History of the American Revolution

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History of the American Revolution

The conclusion of Pontiac’s rebellion. The Paxton boys return and this time they really stir things up.


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Older Episodes

13-Pontiac’s Defeat June 26, 2010
For the eastern tribes Colonel Bouquet “ended” the Indian uprising, but Pontiac never gave up. He moved to rally other tribes but they are not as responsive. In the back of his mind he had always hoped the French would come help him finish the fight against the English.
Colonel Bouquet makes incredible demands for peace. He forces all European “prisoners” to leave the Indian tribes and return home. Some prisoners do not want to leave. Tribal life is the only life they know but it makes no difference. Bouquet wants the Indians to remember this treaty. He takes ...
Colonel Bouquet leads the other part of the British retaliation against the Indians. He does not want to be in the British army anymore. He resents the whole situation, especially the colonist. He is forced to use an army composed primarily of Colonist. Irritated, he positions himself to annihilate several ...
10-Bradstreets Army April 19, 2010
The British decide to make peace no matter what. They never met for and Indian uprising to become a war. The army is not equipped for this. Who knew the Indians could cause such a ruckus. After recruiting colonials they divide the army into 2 parts. Colonel Bradstreet takes one ...
After the massacre in Paxton’s prison Presbryterians gather together to put the Quakers in their place. Suddenly the prospect of war really hits home. Some Quakers decide to pick up arms.
8-Paxton Men Jan. 29, 2010
The Quakers and the Presbyterians never got along, especially when it came to matters of war. The Quakers refused to summon the militia and the Presbyterians are not happy about it. Eventually a few bad apples exacerbate every thing by raiding some peaceful Indians.
During Pontiac’s rebellion the settlers were the hardest hit. They were easy targets that the Indians loved to exploit. In this episode I try to see things from the Settlers perspective by sharing a few unexaggerated stories.
After Pontiac and his Indian alliance attack, the unprepared British troops are pushed into battles they can’t win. I think that some soldiers may have lost faith in the homeland after Amherst leaves them to be butchered in a strange land, but all of them do not. Some men forgive ...
5-The Indians Attack Dec. 15, 2009
Pontiac forms an Indian alliance larger than any one thought possible. He takes several forts by surprise. The Indians only kill English settlers.
England is paranoid that the colonies will become independent. After the French and Indian war more troops are sent to occupy old forts. They tell the Americans that the new troops are to protect against Indians, but they are actually there for intimidation. The new an improved policing army manages ...