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ISSUE ORIENTED is an internet radio show for thoughtful people with good taste in music. From across punk, hardcore, indie, metal and beyond, Ronen Kauffman invites some of the culture industry's most compelling personalities to have meaningful discussions on real topics. Unlike most podcasts, ISSUE ORIENTED is neither boring nor a waste of your time. "Issue Oriented remains one of the best punk/hardcore scene focused podcasts around" - "Phenomenal" - "The world's best punk/hardcore podcast" - "So good." - QCLA Ronen Kauffman - producer and host Ronen is a teacher and writer living in Jersey City, NJ.His first book, New Brunswick, New Jersey, Goodbye is available from Hopeless/Sub City Records. Ronen's by-line has appaeared in Alternative Press, Outburn, AMP, Chord and more. He is also known for providing vocals in the band Zombie Apocalypse.

Host Ronen Kauffman welcomes Joey Cape (Lagwagon, Bad Astronaut) and Jon Snodgrass (Drag The River) for a chat about sadness, money, regionalism and more. Includes an exclusive in-studio performance! Then Ronen welcomes Freddy Cricien a.k.a. Freddy Madball (Madball, Hazen Stree) about religion, politics, and the release of his new hip-hop album, Catholic Guilt.


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Host Ronen Kauffman welcomes Punjabi punk pioneers The Kominas for a discussion about extremism, bigotry, Islam, punk, and much more. While The Kominas have been featured in various mainstream media outlets like CNN, MTV and Rolling Stone, they have never
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Host Ronen Kauffman welcomes Cobra Skulls four an outstanding conversation about five-month tours, the end of free water, the origins of Los Angeles, playing good music and much more.
Host Ronen Kauffman welcomes Frank Turner for an interview and performance. Ronen and Frank discuss constant connectivity, the life of the journeyman musician, and much more. Frank performs two songs from his September 2009 release Poetry of the Deed, as
Host Ronen Kauffman talks to DAVID MOORE (ex-Chamberlain) about his new release, substance in music, reuniting with fellow Chamberlain colleague Adam Rubenstein (also featured in the interview) and much more. Then Ronen talks to JUSTIN BRANNAN of MOST PRE
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Host Ronen Kauffman talks to CHRIS FARREN and DEREK PERRY of FAKE PROBLEMS about pop music, the death of the old music industry, keeping art relevant and much more. Includes an acoustic performance of "HeartBPM" and "Mr. Rock and Roll Role" (unreleased).
Host Ronen Kauffman talks to CHRIS HANNAH and TODD KOWALSKI of PROPAGANDHI about sarcasm as a tool for positive change, personal compromises and much more. Then Ronen talks to MIKE HALE (IN THE RED, GUNMOLL) about personal tribulation, chasing one's dream
Host Ronen Kauffman talks to BENNY HOROWITZ of THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM about the perils of success, steady decision making, the band's meteoric rise and much more. Then Ronen talks to BLACKENED about growing up, playing angry music for the fun of it, and more
Host Ronen Kauffman talks to ADAM BLAKE and RUSTY PISTACHIO of H2O about the band's seven-year hiatus, smiling, Chinese Democracy and more! Then Ronen talks to photograhper Theresa Kereakes about her show Unguarded Moments - Backstage and Beyond, which fe
Host Ronen Kauffman talks to TOM GABEL of AGAINST ME! about his new solo effort, watching what you say and more. Tom performs two songs live in the IO studio. Then Ronen talks to MADBALL's FREDDY CRICIEN about artistic integrity, misconceptions and more.
Host Ronen Kauffman talks to F_CKED UP's MIKE HALIECHUK (aka 10,000 MARBLES) and JOSH ZUCKER (aka GULAG) about misinformation, friendship and LOTS of other stuff. Then Ronen talks to POISON THE WELL's RYAN PRIMACK about the band's upcoming releases, band
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Ronen talks to Brian Cook (RUSSIAN CIRCLES, THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES, BOTCH) about balancing art with business, punk versus metal and more. Then Ronen talks to JESSE LUSCIOUS (BLATZ, THE FRISK, Alternative Tentatcles Records, countless other credits) about p
Ronen talks to Justin Sane (ANTI-FLAG) about keeping things fun, the '08 Presidential race, and gender issues. Then Ronen talks to film maker Brendan Toller about his upcoming documentary, I NEED THAT RECORD.