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From razor-sharp analysis of current events to the hottest debates in politics, science, philosophy and culture, Late Night Live puts you firmly in the big picture.

Labor's election post-mortem. The referendum on independence for Bougainville starts on 23 November, what are the options for the future?
Daniel McCarthy brings us an update on the gubernatorial elections in the US, historian Elizabeth Leake on what role the CIA played in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and we revisit a classic from the LNL archives: Deborah Blum on the invention of modern forensic medicine.
Aged care workers tell their story, as does 5th generation farmer Charles Massy.
An impeachment update, the source of Chile's unrest and Australia's islands reviewed
Quiet Australians and noisy minorities. The World Health Organisation has declared climate change to be "the most significant threat of the 21st century." What impact is it having on Australians' health?
The history and future of religion and the history and future of Europe
Ian Dunt discusses the UK's upcoming December election, we look at the increasing risks of undocumented migration and we meet the most dangerous animal in the world, the mosquito.
Bruce Shapiro on the latest from the impeachment hearings, John Litchfield on the latest controversy surrounding the hijab in France, and Naomi Klein outlines the case for a green new deal.
Shifting the goal posts in Canberra. Is facial recognition technology creating a dangerous mass surveillance system. Remembering George Seddon, an extraordinary polymath who radically rethought our relationship with the environment.
Dan McCarthy on Republicans storming the impeachment inquiry, how fake news is threatening democracy in South East Asia and Judith Hoare celebrates the pioneering Australian doctor who cracked the anxiety code.
Protests in Lebanon, Security risks in Taiwan and the end of the megafauna
Bruce Shapiro on two bizarre press conferences, and more. President Bolsonaro is rebuilding a highway through the Amazon. And what crabs can tell us about when conflict is necessary
Canberra capers. How the history of India is being politicised. Hilton Bombing Biography.
Asia's El Chapo's identity revealed and how the Cold War ended peacefully
Ian Dunt on Brexit. And Harold Bloom remembered.
Bruce mulls over the Columbus Day debate and brings us the latest on the Impeachment inquiry, Joost Hiltermann updates us on Turkey's military offensive in northern Syria and the Iranian-American journalist Azadeh Moaveni discusses the fate of the young women who joined Islamic State.
Katharine Murphy with the latest from Canberra, David Uren on the role of ASIO in foreign investment decisions and Jung Chang on the Soong sisters
NSA whistle blower Thomas Drake and academic Suelette Dreyfus reflect on free speech and why they were disinvited to a recent cyber security conference.
Some of the Hong Kong protest leaders have now said violence is their only option. We get an update on how the divisions in Hong Kong are likely to pan out.
Bruce Shapiro on the new Supreme Court, the second whistleblower and Trump's surprising foreign policy move.