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Welcome to the podcast and Bible-teaching ministry of Dr. James MacDonald, Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in the suburbs of Chicago and teacher of the daily Walk in the Word broadcast. James MacDonald's ministries emphasize the precise exposition and life application of God's Word. Whether from behind the pulpit or through audio, video, web, printed resources, and events, his personal and practical teaching leads people to the transforming power of God's Word.

It's tempting to think that when we accept Jesus, life will automatically be okay. But what happens when everything goes south? In this message, James MacDonald looks at the Apostle Paul and offers helpful insight on surviving tough opposition. Follow Jam
When we choose to follow Christ, we often imagine that life is going to be smooth sailing. But when we run headlong into a storm, we realize the life of faith is nothing like we expected! In this message, James MacDonald explains how God is bigger than ou
When Jesus washed the disciples feet during the Last Supper He provided a front row seat to what humility really means. In this message, James MacDonald continues a thought-provoking study in John chapter 13 that reveals what true humility is and is not.
With God, the way up is down. And He sent Jesus to be the perfect example of how to get as low as you can as fast as you can. In this message, James MacDonald points to Jesus' selfless act of washing His disciples' feet as the ultimate example of …
As Christians, we're often told to be humble or to have humility. But what does that really mean? In this message, James MacDonald studies the life of Jesus Christ and finds six examples of how to humble ourselves. Visit our online STORE! https://store.ja
When Jesus met with His disciples for what He knew would be the last time, He didn't make a grand speech. He didn't outline an elaborate plan. Instead, He washed the disciples' feet. In this message, James MacDonald challenges us to trade in our self-cent
How to Live By Faith - B July 14, 2017
The Bible says, The Lord knows those who trust in Him. But how exactly do you trust in someone you can't touch or see? In this message, James MacDonald leads us through one of his favorite verses in all of Scripture and offers hope for those who are strug
How to Live By Faith - A July 13, 2017
Hebrews 11 says, Without faith, it is impossible to please God. So what exactly is faith all about? In this message, James MacDonald explains how to live by faith-and why it's so essential. Visit our online STORE! https://store.jamesmacdonald.com Follow J
There are many signs that our culture is sinking into a moral recession. But as Christians, we shouldn't be afraid. In this message, James MacDonald teaches us to stand up and share God's love and grace, even when the world looks like it's falling apart.
It doesn't take much imagination to see that the world around us is in a state of decline-and Christians are wondering how to respond. In this message, James MacDonald shares God's answer to our problems. Visit our online STORE! https://store.jamesmacdona
Jesus is God, and the second part of the Trinity. But if you needed any more reasons for putting Him first in your life, you`ll find them in this message on James MacDonald`s favorite passage about Jesus, Colossians 1:15-19.
Colossians 1:15-19 is James MacDonald`s favorite passage about Jesus. Why? Because it reveals so much about Him in fewer words than any other verses in Scripture.
Laws of the Harvest - D Aug. 24, 2016
Would you ever expect to pick corn when you planted tomatoes? Of course not! You know you can only reap what you sow. And what`s very obvious in the garden is also true in your home, in your business, and in your marriage. What you sow is what you reap.
Laws of the Harvest - C Aug. 23, 2016
Every choice you make has a consequence whether good or bad. If you plant obedience to God`s law, you will harvest blessing. Dig into the Word of God with James MacDonald as he challenges you to sow righteousness.
Laws of the Harvest - B Aug. 22, 2016
What`s growing in your spiritual garden? It really depends on what you`ve planted. What you sow is also what you reap, says Galatians 6:7. Learn from James MacDonald to plant God`s truth in your life for a harvest of His fruit.
Laws of the Harvest - A Aug. 19, 2016
Have you ever heard the saying, You reap what you sow? In this message, James MacDonald unpacks that truth from Galatians 6 for direct application into your life today. Learn how to sow good seed and reap good results, and avoid bad seeds that only resul
Don`t Shrink God - B Aug. 18, 2016
When you are tempted to lose faith, to give up in the face of trials, what you are actually doing is making God smaller than your problems. But God is huge, larger than any problem or situation you might face. In this message, learn how to change the way
Don`t Shrink God - A Aug. 17, 2016
Nobody would shrink God intentionally. But when we let our circumstances overwhelm us, when we make our problems loom large, it makes God small.
God is in Control - B Aug. 16, 2016
Peter was in prison, and the church was praying desperately. What happened next can only be described as a miracle. Listen and let this message from Acts 12 be a reminder that God is in control.
God is in Control - A Aug. 15, 2016
In James MacDonald`s favorite message of all time, he teaches from Acts 12 and reminds us that no matter what happens in life, God is in control and there`s no need to worry.