LINUX Unplugged

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An open show powered by community LINUX Unplugged takes the best attributes of open collaboration and turns it into a weekly show about Linux.

Fedora makes a bold move and Microsoft seems to be working on their ideal "Cloud PC", we ponder what Linux has to offer. Plus an easy way to remotely watch movies with others, and a bunch of your feedback. Chapters: 0:00 Pre- Show 0:29 Intro 2:34 RSI Woes 7:21 Jellyfin 13:12 Proxmox Backup Server 16:22 ProcMon for Linux 20:16 Fedora 33 Defaults to Btrfs 24:27 systemd-oomd 26:38 Housekeeping 28:41 Riot Becomes Element 32:36 Mysterious Microsoft Job Posting 39:19 Picks: Polybar 40:57 Picks: ytop 42:43 Feedback 48:50 Outro 50:06 Post- Show Special Guests: Brent Gervais, Drew DeVore, and Neal Gompa.


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Older Episodes

Our team has been using Nextcloud to replace Dropbox for over a year, we report back on what has worked great, and what's not so great.
361 361: Buttery Smooth Fedora July 8, 2020
Fedora's getting to work and reconsidering some long held-assumptions.
We're joined by two guests who share their insights into building modern Linux hardware products.
359 359: Death of the Mac June 24, 2020
Why we think Apple just handed market share to Desktop Linux, and why you can kiss running Linux on the Mac goodbye forever.
358 358: Our Fragmented Favorite June 17, 2020
It's time to challenge some long-held assumptions. Today's Btrfs is not yesterday's hot mess, but a modern battle-tested filesystem, and we'll prove it. Plus our thoughts on GitHub dropping the term "master", and the changes Linux should make NOW to compete with commercial desktops.
The lightweight distro that stole our hearts, the four of us each try out a different contender and come away with what we think will be the leanest and meanest distribution for your PC.
356 356: Linux Hardware Love June 3, 2020
From the low-end to the high-end we try out both ends of the Linux hardware spectrum. Wes reviews the latest XPS 13, and Chris shares his thoughts on the Pinebook Pro.
355 355: Chris' Data Crisis May 27, 2020
Chris' tale of woe after a recent data loss, and Wes' adventure after he finds a rogue device on his network.
Windows is getting more competitive by adopting core Linux features, so we cover the latest Linux-inspired additions to Windows. Then review the new release of Pi-hole, sort through recent PINE64 updates, and read your feedback.
353 353: Feeling Elive May 13, 2020
We're blown away by the Enlightenment desktop, and its little known features, and we share a quick way for you to try it out yourself.
352 352: Three Course Battery May 6, 2020
Manjaro has a new hardware partner so Phillip joins to share the details, and we have the Lemur Pro in house for a battery endurance test like no other.
351 351: Lenovo Loves Linux April 29, 2020
Fedora Project Leader Matthew Miller joins us to discuss Lenovo shipping ThinkPads loaded with Fedora, and our review of the new 32 release.
350 350: Focal Focus April 22, 2020
The latest Ubuntu LTS is here, but does it live up to the hype? And how practical are the new ZFS features? We dig into the performance, security, and stability of Focal Fossa.
349 349: Arm: A New Hope April 15, 2020
We build the server you never should, a tricked out Arm box, and push it to the limit with a telnet torture test.
348 348: OK OOMer April 8, 2020
Today we make nice with a killer, an early out-of-memory daemon, and one of the new features in Fedora 32. We put EarlyOOM to the test in a real-world workload and are shocked by the results.
347 347: Arm is Here April 1, 2020
We discover a few simple Raspberry Pi tricks that unlock incredible performance and make us re-think the capabilities of Arm systems.
346 346: The One-Click Trap March 25, 2020
We debate the dangers and advantages of one-click deployments. Then Dan from elementary OS shares an AppCenter for Everyone update.
345 345: Don't Go Viral, Go Virtual March 18, 2020
It was the first of its kind, and the first forced to go virtual. We get the behind the scenes story of WSL Conf from the organizers.
344 344: Our Week with Windows March 11, 2020
We load up Windows 10 with WSL2, the new Terminal, and give it a go to see what it does better than Linux. Then we dive into the deep end and attend the first-ever WSLConf.