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The longest-running kinky sex podcaster on the web! Graydancer started in 2005 with "the Ropecast" focusing on shibari, kinbaku, and fetish performance and art. Now he's expanding to "Kink, Sex, and Culture": consent issues, gender dynamics, power exchange, and all the myriad wonder of human sexuality. Alternative Relationships, Sexuality, Fetish, Performance, Rope bondage, Kink, BDSM, and more! There will be a steady stream of guest appearances by popular sexual performers, activists, and educators from around the globe. With a friendly, conversational style and the occasional bad pun Graydancer's Podcast is a great way to engage in talking about adult sex education and the political and social climate surrounding consenting adults doing what they like to do.

Re-connecting to Rope Dec. 18, 2019

Gray returns to the podcast after a hiatus to talk about how he's trying to reconnect to the joy of kink. He talks about his writing on medium ( ) and also reads an excerpt from his work-in- progress, " The Dance of Smoke & Ash". Finally you get to hear a live recording of his performance at the Flow Erotic Cabaret at the Austin 2019 ROPECRAFT. Special thanks to Madame Posh for that! Many thanks to our sponsor Lee Allure ( ) as well as listeners like you contributing through .


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