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595 MBW 595: King A and Queen B Jan. 30, 2018

MacBreak Weekly (Audio) Apple cuts iPhone X production, but this might not be a bad thing. HomePod pre-orders are open, arrives February 9th. iOS 12 will focus on stability, not new features. Apple Grammy ads bring back Animoji Karaoke. Say goodbye to macOS Server. * Alex's Picks: FaceRig and Goat Simulator * Andy's Pick: Clip Studios Paint * Rene's Picks: "Steve Trevor" and Logic Pro X 10.4 Hosts: Leo Laporte, Andy Ihnatko, Alex Lindsay, and Rene Ritchie Download or subscribe to this show at Bandwidth for MacBreak Weekly is provided by CacheFly. Sponsors: * * [ITPro.TV/macbreak - use ...


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