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A weekly discussion featuring K. Scott Allen (odetocode.com), Kevin Dente, Scott Koon (lazycoder.com), and Jon Galloway.

Kevin, Jon and Rob talk to Ben Scheirman about developing user interfaces for the Apple platform with SwiftUI and Combine. Ben screencasts at NSScreencast and is the creator of the Combine Swift course. Download / Listen: Herding Code 244: Herding Code 244: Ben Scheirman on SwiftUI and Combine Transcript: Herding Code - March 5, 2021 … Continue reading "Herding Code 244: Ben Scheirman on SwiftUI and Combine"


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Kevin and Jon talk to Shawn Wildermuth about his new documentary film, Hello World. Shawn talks about how this film project began as a "love letter to software development," exploring how amazing this career can be. As he delved into it he bec
Does time still exist? Maybe! Kevin, Rob, and Jon chat about some of the top concerns of our current time: Sourdough bread WordPress and PHP No Code development Knock knock jokes Download / Listen: Herding Code 242: The COVID Cabin Fever Transcript: Jon:
Recently Jon switched to developing on macOS, and Rob's been developing on Windows. It's time for the Freaky Friday edition! The guys compare notes, what they like, what's confusing, and what they've learned.
Download / Listen: Herding Code 240: Phil Haack on Working from Home Jon, Kevin, and Rob talk to Phil Haack about working from home. Transcript: Note: We're new at this. Should we publish an SRT file? WEBVTT? Jon: [00:00:00] Welcome to Herding
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Note: This was recorded several months ago. Our site was offline for a while, the dog ate our collective homework, etc. Sorry about that. The main thing that’s changed since we recorded was the addition of user profiles. Download / Listen: Herding Code 22