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A weekly podcast featuring the leading thinkers in business and management.

Kevin Coyne, founder of Kevin Coyne Partners and coauthor of the HBR article "Breakthrough Thinking from Inside the Box."
Bill Taylor, cofounder of Fast Company magazine and coauthor of "Mavericks at Work."
Ron Ashkenas, managing partner of Robert H. Schaffer & Associates and author of the HBR article "Simplicity-Minded Management."
Gill Corkindale, executive coach and former management editor of the Financial Times.
Danny Ertel, founding partner of Vantage Partners and coauthor of "The Point of the Deal: How to Negotiate When Yes Is Not Enough."
69: Rapid Transformation Nov. 15, 2007
Behnam Tabrizi, consulting professor at Stanford University and author of "Rapid Transformation: A 90-day Plan for Fast and Effective Change."
68: The CEO Within Nov. 9, 2007
Joseph Bower, Harvard Business School professor and author of "The CEO Within: Why Inside Outsiders Are the Key to Succession Planning."
Michael Maccoby, director of the Project on Technology, Work, and Character; author of "The Leaders We Need: And What Makes Us Follow."
Peter Williamson, Judge Business School professor and coauthor of "Dragons at Your Door: How Chinese Cost Innovation Is Disrupting Global Competition."
Alyson Slater, director of strategy for the Global Reporting Initiative.
Cheryl Perkins, founder and president of Innovationedge.
Noel Tichy, University of Michigan Business School professor and coauthor of "Judgment: How Winning Leaders Make Great Calls."
62: Customize Your Career Sept. 27, 2007
Cathleen Benko, vice chairman and chief talent officer for Deloitte LLP and coauthor of "Mass Career Customization."
Alice Eagly, professor of social psychology at Northwestern University and coauthor of "Through the Labyrinth."
60: iPhone or iPhony? Sept. 13, 2007
Joseph Pine, cofounder of Strategic Horizons LLP and coauthor of "Authenticity: What Consumers Really Want."
Pankaj Ghemawat, IESE Business School professor and author of "Redefining Global Strategy: Crossing Borders in a World Where Differences Still Matter."
Patrick Lencioni, founder and president of The Table Group and author of "The Three Signs of a Miserable Job: A Fable for Managers."
57: Recruit or Die Aug. 23, 2007
Chris Resto, founding director of MIT's Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program and coauthor of "Recruit or Die."
Richard Ogle, author of "Smart World: Breakthrough Creativity and the New Science of Ideas."
Noel Capon, Columbia Business School professor and author of "The Marketing Mavens."