Knowing God - The Quest

by Bob Corbin & Family Bible Church · · ·

A journey in discovering the one and only true God. Jesus said, "This is life eternal that they may know You the one true God and Jesus Christ whom You sent."

The final message of this series is a reminder that knowing God is a transformational relationship.
God's Desire is that all men will be saved, what is your desire?
We are called to do all to the glory of God. Is that our desire?
As disciples of Christ it should be our desire (will) to walk in His steps.
At adoption we are given a new name - the name of our Father!
God has chosen to ascribe His precious Name to four special items: His Temple, His City, His Messiah and His Children.
The Names and Titles by which God chose to refer to Himself provide revelation to His character, works and relationship with man.
As worshipers of God, we ought to be fervent for the things of God. Are we?
Our God is a Jealous God - He is jealous for the affection of His people!
The goodness of God was fully demonstrated when He took on the likeness of man to pay the penalty of our sin!
The goodness of God is that which leads us to repentance. Do we presume upon His goodness?
The consideration of the righteousness of God should provoke us to a desire to worship Him and reflect Him.
How we respond to the calling of God and situations of life reveals alot regarding our belief in God's faithfulness.
Our salvation is critically based upon the faithfulness of God.
We are called to be imitators of God and walk in love.
We love God because He first loved us.
The wonder of God's love!
Be holy, as I the LORD am holy.
Holiness is the essence of who God is.
Revisiting The Quest March 28, 2010
A reminder that our Quest is relational not informational!