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In less than 10 minutes, we’ll get you up to speed on all the news you missed overnight. Throughout the morning, Marketplace’s David Brancaccio will bring you the latest business and economic stories you need to know to start your day. And before U.S. markets open, you’ll get a global markets update from the BBC World Service in London.

Investment in firearm companies is up, as are background checks. Early numbers for May job losses appear to be down significantly compared to expectations. State budgets are already strained because of COVID-19. Now hurricane season is here.
Essential workers have to worry about curfews on top of the coronavirus. Google faces a proposed class-action lawsuit over alleged privacy violations. And, some health plans are requiring patients to chip in for COVID-19 testing — which was supposed to be free.
From the BBC World Service: As Italy reopens its borders to Europe, what's the economic cost of COVID-19 quarantine measures? Sweden's pandemic policy expert says there is "potential for improvement" in the country's no-lockdown strategy.
The NASDAQ hits an all-time high. Kevin Hart's tumultuous year provides a lesson about "cancel culture." Plus, Midwesterners are still waiting on infrastructure relief following devastating floods this year.
Farm prices are likely to stay low in 2020 despite a potential trade deal. How low interest rates negatively affect older people. Plus, astronomers are concerned about their work as more satellites litter the night sky.
From the BBC World Service… Astronomers are warning that more communications satellites will hinder their work. The co-founder of wearable meditation device Muse explains why consumers are demanding more mental health products. Plus, we visit a U.K. soap factory that only hires the disabled.
The ghost of neon past Dec. 26, 2019
When it comes to holiday buying, what a difference a year makes. Retailers are counting on post-Christmas sales. Plus, how a group of enthusiasts is helping preserve Montreal's neon past.
Christmas retail sales get an online bump. One-day free shipping makes a dent in Amazon's profits. Plus, how thanking people for their charitable giving can prompt further donations.
From the BBC World Service… Following unexpected resignations from Boeing and Nissan's top executives, we look at how scandal-hit businesses can bounce back. Somalia and neighboring Ethiopia face food insecurity as a huge swarm of locusts decimate crops. Plus, on the 15th anniversary of the Boxing Day tsunami that devastated …
A look at how Fed signaling is expected to affect the markets in the new year. Why managers at Amazon are concerned about the company's shipping practices. Plus, Toys R Us's new owners have opened two small brick-and-mortar stores with a focus on online shopping.
A survey found 88% of professionals expect bonuses this year, but not necessarily fairness. Why not everyone can miss work when they're sick. Plus, a look at the business of the British Christmas staple, the Brussel sprout.
From the BBC World Service…Brussels sprouts are big business at Christmas in the UK. We find out how much people spend, and why the tradition has such staying power. Plus, we hear from one company tackling food waste, especially during the holiday season.
Why the SEC is pulling over BMW, a look at the to-do list for Boeing's new CEO and a review of the year in international trade.
A look back on the markets a year ago today, a call for an investigation in to recalled goods and how neighbors can save Christmas.
From the BBC World Service… India's slowing growth triggers a call for urgent action, East Asia boosts financial and trading ties despite historical tensions, and retailers are now discounting right up until Christmas Day in the hopes last-minute shoppers will visit their stores and splash out on bargains.
The CEO of Boeing is out, and the airline's overall troubles are rippling through the greater economy. Chinese officials say they're cutting tariffs on over 800 categories of imports. Those tiny bottles of shampoo you steal from hotel rooms may soon be a thing of the past. Plus, Tesco denies …
Growth in some of the U.S.'s biggest cities is predicted to slow in 2020. Congress attempts to do something about those annoying robocalls. Plus, how $100 from a stranger changed one person's life.
From the BBC World Service… China lowers tariffs on more than 850 products ranging from avocados to frozen pork in an attempt to boost trade and domestic spending. Global pork and poultry producers face huge demand from China after African swine fever decimated the world's largest pig herd. Plus, as …
Congress's retirement overhaul incentivizes the use of annuities. The era of tax-free online purchases is over. Plus, you can thank the 10-year-old recession and bad weather for your expensive Christmas tree.
Congress is set to pass the Secure Act, which aims to make saving for retirement easier. Despite historically low unemployment, half of Americans didn't get a raise this year. Plus, updating Andrew Carnegie's "Gospel of Wealth" to address modern inequality.