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From razor-sharp analysis of current events to the hottest debates in politics, science, philosophy and culture, Late Night Live puts you firmly in the big picture.

US commentator Bruce Shapiro discusses the death of Donald Rumsfeld and Canadian journalist Tanya Talaga examines the legacy of residential schools, where the skeletons of more indigenous children are being discovered.
Laura Tingle unravels the four phase strategy announced by the Prime Minister and Terri Janke explains the path to respectful and ethical engagement with Indigenous culture.
Christine Helliwell tells the secret story of Operation Semut which took place during World War 2 in Borneo and Michael Dillon shares his recollections from his hair-raising trip from the mouth of the Ganges River to the mountains in the company of Edmund Hillary and a camera in his hand.
Tess Newton Cain reports on the split in the Pacific on seabed mining, Luke Kemp explains the threat of the stomp reflex and Don Watson on teaching Australian history
Bruce Shapiro on the latest from the US, human rights lawyer Philippe Sands on the push to make environmental destruction a crime and curator Petra Kayser on the brilliance of Goya.
Laura Tingle reports from Canberra on COVID and carparks, Bilal Sarway and Andrew Quilty on the Taliban taking rural Afghanistan almost unopposed and the current crisis in the Chelsea Hotel in Manhattan.
Ian Dunt talks to the troubled waters facing Boris Johnson electorally and Sarah Maslin explains the forces keeping Bolsonaro in power in Brazil, and the story of two Indigenous men that travelled the globe from America and Tahiti to Britain in the 18th century and the man who painted them …
Bruce Shapiro on the latest from the US, Sociologist Nicole Curato on the impact of the war on drugs in the Philippines and writer Ianto Ware reflects on his radical mother.
Laura Tingle's Canberra and Barnaby Joyce the leader of Nats (again), and 100th anniversary of China's Communist Party
Academic Patrick Barwise on the ongoing threats to the BBC and author Ed Caesar discusses the life of Maurice Wilson, a World War 1 veteran with a wild plan to climb Mt Everest.
Are we suffering from the fossil fuel order? marine noise pollution, and Van Gogh's sister-in-law
Bruce Shapiro on the latest from the US, Rod Barton's discusses his spy career and Edmund Richardson on a mysterious archaeologist.
The koala is in real danger of extinction and yet politics are preventing any effective action being taken to protect them.
Where did the 91,000 members of the Stasi go after the fall of the Berlin wall? Was there a market for their skills? Ross Dobson is a chef and food writer who has looked through the history of Australian cookery to try and find our national dish.
Indigenous fashion design at Fashion Week, Christmas Island's radical past, and the mystery sleeping illness
Bruce Shapiro with the latest on US politics, Antonia Juhasz on Shell being ruled liable for climate change and Alex O'Brien on what playing poker has taught her about life.
Laura Tingle on the stories from Canberra you may have missed, Clinton Fernandes on his quest to unlock the documents that will reveal Australia's role in ending the Allende Presidency in Chile, and Bri Lee on the forces preventing equal opportunity to education in Australia.
Almost 50 years after the resignation of President Richard Nixon, there is still much to learn from recently released tapes, of the lies, burglary and backstabbing surrounding Watergate. With Michael Dobbs, former Washington Post journalist, and author of King Richard.
Ian Dunt reports on the shocking revelations of Dominic Cummings' lies, Britain's 50 year war on drugs, and whether the UK should come out of lockdown. Robert Ayson analyses the possibility of nuclear war in the Taiwan Straits, and the rebel librarians from Syria's civil war.