It's A Thing

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Molly Wood and Tom Merritt talk about things they see become things. You know, like when a thing becomes a thing. It's worth a listen, trust them.

Welcome to Season 6 of It's a Thing! Tom is back from Japan and he has a sizable breakfast and coffee things to discuss. Meanwhile Molly has seen the light on a new thing and sees a footwear stalwart returning to thingdom. For information regarding your data privacy, visit


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Older Episodes

Enjoy a selection of the best things of the year. We put together an episode with some of our most prescient and hilarious things of 2019. See you in 2020!
To close out 2019, Tom and Molly are clearing out the bullpen to start fresh for the New Year. They're running down all the almost-things that were candidates for other episodes. For every weighted blanket and VSCO girl, there's some single s...
This week, Tom discovers water in a box that isn't boxed water, which might come in handy when Molly talks about thirst traps. Then they talk about socks being cool and the emo rap takeover.
This week, Tom thinks he's found the new post-pumpkin spice flavor of the season, while Molly weighs the merits of CBD for dogs. Then they discuss all things chonk, and why poop is now socially acceptable.
To unwind after Thanksgiving, Tom is enjoying fine glass of sherry, while Molly curls up with her weighted blanket. Then they try to untangle why ComplexCon lives up to its name while making everyone hungry.
This week, Tom thirsts for some metal banded drinking glasses, while Molly makes the case that swoll vegans are a thing. Then they both want to take a trip to Columbia while listening to Mr. Sandman.
Tom takes umbrage with a holiday-related unthing, while Molly is looking at teddy coats to keep warm this winter. Then Tom has a bead on the new wedding song for Millennials, while Molly finds the dark side of wine-based decor.
Molly was trapped in a bouncy castle this week, so Tom and Producer Rich are talking about the things. This week Rich thinks mermaids are entering a whole new world of thingness, while Tom is kicking back with some canned wine. Then they discuss the ef...
This week, Tom is all about them donut walls, while Molly is tipping back some single-serving alcohol. Then they crank the XTC while trying to find a trip- sitter.
In this episode, Molly discusses why Chipotle is back while Tom is watching quality children's entertainment. Then they hate on an astrological sign and give Yelp a yelp.
Tom is seeing boxy signage at the mall while Molly is hearing a lot about Fleetwood Mac. Then Molly and Tom think Urban Farming is approaching thing escape velocity and periods are definitely a thing.
Molly and Tom both do microcasts while they hop on-board with Mario Kart. Then Tom gives a Korean beauty thing update, and Molly discovers her texts are hilarious.
Tom and Molly drive a Subaru Crosstrek to do some sad fishing. Then they go corset-free to drink some coffee out of their small Yeti tumblers. Plus listeners email in with the hidden secrets of arugula, and commercials are an awesome way to distract us.
Molly is cancelling Tom's plan to extols the virtues of Tekashi 6ix 9ine. Then they discuss the puffy vests of vegetables. Plus, is someone giving Fordo a run for her money?
Molly lost her voice, so this week Tom and producer Rich are talking about your things! They discuss amazing listener emails about cargo pants, all things VSCO, proper thing disclosure, potential time traveling things, and so much more. NOTE: One em...
Tom checks on if we've hit peak Yacht Rock and Molly discovers that instant cameras are the new hotness. Plus Tom gets hip to the new slang, and Molly introduces him to Chef's Kiss.
Molly is taking a sip on the new hot autumnal drink, orange wine, while Tom discusses getting to know your number neighbor. Then they discuss the sudden emergence of self-balancing one-wheeled transportation, and the latest in psychedelics.
Tom is back from his world travels, and Molly is back from Minnesota, so that must mean they talked about some things. Tom is fascinated by Mukbang packages at hotels, while Molly finds out the hottest tote bag comes with a New Yorker subscription. The...
No regular show this week, so we though we'd share a classic flashback episode in the feed. It may have been six years ago, but Tom and Molly are getting the dirt on Vacuum Cleaner culture. This may be the first time they declared a thing part of ...