iOS Today (Video)

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Join Rosemary Orchard and Mikah Sargent for iOS Today,'s podcast for all things iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and more! From app reviews to helpful tips and tricks, from the latest news to the coolest accessories, Rosemary and Mikah will help you make the most of all your iOS devices. Send in your questions and feedback to Records live every Tuesday at Noon Eastern / 9:00am Pacific / 16:00 UTC.

Your iPhone and iPad are more capable than you may know! Mikah and Rosemary are here to walk through helpful hidden abilities that allow you to multitask better, copy/paste text with gestures, undo a calculator mistake, adjust the slow-motion portion of your videos, and more! * Multitasking in iPadOS with Split View, Side Over, and Center Window * Finger gestures for copying and pasting text * Trimming video length and extending/shortening slo-mo sections * Accessibility Shortcut options that are handy for anyone News * Live Activities now available in the beta 4 version of iOS 16 * Apple makes changes …


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