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Hacker Medley is a short podcast for curious hackers. In this podcast, we talk about the cool things we\'ve learned that we love explaining to our friends. We\'re programmers, so software and technology will probably be our meat and potatoes. But we won\'t restrict ourselves! Any subject that might interest a hacker is fair game.

In this episode we introduce opencv, a popular open source computer vision library created by Dr. Gary Bradski and developed in large part by a team of Russian computer vision and optimization experts. We interviewed Gary at his office at Willow Garage, where they are building an open research platform for personal robotics, including the [...]


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Episode 4: Humans Only March 18, 2010
For our fourth episode, we decided to try making a long, in-depth show about those squiggly word puzzles you find all over the internet, called CAPTCHAs. This is our first show that contains interviews, including of the happy fellow you see above, [...]
A quick overview of a few interesting new web technologies: tornado, node.js and WebSockets. Listen and enjoy! As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts and dreams and deepest desires. If you want to learn more, check out these links: Tornado [...]
In our second episode (12 minutes long), Alex and Nat talk about the new generation of “NoSQL” databases that have created a lot of interest among web developers; especially those lucky people dealing with thousands of simultaneous users and [...]
Welcome to Hacker Medley! We decided to try podcasting. In our pilot show, Nat Friedman shares what he learned about mobile phone security at the 26th annual Chaos Communications Congress in Berlin. It’s our first effort, so it’s a little [...]