It's A Thing

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Molly Wood and Tom Merritt talk about things they see become things. You know, like when a thing becomes a thing. It's worth a listen, trust them.

We kick around a variety of things. Get the episode here. Links
"We have known for centuries about the transformative power of solitude; it's only recently that we have begun to forget it." - Susan Cain. Get the episode here. Links "Quiet Quiz: Are You an Introvert or an Extrovert? &#8211
If you are a man and wear a scarf you may be a designer. Or European. Or both. Get the episode here. Links Pinterest post of fashionable man wearing scarf.
Can you drive a stick? You may be coming back in vogue. You may actually be on the cutting edge of nostalgia. Get the episode here. Links "Manual vs. Automatic Transmission | Stick-Shifts Save Gas - Consumer Reports" "Understa
There is a war on salt but no war for common sense and moderation. Why is that? Get the episode here. Links Salt: How bad is it, really?
Not only is officiating same-sex marriages a thing, but getting invited is becoming a status symbol. Get the episode here.
Somehow the last 4 minutes of episode 11 got cut off. Not to fear! They are here! Apologies. Tom Complete episode 11.
That ridiculously large purse will only cause you pain. Fashion to the rescue! Get the episode here.
That ridiculously large purse will only cause you pain. Fashion to the rescue! Get the episode here.
We think we've nailed an early trend in fencing here. It's more fascinating than you think. Get the episode here.
Why are men dieting and when did it lose its stigma? Get the episode here.
Olive oil and balsamic vinegar are now in a boutique boom if not downright collectible. But do people really drink straight vinegar? Yes. Yes, they do. BREAKING THINGS: Mason jars now everywhere. Download the episode here.
Tired of embarrassing human medication ads with frightening side effect disclosures? Now they have them for your pets! BREAKING THINGS: Sheet bacon spotted in the wild! Download the episode here. iframe src="″
We're not going to lie. It sounds crazy. But butter in your coffee is not only a thing, it's an old thing that's getting big again and it's bulletproof. Don't judge it until you've tried it. Thanks to ‏@AlbertoPolintan
First of all, why is all the TV suddenly scary? At least when it's not a comedy. Second of all, seriously, why so scary!? Also BREAKING THING: Can naptime kill you? Download the episode here.
Number games like Threes and 2048 are sweeping the nation. Why? No idea. We're too busy playing 2048. Download the episode here.
What's not better with an egg on top? We come up with a couple things. But honestly, it was difficult. This podcast contains trace amounts of yolk puns. Download the episode here.
You know what time it is? It's NAP TIME! No need to be ashamed. Here's why. Download the episode.
We're back for another round and a tweak to the format. One episode, one thing, no waiting! Who's on a cleanse? Everybody apparently! But man those containers are expensive! Episode Link
Molly's thing is a man, Tom't thing was once a pig, Molly's discovered a new cooking revelation and why is Tom using white strips? Episode link Show notes: Elon Musk's Hyperloop will work Sheet bacon at Louies of Mar Vista …