LINUX Unplugged

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An open show powered by community LINUX Unplugged takes the best attributes of open collaboration and turns it into a weekly show about Linux.

Linux server admins don't know where to turn next; how the cult of personality might be shaping Linux's most important market. Special Guest: Jack Aboutboul.


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Older Episodes

412 412: Going Deepin on Fuchsia June 30, 2021
Is Fuchsia a risk to Linux? We try out a cutting-edge Fuchsia desktop and determine if it is a long-term threat to Linux.
411 411: The Best of Both OSs June 23, 2021
Is it possible to have Arch’s best feature on other Linux distros? We attempt it and report our findings. Plus our reaction to NVIDIA’s beta Wayland support–is this the milestone we’ve been waiting for?
410 410: Ye Olde Linux Distro June 16, 2021
We revisit the seminal distros that shaped Linux’s past. Find out if these classics still hold up.
We discuss old and new ways to manage, organize, index, and search your photo collection. It's our favorite Google Photo's alternatives.
408 408: Linux Road Warrior June 1, 2021
We’re joined by a special guest who’s built his very own Linux battle bus. We get the technical details on how Linux is at the core of this open road machine.
407 407: And the Answer is... May 25, 2021
From our origins with Linux to preparing your home LAN for a solar storm, it’s an Ask us Anything special edition!
406 406: Mars Goes to Shell May 19, 2021
Tim Canham, Mars Helicopter Operations Lead at NASA’s JPL joins us again to share technical details you've never heard about the Ingenuity Linux Copter on Mars. And the challenges they had to work around to achieve their five successful flights.
405 405: Distro in the Rough May 12, 2021
We’re taking a look at an underdog distro. We may have found a diamond in the rough with a few tricks up its filesystem.
404 404: You've Got Mail May 5, 2021
It's episode III, Return of the Email. Everyone says never host your own email, so we're doin it.
The new release of Fedora has more under the hood than you might know. It's a technology-packed release, and nearly all of it is coming to a distro near you.
402 402: Our Worst Idea Yet April 21, 2021
You should never host your own email, so we’ve gone and done just that. What we learned trying to build an email server in 2021.
401 401: Own Your Mailbox April 14, 2021
Do as we say, not as we do. This week we're setting off to host our own email. We'll cover the basics, what's we're using, and why.
400 400: The See Ya Next Tuesday April 7, 2021
Old friends and new join us on a quest to celebrate four hundred episodes.
399 399: No PRs Please March 31, 2021
Lutris developer Mathieu Comandon joins us to share his perspective on the uncomfortable issues facing Linux desktop developers.
We share our favorite networking trick of all time, and then chat with the blokes behind a new WireGuard-powered service.
397 397: Linux Desktop Levels Up March 17, 2021
We break down the next-level features coming to a Linux near you in just a few weeks.
396 396: How Linux Got to Mars March 10, 2021
Tim Canham, the Mars Helicopter Operations Lead, shares Linux’s origins at JPL and how it ended up running on multiple boxes on Mars.
395 395: The Waybig Machine March 3, 2021
It's our worst idea yet. We share the password to our brand-new server and see who can own the box first. Whoever wins gets a special prize.
After all these years, what's made us stick with Linux?