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A weekly discussion featuring K. Scott Allen (odetocode.com), Kevin Dente, Scott Koon (lazycoder.com), and Jon Galloway.

Download / Listen: Herding Code 229: Matt Warren on .NET Internals and Open Source Contributions The guys talked to Matt Warren about his recent blog posts on .NET open source and open source contributions. (00:20) How Matt goes about writing his in-depth blog posts (03:15) Arrays and the CLR - a Very Special Relationship (07:00) … Continue reading "Herding Code 229: Matt Warren on .NET Internals and Open Source Contributions"


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Download / Listen: Herding Code 228: 2017 Wrap Up with Microservices, .NET Foundation, Mixed Reality, Bitcoin, Alexa The gang gets together to talk about what they’ve been up to, year end wrap-up, and some random odds and ends. Topics: K Scott’s been focu
Download / Listen: Herding Code 227: Rob Ashton on on Better Coffee Through Science While at NDC Oslo, Jon talked to Rob about how he and the Tame Baristas crew make amazing coffee. Topics: What's the deal with Tame Baristas and making coffee at sof
Download / Listen: Herding Code 226: Jon Skeet on .NET at Google and Feminism for Geeks Show Notes: .NET at Google (00:17) Jon G asks Jon Skeet about what he does at Google and how it relates to .NET. Jon’s working to make the Google Cloud Platform great
Note: This was recorded several months ago. Our site was offline for a while, the dog ate our collective homework, etc. Sorry about that. The main thing that’s changed since we recorded was the addition of user profiles. Download / Listen: Herding Code 22
Hey! We’re still here. We had some technical difficulties, were waiting to release some shows for a sponsorship, the dog ate our collective homework. Sorry about that! We’ve got some good episodes ready for you, so this is just heads up. Download / Listen
The gang talks to Jeremy Miller about some of his open source projects. Download / Listen: Herding Code 224: Jeremy Miller on Marten, Postgres and Alba Show Notes: Marten (01:20) Jeremy's shops really like using document databases because there&#821
The gang talks to Keith Horwood about stdlib, nodal, and lots more! Download / Listen: Herding Code 223: Keith Horwood on StdLib, Nodal, and Functions as a Service Show Notes: Standard Lib (stdlib) (00:44) Standard Lib is a registry for serverless microse
At NDC London, Jon chatted with Ben Hall about his presentation about deploying ASP.NET applications to Windows Containers with Docker, including demos with Nerd Dinner and MVC Music Store! Download / Listen: Herding Code 222: Ben Hall on using Windows Co
At NDC London, Jon chatted with Rob Conery about his presentation on how Rob got fired for misunderstanding complexity theory, what you need to know, lambda calculus, and The Impostor’s Handbook. Download / Listen: Herding Code 221: Rob Conery on How Comp
At NDC London, Jon and K Scott talk to Richard Campbell about the Humanitarian Toolbox project. Download / Listen: Herding Code 220: Richard Campbell on Humanitarian Toolbox Show Notes: Humanitarian Toolbox (01:00) Richard was the keynote speaker at NDC L
Jon and Kevin talk to Gary Ewan Park and Mattias Karlsson about Cake, a cross platform build automation system with a C# DSL to do things like compiling code, copy files/folders, running unit tests, compress files and build NuGet packages. Download / List
The guys talk to Matt Podwysocki and Eric Rozell about React Native for Windows. Download / Listen: Herding Code 218: React Native for Windows with Matt Podwysocki and Eric Rozell Show Notes: Hello and Quick Update on Reactive Extensions (00:15) Matt Podw
The guys talk to Nick Craver about all the magic behind the scenes at StackExchange global headquarters. Download / Listen: Herding Code 217: Nick Craver on Stack Overflow Engineering Show Notes: Hello (00:15) Nick explains his job: software development,
Kevin, K Scott and Jon talk about Bash on Windows, Angular 2, React, new tech devices, and whether Windows Phone is alive, dead, or undead. Download / Listen: Herding Code 216: Bash on Windows, Angular 2, Surface Book, Kindle Oasis, Windows Phone Show Not
At NDC Oslo, Jon talked to Jon McCoy about .NET security and defensive patterns for building enterprise applications. Download / Listen: Herding Code 215: Jon McCoy on .NET Security and Defensive Patterns Show Notes: Security Patterns (0:15) Jon Galloway
At NDC Oslo, Jon talked to Todd Gardner about {Track:js} and some of the difficulties in diagnosing JavaScript errors. Download / Listen: Herding Code 214: Todd Gardner on Tracking JavaScript Errors with {Track:js} Show Notes: What's TrackJS? (0:20)
At NDC Oslo, Sean Trelford did a lightning talk on composing 3D objects using F# and OpenGL. Oh, and he's 8 years old. Sean (and his dad, Phil) talk to Jon about learning coding with Small Basic and F#, and how it's fun to learn coding by buil
While at NDC Oslo, Jon talked Steve Sanderson about Web Development in 2020 - future JavaScript features, adventurous optimizations, and constraint-based styling. This week we've also got a full transcript (thanks to Damian Guard!). Download /
While at NDC, Jon talks to James Mickens about his terrifying computer security keynote presentation. TLDR you are doomed. Download / Listen: Herding Code 211: James Mickens on The State of Computer Security and Bitcoin and Thomas Jefferson and Internet o