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Lean On Agile Show is a Webinar + Podcast about Agile & Beyond. We share stories of success, learning, and conversations with thought leaders. The topics include but not limited to Agile Software Development, Agile Methodologies, Transformation, and related topics.

In this episode, Shahin and Ryan talked about the new book by Todd and Ryan's Fixing Your Scrum. Todd and Ryan wrote this book together and published it in Jan 2020. We talked about various topics, and mentioned some people including the following: Topics: * Agile For Human Podcast * 242 pages of fixing Scrum v.s. 15 pages of Scrum Guide * Scrum meetings go overboard * Decision Making Frameworks * Data! * Fixing Your Process, it's bigger than Scrum even! * Who this book is useful for? * Approaches for Leadership to elevate Scrum * Scrum.org Community People: * …



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Agile Certifications Dec. 31, 2019
Welcome to Lean on Agile Podcast, a podcast about Agile & Beyound. I'm your host, Shahin. This is our first episode. The topics we are covering in this episode: How to Start in Agile Certifications? What is Certification? What are my thoughts about t