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' oeBitcoin is not going to zero, I don't even think Bitcoin is going to be irrelevant, I do think in 10 years time there will be at least one asset worth materially more money than Bitcoin.' '" Kyle Samani Interview location: Skype Interview date: Wed 5th September 2018 Company: Multicoin Capital Role: Founding Partner Kyle first appeared on the What Bitcoin Did podcast in March, where we discussed his views on regulation in Crypto, institutional inflows and his doubts about Bitcoin. Since then, Kyle Tweeted about his changing stance with Bitcoin, specifically stating "TLDR: I'm bought in. Kind of." ...


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"I don't think crypto is the end all be all, but there is no one technology that is. However, if we can provide capital to people who for generations have been unable to have access to it, that's a major win for everybody." '"John Collins Distributed Dia
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The rise of populism and increasing inequality have led to widespread questioning of democracy and capitalism. Glen Weyl, a political economist and Principal Researcher at Microsoft, along with legal scholar Eric Posner, published a book called 'Radical
Dispute resolution is the process by which contracting parties settle disagreements. Whether in the form of litigation, arbitration, or other means of mediation, every contract defines a dispute resolution mechanism and jurisdiction. It is the metaphoric
On Todays Episode of Let's Talk Bitcoin... Stephanie, Jonathan and Adam are joined by returning guest and austrian economist Jeffrey Tucker. There's little doubt that the design of bitcoin was heavily influenced by the Austrian theories, but today we ask
Topics include: New branding for Zencash, now HorizenThe upcoming Contra Cruise, October 21-28Universal basic income, pros and consP3D,, and FOMO3DThank you to my new sponsor, Equity Trust. Check out their free e-book, "Guide to Investing in Digi
Topics Include: ICOsSEC involvement in cryptocurrenciesMichael Turpin's lawsuit against AT&TSecurity; precautions for users of cryptocurrencyFirst up! I'm very excited to have a new sponsor, At you can print postage from your comput
right click here and select "save link as" to download As the creator of something, do you give it life? As a fiction writer, does a story acquire a life of its own? As a software programmer, do you sometimes feel that what you're creating has something
"We realized, blockchain is something different...the internet of value can be created by this new technology." '"Jack Lee Distributed Dialogues is a collaborative show between the Let's Talk Bitcoin Network and Distributed magazine. In each episode we'l
'oeThe overall thing I am excited about is to have this free market in money, it amazes me.' '" Tuur Demeester Interview location: San Francisco Interview date: Wed 22nd August 2018 Company: Adamant Capital Role: Founder/CEO If you are a long-term B
Today we kick off the show talking about the fake news of Alex Jones Pirate Radio FCC take down. Which is a complete media fabrication started by the Austin American Statesman. Christopher Greene of joins us in studio to add his local fla
On Todays Episode of Let's Talk Bitcoin... Andreas Antonopoulos, Stephanie Murphy, Jonathan Mohan and Adam B. Levine are joined by returning guest Caitlin Long for an in-depth discussion of the fascination with, and implications of, bitcoin or cryptocurre
Todays show is another episode for The Bloomber Business Radio Network recorded at BlockShow 2018 in Las Vegas. In the first segment we're joined by crypto naysayer Jason Bloomberg (no relation to the network) who routinely writes critical articles on cr
"It was extremely difficult to create new books before the invention of the printing press. It was expensive and unsystematic. After the printing press, disseminating new books across the world became much simpler. The prices of books dropped and more pe
'oeI really value experimentation, we are so nascent in this industry, there are so many unknowns that I think bad experiments are valuable. So, EOS is a radical experiment in governance, if it fails due to poor engineering, we won't learn anything
Today we broadcast live from the ChainXChange 2018 conferene in Las Vegas with a whole host of guests sitting in. Paul Krugmans controversial appearance was a topic of discussion on this episode.Michael Terpin, Jose Rodriguez, Aron Dutta, James Sung and
We are joined by Ryan Zurrer, Principal and Venture partner, at Polychain capital. Polychain capital is a breakout crypto hedge fund with over $100 million in assets under management, and large investments in major crypto projects such as Dfinity, Polkad