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GNU, Linux, coffee, and subversion. This podcast is founded in the ideals of anarcho-syndacalism, anti-facism, and human rights. I stand in solidarity with all peopele of colour, of marginalised communities, and the oppressed around the globe.

339 gnuWorldOrder_339 Feb. 9, 2020
All about troubleshooting audio on Linux. shasum -a256=901d9245f828294670e37d7f17fbcdcaee3376a2fa0cf3c6ad6e649c966e31c9
338 gnuWorldOrder_338 Feb. 3, 2020
**alsa-utils** from the **ap** software series of Slackware. Lots of interesting utilities in this package, including one that enables you to send MIDI signals across your network so you can (for example) connect a USB controller to office office computer and generate sounds on the computer in your studio. shasum …
337 gnuWorldOrder_337 Jan. 26, 2020
The **acct** command from the Slackware **ap** software series. shasum -a256=6e2498c43ed1efca283ffe05bc003cc94bfbc02e9550d534c52319f62fc3fadb
336 gnuWorldOrder_336 Jan. 19, 2020
Listener feedback. shasum -a256=d4f6300fa2c2928124a38fba27ba3db66ddb8f47635a3eee00b561a71453671b
335 gnuWorldOrder_335 Jan. 12, 2020
The ending of the **a2ps** package, including **psdiff**, **psbook**, **psmandup**, **psresize**, **psselect**, and **texi2dvi4a2ps**. The greatest mystery is the **showchar** command, which appears to do nothing. Upon further investigation (after recording), it seems that **a2ps** as distributed by Slackware also contains a collection of scripts called **psutils**, which provides **fix***, …
334 gnuWorldOrder_334 Jan. 5, 2020
The **ap** software series, starting with the **a2ps** package, containing some useful and some obscure PostScript utils. shasum -a256=60c5d3572a267004b2b2881b0f9c563f7297e7eaa799661fd2e47da4511548fa
333 gnuWorldOrder_333 Dec. 29, 2019
Win conditions in open source shasum -a256=57e6b7ec22580a695ecde384ebd41987bfced5f4d551f1b765d953180aadcd47
13 gnuWorldOrder_13xmas Dec. 24, 2019
Holiday bonus episode. shasum -a256=201023c38d53c58d99896d1b8d74651528b49d2cced94d2d1647e754b03c8202
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x52 Dec. 22, 2019
**xz** and **zoo** and the end of 2019. shasum -a256=418189bee97c564697fddf61baf41936f73ac7ec3a32bbd575c9ab0f3255f049
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x51 Dec. 16, 2019
The **which** and **xfs-progs** from the **a** Slackware package set. shasum -a256=19b3e3b0068d2ea10b9cb991347dae7c0c58b09eb1ba2227448d2b64f83aecad
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x50 Dec. 9, 2019
Listener feedback. shasum -a256=2bfd50d65b964f134ecbf26bd7aea3c7b89c25e5149ecf72f2be8d8558b4d78d
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x49 Dec. 2, 2019
**wall**, **whereis**, and **write**: the final 3 commands in the util-linux package. shasum -a256=b5166541403ef6b20396886589fd6b007477c47b252fedf71fab622036b02c78
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x48 Nov. 25, 2019
**/usr/bin/u*** of the util-linux package, plus listener feedback. shasum -a256=c0827daada072a6be8892ec763cf29d97397f62944fca4f1174a9c05e0ca6416
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x47 Nov. 17, 2019
Starting and finishing the **t** section of **/usr/bin** from the util-linux package: **tailf** and **taskset** shasum -a256=93d83630678f69409debdcab4769fb9ef4ccdf1c1b77abbf2da12d770bcb85d6
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x46 Nov. 10, 2019
Finishing up the **s** section of **/usr/bin** from the util-linux package. This episode covers **script**, **scriptreplay**, **setarch**, **setsid**, and **strings**. shasum -a256=addb70fb5b278871341b3ba3a20e0700fe2a63973208d4755af7180e7a27c7e3
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x45 Nov. 3, 2019
An exciting Linux origin story (thanks to Grant), and the **reset** (also called **tset**) and **rev** commands from **util-linux**. shasum -a256=5be5da6f4bb7de98517510558df3c4cd0e32cc024f1967ae0a2b2661c4215936
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x44 Oct. 28, 2019
Listener feedback, including some neat **rename** and Bash tips. shasum -a256=db0155ae79c4338fa57185b1ee85112ecab12d01e46449b43c4b0d33baa116f9
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x43 Oct. 21, 2019
Klaatu is back in New Zealand after the All Things Open conference in Raleigh, NC. In this episode, Klaatu responds to some long-neglected listener feedback (if you spoke to Klaatu at the conference, or have emailed him recently, Klaatu is not ignoring you, he's just slowly catching up). Also, Klaatu …
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x42 Oct. 14, 2019
On the road during the **All Things Open** conference, Klaatu talks about how to make ebooks from various sources, with custom CSS, using the Pandoc command. shasum -a256=3fa5481c72515bcad79dcda3dbc863ddc4e0d02bf852ff3a981bd95722b9efc2
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x41 Oct. 6, 2019
The **pg** pager, **prlimit**, **renice**, and using **rename** to rename multiple files at once (like with Thunar, but with your terminal!) shasum -a256=1e6a09dd790d8d4e3d27368a5654545db87618a646ca83f726ce7077dfb59751