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Anglo-Saxon treasures Oct. 25, 2018

Claire Breay, lead curator of a major new Anglo-Saxons exhibition at the British Library, explores the cultural highlights of 600 years of English history


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The good war? Sept. 20, 2018
Journalist and author Peter Hitchens discusses his new book, The Phoney Victory, which challenges a number of popular beliefs about the Second World War
Historians Sam Willis and James Daybell explore some of the fascinating stories that appear in their Histories of the Unexpected book and podcast, from signatures to lions
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Scots and Catalans Sept. 3, 2018
Historian Sir John Elliott explores the long histories of Scottish and Catalan nationalism and considers some of the key similarities and differences between the two.
Historians Joanne Paul, Olivette Otele and June Purvis dissect the results of our recent poll into history’s most important women, which saw Marie Curie come top, followed by Rosa Parks and Emmeline Pankhurst
Historian Julian Jackson, author of a major new biography of Charles de Gaulle, offers a fresh take on the iconic French leader, exploring his role in World War Two and decolonisation, among other things.
Historian Nadine Akkerman introduces a number of remarkable women who acted as secret agents in the 17th century