It's A Thing

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Molly Wood and Tom Merritt talk about things they see become things. You know, like when a thing becomes a thing. It's worth a listen, trust them.

The importance of cart wipes, how the 1980s sneaked back into your world, why thumbhole is not an insult and grapes. Yes, grapes. Episode link Show notes: Thumb holes in women's sweaters, including the Wander Wrap. The Goldbergs.
It's a show of discovery, innovation and ranting. We discover some old ways are best for coffee shops and innovate a new method of eyebrow. Eyebrowing? Just listen. Also, Molly gets off a good old fashioned Molly rant. Thanks Apple! … Continue
Look, we're not asking ANYTHING of you. Just don't make too big a deal of cronuts, give Peruvian food it's due, and just consider the merits of a paleo diet. But that's it. NOTHING else. OK maybe stop whispering. But … Contin
It's our environmental special! Also known as the green/brown show. For reasons you might regret you learned. But it's worth it because there are watermelon babies. Episode link Show notes: Staying healthy may mean learning to love our microbi
Molly spots a long-needed backlash against busy and Tom catches a trend for self-inspection on YouTube. Episode link Show notes: Busy trap Draw My Life Garrett Wade Plastic mats for chopping vegetables
Molly's into the Masons, jars that is. Tom notices British TV invading. And we all get paleo with our diets. Bring on the sabre-tooth steaks! Episode link Show notes: Mason jarson Pinterest Old time Mason jars become hip What's with … Co
Molly's got a new exercise trend and Tom's discovered a new way to leave parties. Episode link Show notes: Tough Mudder Irish Exit (thank Andy Beach) Craft bourbon isn't the same as beer
Molly's caught on to the fact that we're not men, women, gay or straight anymore. What we are is concerened with the perfect boiled egg. Episode link Show notes: Rejecting "the gender binary" The 5:10 egg and the great egg …
Molly's got a warning about grocery bags and Tom's into small batch sodas, but the revelation about vacuum cleaner culture sweeps away the rest. Episode link Show notes: Health warning over reusable plastic bags Specialty soda @bawitdaba1337 Y
Ramen is not just for college kids on a budget but fluorescent colors ARE apparently meant for your feet. Episode Link Show Notes Recipes with Ramen Really BRIGHT athletic shoes
Why is chopped salad so controversial? Also, Molly's after bespoke users and Tom's stuffing his face with Burrata and vegetables. Episode link Show Notes: "Bespoke" Burrata Cheese Against chopped salad
Kale, more kale, cafe con leche and doorknobs. Episode link
Molly talks about how Go Pro was just the start of the star-on-your-head camera craze. Tom is introduced to Slender Man and his cousin Trender man. Plus, you won't *need* matching luggage if you get rid one thing a day, … Continue reading &#85
Cross Fit and kettle bells, Why you should always hold your drink in the left hand (thanks Lisa Borodkin!), feminism & shooting lessons. Oh and Japanese snack foods. Episode link
Tom discovers a new hashtag and Molly a new source for sleazy stories. And why Tom's pouring the whiskey. Episode link Media Takeout Big time advertisers on one of the sleaziest websites online. TBT *Alternate meaning discovered since recording: &#8
Molly dishes on why people are dishing about what they are reading. And Tom reveals the source of his Chambray shirt knowledge. Episode Link Show notes: Trunk Club Stitch Fix
Molly introduces Tom to shrubs in the cocktail world while Tom introduces Molly to artisnal hardware. ARTISNAL HARDWARE?!? Yeah, kind of like that. Also denim shirts and standing desks. Episode link Show Notes: Hot new drink trends What is a … Conti
Molly notices more real fur showing up everywhere. Tom spots the kickstarter avalance. And a viewer calls out those fake disposable cup and straw things that aren't disposable. Episode link Show Notes: Beyonce takes it too far Veronica Mars Kickstar
Molly points out the stupendous amount of public art happening in a supposed economic downturn. And Tom just gets old fashioned and crotchety about RSS. Episode Link Show Notes: Barbara Kruger's art, inspiration for Lisa's It's A Thing L
Molly notices fewer people putting up with the behavior of trolls. Tom is astounded with the mad scientist methods of brewing amazing coffee. Episode Link Show Notes: Example of comment trolls backlash Crazier and crazier ways of brewing coffee