It's A Thing

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Molly Wood and Tom Merritt talk about things they see become things. You know, like when a thing becomes a thing. It's worth a listen, trust them.

Molly takes us into the steamy secret world of speakeasies and Tom discovers windshield washer etiquette. Episode link. Show Notes: Speakeasies Tom just heard about the windshield washer thing from a friend.
Tom talks stunning burgers and Molly's taken by children's Lego reviews. Episode link. Show Notes: KidzVuz, where kids review things of all stripes Sample Lego set review; Molly's almost 6-year-old not only watches these CONSTANTLY, he now makes me film … [Continue reading ->](
Ladies and gentlemen, the premiere episode of It's A Thing with Molly Wood and Tom Merritt. In this episode Tom talks about new uses for "YOLO", and Molly discusses the Foodie backlash. Episode link Show Notes: Saturday Night Live YOLO … [Continue reading ->](