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Hong Kong new protests and coronavirus. Does tragedy drive Joe Biden? Remembering Freeman Dyson.
4 4th March 2020 March 4, 2020
Who will the Democrats choose to take on Donald Trump? Bruce Shapiro looks at the results from Super Tuesday.
Ian Dunt on the latest trade talks in the UK and Arnold Zable explains why the compelling stories of the 'Luftmensch' need to be told
Judicial activism and the High Court, and a Jewish homeland in the NT?
Ben Buchanan examines the impact of hacking over the last 20 years and how cyber attacks have become much more overt and common.
Pardons and convictions in the USA, Mahathir's latest move in Malaysia and the unintentional consequences of acclimatisation societies.
The return of the Climate wars. India has experienced nationwide demonstrations since the introduction of Citizenship Amendment laws last December, sparking violence, deaths, mass detention, and internet blackouts. Reportedly these laws are meant to fast track citizenship for refugees fleeing into India, but they include all religions, except Islam, sparking …
John Bell's talent and passion for Shakespeare saw him found the very successful Bell Shakespeare Company 30 years ago.
Denis Muller considers the ABC's loss in the AFP raid case and what it means for journalism. Felicity Ruby assesses the risk of hosting US bases here in Australia. Peter Grose and the rollicking tale of ten rogues and how a group of convicts escape from Tasmania and head for …
Bruce Shapiro on the latest from the Democratic primaries, Paul Adler on why democratic socialism is the answer and the story of a young Jewish girl who survived World War 2 in the Netherlands thanks to the courage of the Van Es family - who saved her life twice.
It's been a turbulent first parliamentary sitting of the year, Leadership tensions in the National Party, continued questions about the management of Sports grants and the the economic impact of the Coronavirus outbreak. Intelligence coup of the century: the CIA's private spying business. Peter Riggs discusses the characteristics of time …
Australia's convicts were highly politicised - both those who were sent as political prisoners, and the ordinary convicts who were soon organising and agitating against unfair work requirements.
Tim Costello chats about faith, fear and politics.
Virginia Hall managed to convince both UK and US spy agencies to send her into France during WW2, despite the fact she was a woman and an amputee. The reports from Russian spy Richard Sorge back to Moscow were critical in determining the outcome of WW2.
Louise Adler shares her thought on life with Phillip Adams
Marcia Langton Dec. 19, 2019
Marcia Langton on life's detours.
Dorian Lynskey on the 70th anniversary of 1984 and Tony Rinaudo on how to make forests.
Robyn Archer looks back on her life of cabaret and Sisonke Msimang has an honest look at the life of Winnie Mandela.