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CBC Radio's Laugh out Loud is Canada's home for comedy. Every week the show features the best and funniest comics in the business. Recorded at festivals and comedy clubs across the country, LOL is the ...

It's our final episode of the season and we're celebrating with some Producer's Picks! The Grand Dame of Canadian Comedy, Martha Chaves, Rich Hall, Dave Hemstad and the late, great Irwin Barker. Stay tuned for information on our 2 LIVE shows in Kelowna this August!


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Older Episodes

Recorded at Hecklers Bar and Grill pre-COVID, Ali presents comedians Chelsea Lou, who takes us on a very special journey across space and time, and Shane Priestly who gives us tips on how to connect with your ailing grandpa!
From the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Ian Sirota stresses that honesty has no place in child rearing and...move over - Lori Gibbs learned everything she needed to know about her heritage from a Mexican concierge.
Juno -nominated Shirley Gnome appeals to the Canadian rock-listening public - it's enough with the Kroeger-phobia! And from the Icebreakers Comedy Festival from January 2020, Marito Lopez talks about the fear his 4'8" mother strikes in his heart.
On Sunday June 6thm the 2021 Junos will hand out an award for Best Comedy Album of the year to one of five Canadian Comedians. You'll hear four of those comics on the show today.
Comedian Jeff Elliott divulges his struggles to keep up with our own aging. And Salma Hindy's parents would say - "Listen to Jeff!" - you're not getting any younger! Oh, what they wouldn't give for a married daughter. Recorded at the 905 Comedy Festival and Accent on Toronto in 2019.
Show favourite Mike Delamont entertains the heck out of a Halifax audience...but if you have cats at home, please, use your discretion. And from Hecklers Comedy Club, Erica Sigurdson reminds you that honesty has NO place in a relationship.
Anesti Danelis sings a song about your mom. That feels like it could be mean - but it's kind of sweet! And younger listeners, if you're having trouble feeling gratitude, you could always feel grateful that comedian Jason Blanchard in not your father! Recorded at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival and …
From the Halifax comedy Festival, Matt Wright offers an entirely new perspective on athletes salaries, and from the 905 Comedy Festival, Tim Rabnett defends why he and his wife are not having children.
From the HA! Comedy Festival. funny man Trent McClellan has an invention that was always a good idea but seems especially timely now, and Lars Callieou shares his perspective on the differences between Australians and Canadians. They mostly involve sharks!
From Hecklers in Victoria BC, Rachel Schaefer talks about when bathroom etiquette goes wrong and if you designed the criminal laws in this country, Mikey Dubs has a suggestion for you. Two new voices to add to our Laugh Out Loud family. Support your favourite comics by going on-line and …
From the HA! Comedy Festival, Ali is pleased to present Debra DiGiovanni in a slightly racy (parents), but hilarious set including how to survive in a post- apocalyptic world. Graham Chittenden, recorded at the Icebreakers Comedy Festival, spares no detail on his feelings about Tiny Homes.
Today we shine our spotlight on a man who can find comedy in molasses, bathroom attendants and the phone book. Don't know what a phone book is? Graham Clark will explain it to you - page by page!
From Accent on Toronto, Jen Sakato cautions against feeding marijuana to an elderly parent, and host of the evening Arthur Simeon shares his opinion on crappy presents!
Charlie Demers and an unsuspecting Winnipeg audience go down the list of animals they love - and could do harm. (no animals were harmed!) And Peter White is trying his best to care about the future of humanity, but he's also open to a future without the British? C'mon! It's …
Martha Chaves talks about the joy she gets from arguing with street preachers - everyone needs a hobby right? And Adrienne Fish talks about one of her most memorable gigs where she performed nude...on purpose! From Accent on Toronto in October 2018 recorded at The Danforth Music Hall.
From Winnipeg, comedian and musician Dean Jenkinson offers some marriage advice - he's had a couple so there's some experience behind that...and Damonde Tshritter reminds us that one shouldn't change lifestyle based on a rumour.
In this, part two of Deborah Kimmett's one-woman show Downward Facing Broad, Deb delivers with wit and wisdom, a searing review of life in her early 60's. Dating, napping, Netflix and hugs:just a few things that are more important than you probably realized.
In her one woman show Downward Facing Broad, 40 year comedy veteran Deborah Kimmet delivers a searing review of life as she's come to know it. Aquafit, body changes, seniors discounts and all that jazz.
Today we shine the spotlight on one of the most requested comedians on our show - Tim Nutt! Recorded in Banff for our 10th Anniversary Birthday bash. Tim shares stories on PVR's, phones and...plungers. Old technology for a new world.