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Listen to Zen Runner as he trains to run his first marathon on October, 31, 2010 at the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington DC.

Somewhere Over... July 5, 2013

I was going to release this little song I recorded with my new tenor ukelele on Steve Runner's upcoming music show but it's simply too sweet not to share now, dedicated to my sweet guardian angel... somewhere over his rainbow. [ click here to download .mp3 ]


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ZC35 - Firecracker 5K July 4, 2013
Jacob gave me his wings this morning to run the Firecracker 5K in beautiful Naples, Florida. Listen to the pre & post race report here. Thanks for your love and support. [ click here to download .mp3 ] View from the Start
He is my champion today. [ click here to download .mp3 ]
My brother Eddie is absolutely the greatest friend. Listen for yourself as he runs the Stoney Creek, Back to the Beach Half Marathon in suburban Detroit. Rub strong my brother! [ click here to download .mp3 ]
ZC34 - a little loco May 1, 2013
ZC34 - Recording live on SPREAKER I'm taking small steps to record my thoughts and share details on running the CINCO LOCO in Boston this weekend. If you are interested in joining us, just show up! See you there. [ click here to download .mp3 ]
ZC33 - Defining Friends April 19, 2013
ZC33 - Recording button on rambling about where I am, the current events and how I define friends. If you are interested in joining us in running the CINCO LOCO please reach out to me for the details. Thanks for listening and sharing your support through
ZC32 - Mailing Bracelets April 11, 2013
ZC32 - I am back in the car recording, hopefully on a more frequent basis to get back some normalcy in my "never going to be the same" life. Thanks for all your support, love and listening to me find my way... it's a long road ahead. [ click here …
ZC31 - Where do I begin? April 6, 2013
ZC31 - Where do I begin now that everything has changed in my life not all for the better, but some for the blessed. I need to continue recording... so here we go. [ click here to download .mp3 ]
ZC30 - Jacob March 26, 2013
ZC30 - This was the hardest confession I've ever recorded, but had to share in hopes of releasing some of my unfathomable grief. Zen Confessions will continue as I move down the very long road to normalcy and hopefully someday - joy. Please share this wit
ZC29 - Got your attention now with that compelling title? No? I found my butterscotch vibrator in the shape of a Fender Strat... be gone wonky PRS. Be gone! I hope you enjoy listening to my self-centered adventure to find happiness... Thanks for listening
ZC28 - Guitar Problems March 21, 2013
ZC28 - I'm almost embarrassed to complain about such things when we have such major problems plaguing the world - but I was so excited to finally get a PRS Guitar, something I've wanted for a very long time... and now that I have it I've realized there ar
ZC27 - Drama at the Gym March 20, 2013
ZC27 - just when we find something really good... listen and find out about our latest drama with LA Fitness. Thanks for downloading the show! [ click here to download the .mp3 ] Busy in October? Make your plans now for the greatest running event o
ZC26 - Wrath of Jenn March 18, 2013
26 - Back in the car, barely able to walk due to the beat down Gaby & I received from our new trainer Jenn. You can check her out here if you dare. http://teamzeff.com. If you'd like to support this blog please consider getting yourself the best inter
ZC25 - Ides of March March 15, 2013
25 - Back after a rough week battling a virus and our new sadist trainer on the Ides of March. Enjoy. [ click here for .mp3 ]
Testing Tiny Vox Pro March 14, 2013
testing Tiny Vox Pro taped on 03/14/13 at 01:37pm with audio app TINYVOX [ click here for .mp3 ]
ZC24 - Viral Headbanger March 11, 2013
First in a series I call "Music Mondays", feeling under the weather I discuss the head banging good time I had with my kids seeing Coheed & Cambria at the Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami Beach over the weekend. Thanks for listening! [ click here to do
More talk about Wing Chun training for our first exam and feeding punches to my son, Zen Jr. Congrats to our dear friend Private Aurora Mitchell who finished her basic training last month and came back a Marine. OOORAH! [ click here to download .mp3
It's definitely Monday. I'm recording from the car today confessing about my loss of love for running and how the slimy practice of "affiliate marketing" is not worth pursuing. Thanks for putting up with the rant. [ click here to download .mp3 ]
I'm back in the car en route to the office for a new laptop. More talk more about Wing Chun and the fun of eye gouging. [ click here to download .mp3 ]
A bonus recording of an agitated state... mostly because of an expensive blender. Fortunately I figured out the problem but will have to wait until tomorrow to fully explain. For now I hope you enjoy this rant. Cheers. [ click here for .mp3 ]