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In less than 10 minutes, we’ll get you up to speed on all the news you missed overnight. Throughout the morning, Marketplace’s David Brancaccio will bring you the latest business and economic stories you need to know to start your day. And before U.S. markets open, you’ll get a global markets update from the BBC World Service in London.

From the BBC World Service… The Brexit general election delayed the announcement. So what's in Andrew Bailey's inbox? Plus, the city of Macau looks to develop beyond its famous casino industry.
Investors seem unperturbed by impeachment proceedings, thanks in part to low interest rates. It looks like Congress will approve the “New NAFTA,” despite the drama at the Capitol. Plus, Amazon and UPS are among the companies diversifying into scooters for deliveries.
More seniors are living at home and with their adult children and other older folks. Instagram cracks down on advertising of tobacco, alcohol and weapons. Plus, the money allocated by Congress to protect elections might not be enough to prevent hacking.
From the BBC World Service….Sweden's central bank ends its experiment with negative interest rates. A high-speed trading issue at the Bank of England. How political upheaval is affecting the economy in Bolivia.
How will Wednesday's slated impeachment vote affect global markets, if at all? Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot have approved their giant merger. Plus, civil unrest in Chile is bringing some businesses in the capital of Santiago to the brink of closing.
Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot approve their giant merger. Congress continues its blacklisting of Chinese tech, specifically drones. Plus, we hear from the man responsible for bringing Big Mouth Billy Bass to battery-powered life.
From the BBC World Service… PSA and Fiat Chrysler officially sign off on their merger. The Bank of England is set to test U.K. banks and insurance companies on their possible exposure to climate change risks. Plus, after two months of street protests, many businesses in Chile are teetering on …
How will the so-called Phase I trade agreement between the U.S. and China be enforced? A company crowdfunds student loan repayment. Plus, why American free markets might not actually be so free.
Boeing will halt production of its troubled 737 MAX planes. Chinese President Xi Jinping floats Macau as an alternative to Hong Kong. Plus, the season's hottest toys capitalize on the element of surprise, but at what cost?
From the BBC World Service… Shares in Boeing suppliers are under pressure. Pension protests in France have caused hospital and school closures, as well as a record-breaking traffic jam in Paris. Plus, a legendary British rock star's guitar goes up for auction in London.
Mexico says it was blindsided by the USMCA's labor stipulations. The FCC wants to designate 9-8-8 as the national suicide prevention hotline. Plus, Chinese tech giant Huawei is thriving despite being blacklisted by the U.S.
The U.S. and China have reached a "Phase I" trade deal, but details are scarce. It's been a lackluster year for U.S. manufacturing. Plus, assessing the value of economic "growth centers."
From the BBC World Service… Markets gain on China-U.S. trade deal hopes. U.K. movie theater chain Cineworld is set to take over Cineplex of Canada. Plus, local concerns at the upgrading of a cruise ship port in the Cayman Islands.
The reported "mini-deal" with China on trade is now a no-go, according to an update from the president. Plus, the Trump Administration is seeking to overhaul banking rules for lower-income borrowers.
With the Conservatives' stunning election victory in the U.K., will they finally "get Brexit done"? The U.S. and China have reportedly reached a "mini- deal" on tariffs, but the damage to Chinese industry might already be irreversible. Plus, Home Depot is blaming losses on the opioid epidemic.
From the BBC World Service… With the largest Conservative majority in over 30 years, a post-Brexit trade deal will be the new government's first priority. We get market reaction from the U.K. and Europe. Plus, is political betting more accurate than election polling?
Members-only racket Dec. 12, 2019
Both the Fed and Europe's central bank keep their hands off interest rates. Money isn't all candidates need to be part of Democratic presidential debates. Plus, Costco diversifies its bulk business with higher-end brands like Coach and Apple.
Trump’s WTO KO Dec. 12, 2019
The Fed chair explains why wages are stagnant despite low unemployment. The European Central Bank keeps interest rates low at new head Christine Lagarde's debut meeting. Plus, the Trump Administration has choked off the World Trade Organization's top court.
From the BBC World Service… Australia sets stricter social media rules. Christine Lagarde has her first ECB rate setting meeting. Plus, an evening with an Amazon delivery driver.
Sprint and T-Mobile head to court to defend their mega-merger. Why mortgage rates remain steady as interest rates go down. Plus, how one woman found the better life her parents sought in this country.