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Ahead of a major new TV drama about the Russian empress, historian Janet Hartley explores Catherine’s life and considers whether there is any truth behind the scandals that continue to damage her reputation. Historyextra.com/podcast For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy


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Historian and author Orlando Figes talks about his latest book, The Europeans, which explores the cultural transformations of the 19th century through the lives of a remarkable menage a trois. Historyextra.com/podcast
Henry Hemming describes the adventures of a British spymaster who plotted to bring the United States into World War Two. Historyextra.com/podcast
Historian and author Daisy Dunn revisits the AD 79 eruption of Mount Vesuvius and considers the Roman history that was preserved at Pompeii and Herculaneum. Historyextra.com/podcast
Bestselling military historian Sir Max Hastings discusses his new book on the iconic World War Two Dambusters raid, describing the ingenuity and courage of the operation, as well as the terrible human cost. Historyextra.com/podcast
Dr Suzannah Lipscomb talks to her fellow historian Dan Jones about her latest book, The Voices of Nîmes, which offers a fascinating window into sex and morality and the lives of women in 16th-century France. Historyextra.com/podcast
Tom Holland discusses his new book Dominion, which argues that Christianity has had a transformative and enduring impact on the western mindset. Historyextra.com/podcast
Dan Jones and Helen Castor discuss Dan’s new book Crusaders, which tells the stories of these religious conflicts through the people who were involved in them. Historyextra.com/podcast
Roger Moorhouse tells the story of the 1939 battle for Poland that saw the country dismembered by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Historyextra.com/podcast
Brendan Simms explains how Hitler’s main preoccupation was rivalry with Britain and America, rather than the Soviet Union. Historyextra.com/podcast
War trauma Aug. 29, 2019
Dr Emma Butcher and Dr Hannah Partis-Jennings explore the history of war trauma, from the Napoleonic Wars to the 21st century. Historyextra.com/podcast
Serhii Plokhy explores the causes and consequences of the Chernobyl accident and offers his thoughts on the accuracy of the recent drama series. Historyextra.com/podcast
The real Peaky Blinders Aug. 22, 2019
Andrew Davies discusses the Birmingham gangsters who inspired the BBC drama, and explains how late-Victorian society contributed to a rise in gang violence. Historyextra.com/podcast
BBC journalist and author Babita Sharma explores the history of the British corner shop, explaining how Asian immigrants managed to transform these local businesses in the age of the supermarket. Historyextra.com/podcast
Ahead of the 200th anniversary of Peterloo, Robert Poole reveals why a peaceful demonstration ended in death and injury. Historyextra.com/podcast
Mike Pitts discusses some of the British Isles' most exciting archaeological sites.
Former prime minister Gordon Brown describes the astonishing philanthropic activities of the American businessman Andrew Carnegie, who gave away almost all of his gigantic fortune at the turn of the 20th century. Historyextra.com/podcast
Prisoner dilemmas Aug. 8, 2019
Lawyer and historian Harry Potter explores the twists and turns in the history of the British penal system, describing how attempts at reform have met with mixed success over the years. Historyextra.com/podcast
Why black hair matters Aug. 5, 2019
Emma Dabiri explains how the history of black hair reflects themes such as capitalism, slavery and colonialism. Historyextra.com/podcast
Gill Bennett explores how a forged letter in 1924 shocked Britain and helped undermine the Labour Party. Historyextra.com/podcast