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Listen to how I make my photos with explanations of techniques used and other relevant information. You can see the photos under discussion in iTunes or on the MBP Web site. I'll also be talking about technical subjects and gear, as well as the philosophical side of photography.

A comparison of 3 ProGrade Digital CFexpress Type B cards with speed tests and a very respectable SDXC card dropped into the mix for good measure. Details on blog: Music by Martin Bailey.


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Older Episodes

Canon's imminent release of the EOS R5 is exciting, and a catalyst for more gear changes for me in a short space of time than ever before.
Part two of a conversation with Shane Balkowitsch in which we discuss his amazing wet plate collodion Native American portrait work in more detail.
The first part of a conversation with Shane Balkowitsch in which he shares his story as he dived down the Wet Plate Collodion Photography rabbit hole.
In this post I explain how I arrived at my current film processing formula and explain my settings for scanning film with SilverFast 8 SE.
A warts-and-all photographic essay of Tokyo in the shadow of the Corona Virus. This was a tag-on project as I made a quarterly visit to the hospital.
I didn't speak out on racism once 36 years ago, and I have regretted every day of my life. This time I'm adding my voice in support.
Announcing the Capture One Pro license giveaway winner and a sneak peak at Photographer's Friend 3.5, including Mac OS X and Apple Watch extensions!
This week I share some tips and applications like Bartender to help us work smarter on a Mac and a cool new search feature I added to the MBP Website.
Part two of a conversation with my friend Nicholas Kitto about his new book Trading Places - a photographic journey through China's former Treaty Ports.
A conversation with my very good friend Nicholas Kitto about his new book Trading Places - a photographic journey through China's former Treaty Ports.
After four years, this week I share ten reasons why I'm still completely in love with Capture One Pro for my digital workflow.
A short discussion on keeping my workflow spinning over after some big trips and synching images between Capture One Pro catalogs.
Our 700th episode! And we conclude my 2020 Japan Wildlife Tour #2 Travelogue series with Whooper Swans, Sea Eagles, and a few cameo appearances.
A Red-Crowned Crane special this week, following our bumper crop of photos during my final Japan Winter Wildlife Tour for 2020.
This week we embark on the 3rd and final Japan winter tour for this year, with the adorable Snow Monkeys, graceful Red-Crowned Cranes, and Ural Owls.
We conclude my Japan Winter Wildlife Tour #1 travelogue with the awesome Sea Eagles, a proud Northern Red Fox, and a smidgeon of landscape work.
In this episode we start to track our antics on the Japan Winter Wildlife Tour 1 for 2020, as we photograph snow-less monkeys, and red-crowned cranes.
In this episode, we conclude our three-part series to walk you through our antics as I traveled with a wonderful group of photographers on my 2020 Hokkaido Winter Landscape Photography Tour.
We hit the coast in part two of this year's Hokkaido Landscape Photography Adventure travelogue series.