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The cross platform podcast that makes technology work for you and not the other way around. The place to go for all geeks who slide between Mac, iOS, Android, Linux and Windows offering an essential mix of hacks, tips, howto's and tweaks spiced up with a dash of geek culture. This is the AUDIO FEED only. You can subscribe to our full mediafeed to get all of the audio AND video episodes at

A little more than a decade after Amazon introduced the Kindle and turned the eReader market on its head, Knightwise reminisces about some of the earlier reading experiences and provides recommendations for a bunch of great reads. Devices Kindle Voyage Handspring Visor Sony PRS 505 Books A Thousand Suns A mindfulness guide for the Frazzled […]


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There are those times in life when you want to do things because you can… and sometimes you can leverage that in getting done all that you need to do. Links Youtube-DL on GitHub PodGet on GitHub GoodReader for iOS Termius Faceb[...]
KW1300 – Gearing Up July 21, 2018
We’re back and getting ready for another season of geeky goodness on the podcast. Come check out this latest edition, and find out where to connect with the community as we’ve done a little house cleaning. Links Knightwis[...]
Something a little different from Knightwise this week with a little soundseeing tour of the Brussels Central train station. Links Brussels Central on Google Maps Credits Episode produced by Keith Murray Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
KW1203 – Stick It Dec. 23, 2017
This week Knightwise dives back into a topic to help you make better use of hostile foreign computers. With the proliferation of high-speed high-capacity USB thumb drives it’s easier than ever before to carry your computing workload with you a[...]
Sometimes the way to achieve “less” is to make more use of the things you already have. If the thing you already have is a fairly powerful old laptop, what you may find is that it makes the perfect home server. This week Knightwise tells[...]
KW1201 – Less Is More Nov. 24, 2017
Less. It’s often been said that less is more. For those of us who lean towards a more technology-inspired lifestyle it can often be challenging not to try out the next new thing. One more app, one more device, one more Linux distro. But maybe,[...]
Home Screen? You want to know what’s on Knightwise’s home screen? This is the episode for you. Knightwise talks about all the key apps on his shiny new iPhone and how he uses those to get things done, and maintain his slider’s life[...]
With all the news lately about the risks to your online privacy and personal information knowing how to look after your data has become an essential skill. It’s not too difficult to do this at home where you have full control of your environme[...]
We’re back! It’s the first episode of 2017. Knightwise reinforces the sliders ethos by kicking Linux to the curb — well sorta. Links The blog post that started this “Windows on the Dell“ Music Lightning Traveler – Su[...]
KW1106 PodSafe Tunnels Nov. 14, 2016
What happens when Knightwise and KD get to chatting during an early morning commute? Episode KW1106: PodSafe Tunnels. Links The History of Podcasting [timeline] Daily Source Code [wikipedia] KW History “Another Day“ Music DJ SMaKC – D[...]
The podcast is back this week with a splash of cold water and a dose of plain old common sense. This week we talk about some strategies to keep you, your devices and your data out of nefarious hands. Vigilance, my friends. Links xkcd[...]
KW1104 Picard Syndrome July 4, 2016
On this edition of the podcast KW has a co-host! Keith & Knightwise delve into the use of “squares” and how the proliferation of screens has led to both the generalization and specialization of devices. Links Knightwi[...]
KW1103 The World of Words April 30, 2016
This week Knightwise delves into the world of words and how he gets the words out of his head and down onto the virtual page across the myriad platforms that he finds himself. There are lots of different editors for different kinds of jobs. Check ou[...]
It’s time to get virtual. On this installment of the podcast Knightwise delves into the topic of virtualization and talks about how to make the most of a single piece of hardware by letting it do the job of multiple different machines. We are [...]
We’re Back! After a long winter’s nap the podcast is back for another season of cross-platform goodness. Season 11 kicks off this week with Knightwise doing something he hasn’t done in a few years. Come along for the[...]
This edition of the podcast brings another product review. This time Knightwise cracks into the Dell XPS 13. This laptop brings with it one distinguishing feature that not many mainstream laptop vendors provide: it’s preloaded w[...]
This week we have a special treat. We have a chance to listen to Knightwise answering some questions instead of being on his usual side of the microphone. This week’s show is an interview that Knightwise gave on a recent episode of Podnutz Dai[...]
This week’s show is an in-depth look at the Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft. We tackle the hardware, the software and the applications that make this device a contender for a daily driver. We also have another great track from Daniel Messer. Let[...]
KW1003 Acer Green June 12, 2015
This week Knightwise travels to the Acer Green show and brings a couple of interviews with from the show floor as well as some “live” music. Links Acer Aspire Switch 10 E Acer Aspire Switch 11 Acer Aspire R11 Acer Aspire R13 Acer S7 Ac[...]