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ISSUE ORIENTED is an internet radio show for thoughtful people with good taste in music. From across punk, hardcore, indie, metal and beyond, Ronen Kauffman invites some of the culture industry's most compelling personalities to have meaningful discussions on real topics. Unlike most podcasts, ISSUE ORIENTED is neither boring nor a waste of your time. "Issue Oriented remains one of the best punk/hardcore scene focused podcasts around" - "Phenomenal" - "The world's best punk/hardcore podcast" - "So good." - QCLA Ronen Kauffman - producer and host Ronen is a teacher and writer living in Jersey City, NJ.His first book, New Brunswick, New Jersey, Goodbye is available from Hopeless/Sub City Records. Ronen's by-line has appaeared in Alternative Press, Outburn, AMP, Chord and more. He is also known for providing vocals in the band Zombie Apocalypse.

Ronen talks to Jesse Michaels (OPERATION IVY/COMMON RIDER) about creativity, transcendental music experiences, new projects and much more. Then Ronen talks to THE PHENOMENAUTS about science, honor, theater and the future.
Ronen talks to Mick Jones (THE CLASH) and Tony James (GENERATION X) of Carbon/Silicon about the intersection of technology and creativity, punk rock generation gaps and much more. Then Ronen talks to Ari-Up (THE SLITS) about women in rock and roll, the va
Ronen talks to Lou Koller (SICK OF IT ALL) about longevity, the Holocaust, tough guys and much more. Then Ronen talks to Dallas Coyle (GOD FORBID) about FOX News as porn, the '08 Presidential race and much more.
Ronen talks to Chuck Ragan (HOT WATER MUSIC) about going solo, the philosophy of band break-ups and much more. Chuck also performs live in the studio! Then Ronen talks to John Joseph (CRO-MAGS, BLOODCLOT!) about spirituality, the mainstreaming of aggressi
Ronen talks to Anti-Flag's Chris #2 about navigating personal tragedy, what he loves about America, veggie dogs and more. Ronen also talks to Brooklyn folk- punk duo The New Dress, who play 2 songs.
Ronen talks to Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman about the band's past, present and future; and to Karen Mitchell and Rajon Tumbokon of Define the Meaning Fanzine about content and defying the digital age.
Ronen talks to Bouncing Souls frontman Greg Attonito and actress/musician Shanti Wintergate about their new children's book; and to Virgil Dickerson of Suburban Home Records/Vinyl Collective about indie survival and much more. Includes previously unrecord
Ronen talks to Norman Brannon (Author, The Anti-Matter Anthology; Texas is the Reason, Shelter) about fanzines, music and values; and to Revelation Records president Jordan Cooper about 20 years of his record label.
Ronen talks to Alex Saavedra (Eyeball Records) about diversity, longevity, and more; and to webmaster Alex Arnold about messageboards, perspective and real life.
Ronen talks to Ben Weasel (Screeching Weasel, etc.) about going digital, his new solo record and more; and to indie film maker Erik X. Raj about music, movies and bagels.
Ronen talks to Thursday vocalist Geoff Rickly about humble beginnings, blowing up and staying real; and to indie publishing legend Jim Testa (Jersey Beat) about 25 years of DIY publishing and much more.
Ronen talks to Trustkill Records founder/president Josh Grabelle about music, business, and the music business; and to DJ Rossstar about his popular internet radio program, DJ Rossstar's Punk Rock Show
Special edition focused on the release of host Ronen K's new book; interviews with Jack Terricloth (World/Inferno), Zak Kaplan (Ratchets, Chunksaah Records) and John Waverka (The Break, Purpose). This podcast also available from
Ronen talks to The World/Inferno Friendship Society vocalist Jack Terricloth about metaphor, parties, and committing to the bit; and to Ross Siegel (ReIgnition Recordings) about the future of the music industry, fringe culture and much more.
Ronen talks to Death By Stereo vocalist Efrem Schulz about the music industry, politics, and being burned up by the sun; and to Jordan Baker (founder of about music reviews, band reunions, and much more
Ronen talks to alt-porn queen Joanna Angel about success, feminism, and more; and to Dan Yemin (Lifetime, Paint It Black, Kid Dynamite) about music, anger, and the pitfalls of being outspoken
Ronen talks to film maker Frank Pavich about the digital re-issue of his NYHC documentary; and to Danny Diablo aka Lrd Ezec (Crown of Thornz, Skarhead) about what's happened since the making of the film and much more.
Ronen talks to artist/promoter Derek Hess (Strhess Clothing/Strhess Tour) about art, war, and more; and to Crossbearer vocalist Richard Spencer about religion and the existence of God. Seriously.
Ronen talks to Dallas Coyle (God Forbid) about the state of aggressive music, creative evolution, and much more
Ronen talks to Aubin Paul (founder of about media responsibility, genre wars and more