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' oeMoney might be the only case where you desperately need to radically decentralise the set of people who can create and have influence over the creation schedule.' '" Nic Carter Interview location: Skype Interview date: Wednesday 10th October 2018 Union Square Ventures posted a blog post this week titled The Myth of the Infrastructure Phase, shining a light on the imbalance between infrastructure work in crypto and DApp usage. There is an abundance of blockchain scaling projects, alternative currencies and governance protocols but a distinct lack of users. Why is this? Are people solving problems which do not exist? ...


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On today's show we're very honored to have Jim Cantrell Co-founder of Space-X and Vector Space. Jim's son is Colin Cantrell creator of Nexus Earth which is where Jim draws his interest in crypto. Jim gives his account of the private space industry and wh
CoinFund is one of the earliest crypto-funds to have taken shape, forming in early 2016. The fund is well known for running an active Community Slack, conducting great podcast interviews with cryptocurrency projects and an emphasis on building network no
In this episode, in celebration of Columbus Day, I reveal the true Christopher Columbus - the world famous mariner, explorer, murderer, rapist and slave master. We'll dig a bit deeper than our public school history books to find out the truth about how t
Topics include: -- Social Media Platforms -- Online Identity Management -- Decentralized Publishing -- Free Speech -- Censorship -- Privacy -- Hate Speech and Internet Trolls -- Technical Features of Blockchain-Based Projects As a musician and an activis
On Todays Episode of Let's Talk Bitcoin... Christian Garcia is back with his latest correspondent from within hyperinflating Venezuela. This time he looks into controversial government "cryptocurrency": the Petro. See the full shownotes for his tipping in
'oeThis is why proof of work needs to be expensive, if it is cheap you can roll back things easily. You want it to be very difficult to change history. The only way to make it difficult to change history is to make the process of writing the current
The Tezos whitepaper, published in 2014, anticipated several areas that would become major issues for blockchain networks. Especially around governance and smart contract security, Tezos proposed original solutions. The project later went on to raise $23
Today Josh Scigala of Vaultoro joins in to talk about the idea of gold and crypto joining forces to create a more portable and more easily divisible method of gold bugging. Then Joel Valenzuela of Dash Force News joins in to discuss merchant adoption for
This week we had a lot of action, a lot of fun, and a lot of guests spanning a variety of topics. Special thanks to our sponsor Use the code "Moroz" to get the promo from the show.We had our friend Lyn Ulbricht back on to give us the ...
On Todays Episode of Let's Talk Bitcoin... Adam B. Levine, Stephanie Murphy and Jonathan Mohan are joined by returning guest Paul Sztorc for a look at the past, present and future of Sidechains and the now-on-testnet "Drivechain" token recovery mechanism.
'oeNegative interest rates are purely a construct of the artificiality of the monetary system. There is going to a major bond crash - the challenge is that this could be years if not decades away, or it could be tomorrow.' '" Caitlin Long 'oeWh
Zilliqa is a Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance based, public, programmable blockchain platform that uses Proof of Work as a syble resistance mechanism. Combining PBFT and PoW is a brilliant trick to bring the state finality required for scaling through
Public blockchains produce enormous amounts of data. In theory, anyone can access the raw contents of transaction and blocks. In practice, however, querying blockchains can prove to be a daunting task. The difficulty lies in the fact that blockchains are
This week we're honored to catch up with some great guests at 2 fantastic crypto events. At Denver Startup Week we caught up with Erik Voorhees of Shapeshift, Keepkey and a long list of other key projects that helped get crypto off the ground. Also at De
On Todays Episode of Let's Talk Bitcoin... Join Stephanie Murphy, Andreas Antonopoulos and Adam B. Levine for an in-depth conversation on pegged, "Stablecoins". We discuss the two approaches that have been tried so far and what's different about this late
'oeI am skeptical about this concept of doing a securities issuance and then trying to escape liability by converting the token you used for that issuance into something else, this is not how liability works. If you violate the securities law you ar
The expectation has become widespread that blockchains will end up underpinning major societal infrastructures. The narrative in the blockchain space is that networks are decentralized and trustless and thus regulation should not apply to networks direct
‚ Today we have Ryan Taylor CEO and Bob Carroll CTO of Dash Core Group. This interview was part of the inaugural Denver Dash meetup and was recorded in front of a live audience.Then 2 previously recorded interviews from the Wyohackathon at UW in Wy
On Todays Episode of Let's Talk Bitcoin... Stephanie, Jonathan, Andreas and Adam are back for a wide ranging conversation covering the now-defunct Bitcoin Alert system, the smart contracts arms race and a lot more. Look out on this episode for a bonus int