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In-Game Chat is a weekly radio show and podcast that covers video gaming and the games industry. We play games of every type on nearly every platform. We review what games we can and conduct interviews with talent, technicians, and management from the creative side of gaming whenever we\'re able. We offer strong opinions and we\'re suckers for hype, but we check facts, ask questions and we\'re wrong a lot. We broadcast live every Saturday from the heart of the American south, and we\'re pretty sure we don\'t have accents.

15 Season 15, Episode 30 Sept. 12, 2021

Push the button. Get a reward. Push button. Get reward. Button. Reward. This is every video game, ever, when you get down to the fundamentals of it. And that’s not a negative. Most games find a way to make that whole operation fun and rewarding. So much so that you may not even realize it’s […]


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15 Season 15, Episode 29 Aug. 29, 2021
First things first: No show next weekend. Secondly, the video for this episode might seem a little different since we’ve switched studios. This room has windows! So, Gamescom was like a little mini-E3 there for a bit. I still wish they’d [...]
15 Season 15, Episode 28 Aug. 22, 2021
I really want to play Humankind. And I can actually play it right now with my Gamepass subscription. It isn’t on the console versions but it is on the PC versions. But…I can’t play it. Actually, I can, but there’s a risk involved [...]
15 Season 15, Episode 27 Aug. 15, 2021
We had something brought up in this episode that I haven’t given thought of in more than 25 years or so. Probably longer. And I probably only thought about it for the span of maybe a day or so when I did all those years ago. Made me wonder [...]
15 Season 15, Episode 26 Aug. 8, 2021
If the same thing that’s happened at Activision took place at another company that you support by playing their game, would you continue playing it? I asked that question at the tail end of this episode so there weren’t any responses. It [...]
15 Season 15, Episode 25 Aug. 1, 2021
I can’t remember the last time James was on the show. He may have called in for a segment or two but the last time he was in-studio I think we talked about Prey. The newer one…not the portal one with the awesome intro of the bar getting [...]
15 Season 15, Episode 24 July 25, 2021
It’s a strange place to be in gaming when the highlight of a publisher/developer showcase is a remake of a game from over ten years ago. We shouldn’t even be getting a Dead Space remake since there’s really no reason this series [...]
15 Season 15, Episode 23 July 18, 2021
Valve can really sneak up on you. Just out of nowhere announce a new device. And more so, a device we’ll see this year. Usually for console reveals or announcements, you’ll get a head’s up that something is coming or something will [...]
15 Season 15, Episode 22 July 11, 2021
First up is a note to apologize for the audio issues after the first 30 minutes or so. If you’re listening to the audio from iTunes, it’ll just cut from music to talking, and if you’re watching the video, it’s about 2 minutes of [...]
15 Season 15, Episode 21 June 27, 2021
Just a head’s up that there will be no show for next weekend. We’ll see you back on Saturday the 10th. Thinking back on this episode, I mentioned why we weren’t talking about Activision and all the money they are giving to ol’ [...]
15 Season 15, Episode 20 June 20, 2021
We’re a week out from E3 at this point and we barely break the bubble of discussion on it. I’m saving a lot of articles I had for this episode and bringing them over for the next episode just to discuss more of E3. Especially the [...]
15 Season 15, Episode 19 June 13, 2021
Happy E3! This past week had new reveals as did this past weekend, and we’ve got more as of today’s posting here and more to come in the days ahead. So there’s still plenty of time to recover and redeem the fact that Ubisoft dropped [...]
15 Season 15, Episode 18 June 6, 2021
What a completely crazy two weeks it’s been. And most of it we tell you about right at the opening. Most of it having to do with our website being down, then back up, then split between 3 different people and now, finally, all under one roof. [...]
15 Season 15, Episode 17 May 16, 2021
Last week, when RJ mentioned he wouldn’t be able to be on the show this week, I wasn’t really expecting to do an episode. But, given that next Friday I get my second vaccine shot, and the weekend after is Memorial Day weekend, it [...]
15 Season 15, Episode 16 May 9, 2021
The first thirty minutes of this show have barely anything to do with gaming at all. It’s just the recap of a VERY chaotic week. The rest of it has to do with Epic and Apple and everything we learned in just the first few days of that court [...]
15 Season 15, Episode 15 May 2, 2021
I’ve long since stopped trying to find the magic ratio for game to value. We talked about this with Returnal and it’s price tag. And how, at $60, I was more than entertaining the idea of picking up the game. Until I found out it was $70 [...]
14 Season 14, Episode 22 July 26, 2020 It’s been over a month since I’ve dipped my toes back into The Last Of Us Part 2. Exactly…I played it the first weekend it released and then left it alone for a whole month. I think a lot of that was anxiety [...]
14 Season 14, Episode 21 July 19, 2020 The PC Build Bug has bitten yet again. The last time an actual build took place for me was back in 2012 and I still can’t remember why I did it. Usually I’m driven by a game or a few games on the horizon but [...]
14 Season 14, Episode 20 July 12, 2020
I don’t know if anyone listens to the show who makes video games, but please excuse our talk about gaming moving to a higher price tag. It’s mostly me, and I apologize for speaking out of turn as I have absolutely NO idea how to make [...]
14 Season 14, Episode 19 June 28, 2020 Just a quick note, first off, to say there will NOT be a new episode next weekend due to the holiday. Well, it’s week two and I haven’t finished Last Of Us Part 2. I’ve gotten further than last time I [...]