It's A Thing

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Molly Wood and Tom Merritt talk about things they see become things. You know, like when a thing becomes a thing. It's worth a listen, trust them.

Tom thinks Henry Cavill's nerdom extends beyond just PC building, and Rich is seeing a pandemic thing in the rear view mirror. Then Tom is seeing a lot of short-term moves, while Rich is feasting on a nacho table. * * * See for privacy and opt-out information.


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Older Episodes

Tom recognizes an amalgamated thing from TikTok, then Molly is scoping out all the boxes of free stuff. Then Tom is seeing alternative meat taking off, and then Molly is discovering surprise cakes.
Tom is seeing a new thing finding a way to bring positivity to July 4th, while Molly is not going to throw away her shot at streaming Hamilton. Then Tom is seeing the resurgence of spikeball, and Molly thinks ursine babies are the new hotness.
Tom and Molly discover a thingularity with the secret world of fireworks. Then Tom discovers the economics of Lil Yachty, and Molly is pressing Do Not Disturb on email.
Molly and Tom are talking about the emergence of greater awareness about Juneteenth, explaining what the day represents. Then Tom is not being low key about a new way to be discrete, and Molly isn't gatekeeping her knowledge about the new thing wi...
This week, Tom has a lot of thoughts on the new phrase of 2020, and Molly find us roleplaying with morality. Then Tom is talking about appreciating bread butt, and then Molly has the app that's helping people beat the COVID-19 pounds.
This episode recognizes the gravity of the week's events with Tom taking a K-pop victory lap, while Molly is amplifying voices that need to be heard. Then Tom has some timely reading recommendations, and then Molly is recognizing the mega sleep th...
Tom sees Millennials proudly entering into "these darn kids" territory, then Molly finds that a Disney+ movie is resurfacing a thing from Eli's past. The Molly is projecting about the latest quarantine item, and Tom wants you to try som...
Tom finds the latest quarantine music craze, while Molly thinks office ergonomics are becoming an all encompassing thing. Then Tom discovers that being superior is the new satisfactory, and Molly has a color changing cocktail of note.
Tom is looking to our post-quarantine future, while Molly discovered the smiling charm of the Quokka. Then Tom is going all Karen on Molly's take on theme weekends.
Every week Molly, Tom, and producer Rich put their ceaseless research of things into the a section of the show doc called The Bullpen. This week, we're clearing out all the things that didn't quite make the cut for a full episode. There'...
Tom finds that people are returning to the earth to retaining their sanity, while Molly is dealing with a flour surfeit. Then there's a new TikTok Billboard hit, then Molly seeings throwing the phone blowing up.
This week, Tom is seeing the effect of stay-at-home orders is having on workplace attire, while Molly is seeing the writing on the sidewalk. Then they discuss the latest lo-fi hotness, and the answer to the recent sourdough craze.
Tom finds an absurd proxy for COVID-19 online, while Molly just wants Hasbro to get it together. Then Tom discovers examples of face mask altruism, and Molly marvels at the gather sign people.
Tom is listening to the hits Animal Crossing style, while Molly has seen a poorly named trend about hair care. Then grocery stores take on a key social role, and casual slippers are the thing. Plus a familiar voice from Tom and Molly's podcast pas...
Tom is whipping up the new coffee hotness, while Molly took a while to get started with a sourdough starter. Then Tom digs into the truth of Greg Peppers, and Molly is getting some cocktail takeout.
This week, Tom talks about the latest Netflix craze sweeping over the quarantined masses, while Molly discusses the sudden rarity of a haircut. Then they discuss the craze of Club Quarantine and the best way to pass the time with VR.
After spending some more time in the basement, Tom has found caremongering to be a much needed thing, while Molly has to deal with a full calendar of virtual happy hours. Then, regular sports starts to take a turn into esports, and Molly discovers the ...
This week, Tom is considering the enigma of the ultimate Chad, while Molly is noticing a new crossover SUV taking over. Then Tom discovers a new phobia and Molly has the new landscaping hotness.
This week, Tom has the perfect website for our COVID-19 affected times, and Molly wonders about a new heating and cooling trend. Then Tom gives a a buzzword breakthrough about upskilling, and Molly valiantly resists blaming Mercury in retrograde.