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From razor-sharp analysis of current events to the hottest debates in politics, science, philosophy and culture, Late Night Live puts you firmly in the big picture.

Bruce Shapiro with the latest on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's sexual assault scandal, as law makers prepare to impeach. University of Sydney lecture Dr Aim Sinpeng discusses the role that COVID-19 and Facebook have had on ongoing unrest in Thailand. David Goldblatt recounts the origins of the Olympics, which …
Laura Tingle with the latest on the disputes over vaccination, Heidi Nicholl on responding truthfully on religion in the census and Jo Willett on the innoculation pioneer, Lady Mary Montagu.
Dennis Altman debates the benefits of monarchies whilst remaining a republican and Patrick Nunn reveals that there may be some truth behind the myths of underwater worlds.
The British right attacked the main lifeboat charity, and got some major backlash. Australia's diplomacy on climate change has been fuelled by.. fossil fuels. And author Nicolas Rothwell on the role of mentors - particularly two different women - in his new novel.
Bruce Shapiro on the divisions among the Democrats, Manal al-Sharif explains why we should care about Pegasus and David Potter on why some disruptions manage to join the mainstream and others do not.
Laura Tingle has the latest from Canberra, The Economist correspondent John Hooper on a sensational Vatican trial and architect Mark Major on the light and dark of architecture.
The complicated history of humanity's relationship to fire with Stephen Pyne and Nick Horne and Ryan Cropp discuss the legacy of Donald Horne on the 100th anniversary of his birth.
Fiji's escalating Covid crisis is being met with 'no jab, no job'. The far right in France has a new poster boy, Eric Zammour. And why the best way to improve something might be not to add, but to subtract.
Bruce Shapiro on the latest in US politics, political economist John Rapley on pandemics and empires and historian Nicholas Clements on First Nations leader Tongelongeter.
Laura Tingle with the latest from Canberra, Julian Cribb explains why we should be worried about chemical pollution and Alastair Leithead on living off the grid in Portugal.
The Dominic Cummings interview and why everyone's getting 'pinged'; the longtime secret Assange/Moris relationship, and his possible extradition; and did the ancestors of a German prince help Hitler take power?
The joy brought by Ash Barty to Indigenous Australians, why we should be optimistic about Africa's youth taking to the streets and twelve statues are considered for toppling.
Associate Professor David Smith gives an update on the changing face of evangelicals in the US, journalist Soraya Lennie discusses life inside Iran and Anne Aslanyan talks about translators who changed the world.
Laura Tingle on carparks and COVID chaos, the complex history of people smugglers and why Juanita Nielsen's disappearance is still an important story.
Dan Maguill from Snopes, a fact checking website, shares just a few of the unlikely stories he has had to check and Joyce Morgan introduces us to Elizabeth von Arnim, a best selling author who has somehow been lost to history despite her excellent literary connections.
Louisa Lim discusses the impact of the National Security Legislation in Hong Kong, historian Alexis Bergantz examines the the French connection to Australia and science journalist Rachel Nuwer unpacks global cactus trafficking.
Commentator Bruce Shapiro on the latest from the US and author Anna Sebba discusses Ethel Rosenberg, the New York housewife sent to the electric chair for being a Russian spy.
Laura Tingle reports on the latest on Canberra's COVID strategy, Peter Job on our long and complicated relationship with East Timor and Leah Garrett tells the remarkable story of the Jewish commandos that formed X-Troop during WW2.
Wayne Quilliam picked up his first camera whilst in the navy thirty years ago and has not put it down since, photographing Indigenous communities around Australia and the world. Narayan Khandekar explains how art and science meet when it comes to the world of colour.
Ian Dunt with the latest on UK politics and journalist Gideon Haigh on the legal life and legacy of Doc Evatt.