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Host Tom Shaughnessy sits down with CZ, Founder and CEO at Binance Exchange. The early days of Binance, and how CZ overcame specific barriers and struggles.What scares CZ most about the space and his biggest mistakes that he had to overcome.Competing against centralized exchanges and decentralized versions (AMMs, DEXs, etc).Managing a decentralized team of 1,500 (up from 500) and plans to decentralize even further over time.Scaling Binance to be able to handle trillions in annual trade volume with goals of handling $100T in annual volumes.Much more! Thank you to our sponsor for making this happen! Visit for more …


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Libertarianism is something I have been wrestling with since I discovered Bitcoin. Hard money leads you down many rabbit holes, and questioning the role of the state is one of the deepest. At face value, libertarianism sounds perfect; more freedom, less
Reason senior editor Elizabeth Nolan Brown has done extensive research and coverage on the topic of sex work and joins us in this episode to talk about it from a liberty-minded perspective. She also takes the time to define sex work vs. sex trafficking an
Pretty much all of you will know Guy, he's the creator and host of Bitcoin Audible, one of the most valuable educational resources in Bitcoin. He's also a buddy of mine and it's always fun to chill and chat with him for a couple hours. We go all over the
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My guest today is Andy Edstrom from Los Angeles. Andy spent 17 years in the investment world on Wall Street, working for Goldman Sachs and is now a wealth manager at his familiy's firm West Cap Group. In the course of his consulting work, more and more p
'oehardness': Any unit of said good should not significantly lose its ability to provide utility if stored over some period of time.' - Giacomo Zucco Beginning an excellent introductory series into the ideas behind Bitcoin from the broadest spectrum
With the DeFi yield farming craze in full swing, Balancer Labs founder Fernando Martinelli (@fcmartinelli) joins us in discussing one of the hottest projects in the crypto space. We discuss: Balancer's originsWhat are "automated market makers"?How does B
After discussing some important information regarding purchasing Bitcoin, CoinDesk editor, Adam B. Levine discusses the advent of the Tatiana Coin and intention behind tokens in modern commerce. Referencing many projects Adam and Tatiana Moroz participat
The global economy is in a precarious position. With the coronavirus enforced lockdowns closing down businesses around the world, central banks have been printing money at unprecedented levels to prevent economies from collapsing. While this has eased th
iframe: Host Jose Maria Macedo sits down with economist Laurence Kotlikoff, professor of economics at Boston University, president of Economic Security Planning, New York Times best-selling author and 2x presidential candidate. We discuss the US's fiscal
Host Piers Kicks sits down with Ryan Gill the Founder and CEO of Crucible for Episode 02 of Metaverse Musings. Both Ryan and his Co-Founder Toby Tremayne have been hard at work laying the foundations for an exciting chapter in the evolution metaverse. Ke
Tatiana & Laren are joined by Dr. Tiffany Graham to help listeners gain an understanding of holistic wellness and how her practices approach to healthcare incorporates the best parts of traditional medicine with those of natural medicine and chiropractic
In 2017, Bret Weinstein was thrust into the public limelight, when he objected to a change in the college's tradition of observing a "Day of Absence". Bret stating that "there is a huge difference between a group or coalition deciding to voluntarily abse
Today we sit down with Vake. He's been around for a long time. In this one we go back in history and talk about bitcoin in the 2013-2016 era, a lot of fun to dive back and will be some new stuff to a lot of you who, like me …
Joining me is Elena Tonoyan, she is the Chief Operating Officer at LocalBitcoins, the peer to peer bitcoin exchange that was founded as early as in 2012. We are looking into the history of LocalBitcoins, it's growth, and optimistic outlook for the years
iframe: On this episode of the Unhashed Podcast: Paypal may integrate buying and selling Bitcoin soon, The Canadian Government wants you to use glory holes to social distance while having sex, and soft forks, soft forks, SOFT FORKS GALORE! Weekly News Wr
Ben Forman is the Founder and Managing Partner at DeFi focused fund ParaFi, backed by billionaire Henry Kravis among other well known investors. Ben makes his podcast debut and joins us in discussing: Is DeFi in a bubble? How can we tell?What areas of De
"This risk is probably best countered by offering enough time to upgrade. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees on how much time is enough; some think forced signaling could start within a year, others believe it should take several years." - Aaron Van Wird
Friend of The Tatiana Show, Lyn Ulbricht, returns to catch up on the fight to free her son Ross from prison. With more than 340,000 signatures on the petition to grant him a pardon, Lyn is going hard for one of the last courses of action that c