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GNU, Linux, coffee, and subversion.

7 gnuWorldOrder_7x11 March 4, 2012
Klaatu talks about the recent timthumb.php Wordpress exploit, he gives his thoughts on Mozilla Thunderbird 10, and how he tells Good software from Bad software. After the coffee break, it's all about video: ffmpeg's -thread flag and how to use the video tag in HTML5 so your videos play on ...
7 gnuWorldOrder_7x10 Feb. 20, 2012
Listener feedback regarding file systems, GNU Linux UX design, and Sabayon Linux. A Kdenlive tip. Musings on marketing, honesty, and the comfort of propaganda. And howto use the calendaring and diary functions in GNU Emacs with a bonus org-mode integration power-up md5sum=86fe0b29622954d1e20b576b361696b7
7 gnuWorldOrder_7x09 Feb. 7, 2012
Klaatu talks about how to make friends with GNU Linux, data management, and multi-lingual support on KDE and Gnome3. md5sum=12505c460f85acf684e5da49928b8aa4
7 gnuWorldOrder_7x08 Jan. 23, 2012
Klaatu reviews listener feedback from you, the listeners (who feed back). md5sum=a535ab7481bf21df24b09125b7fb14f6
7 gnuWorldOrder_7x07 Jan. 8, 2012
Klaatu reports on the Usenix LISA conference, muses about evangelism of Operating Systems, rants about digital distribution, raves about OwnCloud, and praises the Acer Aspire One's BIOS recovery methodology. md5sum=54b1c40ecabe3080396bf567852471fa
7 gnuWorldOrder_7x06 Dec. 24, 2011
Klaatu and Holstein, from the Open Source Musicians Podcast and IRC channel, hang out and chat about the audio workflow on GNU Linux. Holstein provides some great tips about being a musician, Linux user, and audio producer, and volunteers to personally visit any new user's house and help them set ...
7 gnuWorldOrder_7x05 Dec. 10, 2011
Klaatu talks for pretty much a straight 45 minutes about the film production workflow, mostly as a very verbose answer to a question posed by listener fiftyonefifty about how Kdenlive differs from simpler video editors. This, therefore, is a fairly complete overview of the film post-production process, and what solutions ...
7 gnuWorldOrder_7x04 Nov. 28, 2011
Klaatu talks about finding your own comfortable distro, Fedora 16, the Four Mystical Pillars of Linux Subversiveness, and the best format ever...epub. md5sum=57acf2c9acaad19a9a192901b9ca25ac
7 gnuWorldOrder_7x03 Nov. 14, 2011
Klaatu retracts everything positive he has ever said about Gnome3. Then he insults openSSL and praises Gimp Paint Studio. md5sum=a2e4de0302b7df0b938e212e0ffae032
7 gnuWorldOrder_7x02 Oct. 30, 2011
Klaatu talks about Gnome3. He takes a coffee break with you. Then he talks about LVM. md5sum=ff0b6f10680a46b44b49a81aa8a1011f
7 gnuWorldOrder_7x01 Oct. 16, 2011
Klaatu checks in with Fedora, the KDE 6.5 network manager, and the Mandriva fork, &Mageia&. Then he takes about new users, the mythical New User Experience, and more. After coffee, he talks about how to sign your email with GPG, and the philosophy of Trust and the new SSL alternative, ...
7 gnuWorldOrder_7x00 Oct. 3, 2011
Back from his extended two-week hiatus from the show, a re-newed Klaatu talks about the new Fat Chance Lester release &Android&,, the yesplz fix, his talk at Ohio Linux Fest, lpr and lpadmin, ghostscript, foomatic, /etc/cups/printer.conf and more. md5sum=01f3e2c38621667525ce4ab34ca461f1