feb. 16, 2020
Thoughts about licensing. Coffee. Then thoughts about Java. shasum -a256=7cc76c7d1028386ebda83d18568cd0d2edeada203c69b67f46fd45075ae44fd7