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The Lancet ( is a weekly medical journal, renowned for the publication of high-quality peer-reviewed research and reviews from around the world. In the Podcasts our editors discuss journal highlights, including interviews with authors of key articles to provide context and insight to advancements in medicine and health worldwide.

The Lancet ’s Tamara Lucas talks to Professor Hugh Montgomery and Professor Hilary Graham about this year’s annual Lancet Countdown, and past twelve months of activity in climate change.


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Louisa Degenhardt analyses recent changes in opioid usage and talks about clinical and policy solutions, in a podcast to accompany _The Lancet_ 's Drug Use Series.
Sir Richard Feacham discusses the prospects and benefits of eradicating malaria.
Michael Marmot, author of the 2010 Marmot Review, and Elias Nosrati discuss the effects of punitive social policy and austerity on health equity in the USA and Europe.
25 25 Years Since Cairo July 13, 2019
To mark World Population Day, UNFPA executive director Dr. Natalia Kanem discusses progress made since the landmark 1994 Cairo conference on population and development, and her hopes for the future.
The Lancet's Senior Editor Jonathan Pimm talks with author Natasha van Zyl about the pioneering surgical procedure of transplanting nerves to restore function in the upper limbs.
Helena Wang from _The Lancet_ talks with Xiaofeng Liang from China CDC about China’s major burden of diseases. This podcast is in Chinese.
Fiona Charlson and Mark van Ommeren talk about the hidden epidemic of severe mental health disorders in conflict zones.
Gary Darmstadt (Stanford University, USA) in discussion with Lancet Executive Editor Jocalyn Clark on the priority to transform gender norms and inequalities. The need for more action and accountability on gender equality is clear: introduction of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Universal Health Coverage goals demand greater …
A decade after H1N1 influenza threatened the 2009 Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, Ziad Memish (Alfaisal University, and Ministry of Health, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) discusses the future priorities for research and global collaboration in the emerging specialty of mass gatherings medicine.
Marian Knight (University of Oxford, UK) discusses the ANODE trial, which highlights how prophylactic antibiotics given at 3 hours after birth can substantially reduce infection after operative vaginal delivery. The results should result in an updating of current clinical guidelines.
Lawrence Gostin (O’Neill Institute, Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA), and Luisa Cabal (UNAIDS, Geneva) discuss a new Lancet Commission which highlights how greater collaboration between the spheres of law and health could potentially lead to improvements in sustainable development and global health.
Philipp Schuetz (University of Basel, Switzerland) discusses a pragmatic randomised trial that highlights the benefit of guided nutritional support for medical inpatients.
Inappropriate use of opioids after surgery has contributed substantially to the global opioid epidemic. Lead author Paul Myles (Alfred Hospital and Monash University, Melbourne, Australia) discusses a new _Lancet_ Series that proposes alternative approaches for pain management after surgery.
TH Lam (University of Hong Kong) discusses a proposal for an international framework convention for alcohol control, given the totality of recent evidence that there is no safe limit for alcohol consumption.
c-Section in LMICs March 29, 2019
Shakila Thangaratinam (Queen Mary University of London, UK) discusses a systematic review and meta-analysis which highlights the increased risk of perinatal trauma and mortality associated with C-section use in low income and middle income countries.
A new Lancet Commission maps out priorities in diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and advocacy efforts to end tuberculosis by 2030. Detailed discussion with two of the commissioners: UN Tuberculosis Special Envoy Eric Goosby, and Paula Fujiwara from the International Union against tuberculosis and lung disease. The podcast is introduced by Liz …
Alan Stein, Brenda Kelly (University of Oxford, UK), and Ruth Bland (Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow, UK) discuss a two-part Series that is helping to develop guidelines for health-care professionals and families concerning life-threatening conditions in children or their parents.
Heart failure Series March 8, 2019
Patrick Rossignol (University of Lorraine, Nancy University Hospital/INSERM, France) discusses recent progress and future challenges concerning heart failure, notably a widespread lack of implementation of established clinical guidelines.
Annette Regan (A&M University, Houston, USA) discusses an observational study which assesses an appropriate time interval for conception after stillbirth.