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From razor-sharp analysis of current events to the hottest debates in politics, science, philosophy and culture, Late Night Live puts you firmly in the big picture.

The latest on the recall election in California, the current state of the pro- democracy movement in Myanmar and the life and work of George French Angas, a travelling colonial artist.
Laura Tingle on the latest from Canberra, Chinese entrepreneur and author Desmond Shum on doing business in China and school teacher Diane Davis on a how her tiny Canadian town became a 9/11 musical
Sharon Premoli tells the remarkable story of her escape from the 80th floor of the World Trade Tower and how it set her on a path for justice. Mahmood Fazal's happy life in Australia was turned on its head when suddenly his Afghan heritage made him, and his Muslim community, …
Shahni Wellington reports on vaccination in indigenous communities, and the new indigenous member of The Wiggles. Boston University philosopher Lee McIntyre has written about science deniers. And a big ARC Linkage project called 'From the Desert to the Sea' will unearth Deep Time secrets and build new connections in WA.
Bruce Shapiro on the latest in US politics, journalist David Jenkins on his new book about former Indonesian President General Soeharto and fashion activist Maxine Bédat on the life and death of a pair of jeans.
Laura Tingle on the lack of transparency in Canberra, Emily O'Gorman on the Murray Darling wetlands and Arnold Zable on the 100th anniversary of PEN
The Australian Alps are the location of a bitter battle over the increasing number of brumbies in the area and the story of when modern art and madness meet a different kind of madness in the form of Hitler's Nazi regime.
Ian Dunt on the latest UK politics, Dr Michael Clements on the pressure on rural GPs and a David and Goliath battle over mining in the Pilbara.
Bruce Shapiro on the latest from the US, Elizabeth Kolbert on flawed attempts to control nature and Madlen Ziege on how animals and plants talk to each other
Laura Tingle on the latest divisions in Canberra, Stuart Kells on the high risks of water trading and Kevin Coombs on his Paralympic career as a wheelchair basketballer.
We catch up with Afghan journalist Bilal Sarwary who has left Afghanistan and talk to three researchers on Afghanistan who look to the history of the Taliban to describe what life will be like under their rule.
The Pacific Forum chair has made a direct jibe at Australia over climate change. Exxon is running a highly risky oil drilling project off the coast of Guyana. And in public health everything old is new again; preventative disease measures like social distancing and masks were used in medieval times.
Bruce Shapiro on the latest in US politics, James Chin on Malaysia's new Prime Minister and Grahame Webb on Australian crocodiles killing East Timorese fisherman.
Laura Tingle on the new geopolitics of Afghanistan, Quentin Beresford on the Murray Darling and Frank Westerman on finding humanity in pre-historic skulls.
Why is is the land locked country of San Marino joining the club of countries offering Flags of Convenience? And Emily Midorikawa introduces us to some 19th century spiritualists who used their fame to push progressive agendas in surprising ways.
There is anger and distress in Britain over Afghanistan and whether enough is being done to help those left behind. Carillo Gantner, arts patron and former cultural attache to the Beijing embassy, says arts and culture could reboot Australia's relationship with China. And the BBC's Zaria Gorvett has been looking …
Bruce Shapiro on the unravelling of Afghanistan, Jane Gleeson-White discusses how women are missing from economics and Mitzi Goldman warns of funding threats to documentaries.
Laura Tingle with the latest from Canberra, Bilal Sarwary on the Taliban's arrival in Kabul and Ian Lowe asks why nuclear energy and uranium mining are continuing in the current energy market.
A chat with Oliver Stone Aug. 12, 2021
Oliver Stone discusses his early life and career with Phillip Adams including the huge influence his father had on him in choosing his career as a storyteller and film maker.
COVID_19 has arrived at two NSW towns with large Aboriginal populations. There have been unprecedented anti-Government protests in Cuba. And Little Lonsdale Street - 'Little Lon' - was the setting for a thriving sex work trade in Melbourne in the 19th century.