The Martin Bailey Photography Podcast (Enhanced)

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Listen to how I make my photos with explanations of techniques used and other relevant information. You can see the photos under discussion in iTunes or on the MBP Web site. I'll also be talking about technical subjects and gear, as well as the philosophical side of photography.

In this episode, we start our travelogue series covering the 2020 Hokkaido Winter Landscape Photography Adventure Tour & Workshop.
This week I share my favorite top ten images for 2019 with a brief comment about each image. I look forward to seeing your top tens as well.
In this post, I reflect a little on 2019, and wish you and your loved one's good health and all the best for 2020 and beyond.
In this episode, I walk you through the process of setting up a CanoScan 9000F MkII Scanner for high-resolution scanning of 120 format film.
A short video to show you how to load a roll of 120 medium format film into the Rolleiflex 3.5F TLR camera.
In this episode, I'm really happy to share with you a conversation with an incredibly talented photographer, Christian Meermann.
In this episode, I share some of the main features of my new Rolleiflex 3.5F TLR camera, and some of the accessories I've been able to source so far.
In this episode, we explore some options for super-fast external SSD drives and provide information to help you avoid some possible pitfalls.
An interview today with Brian Wood-Koiwa, an urban fine-art photographer who chose Tokyo as a base after traveling the world in the Peace Corps.
This video is to walk you through developing a roll of 120 format film in the Ars-Imago Lab-Box using Ilford chemicals.
Welcome to the world of Reuben Krabbe, who completed his out-of-this-world trilogy of photographs this year with an awesome short film accompaniment.
In this post, I walk you through an illustrated explanation of how to spool a roll of 120 format film into the ingenious Lab-Box ready for development.
Apple Photos with iPadOS and Mac OS X Catalina is now so good I've deleted my iPad Portfolio app and saved a bunch of disk space at the same time. Check it out!
Today we talk with Jack Durner, the artist behind some beautiful abstract photography that I had the pleasure of printing recently.
This week I'm sharing a joint podcast with world-renowned photographer Rick Sammon, covering a myriad of photography topics, and Rick's 40th book!
In this post, I talk about why I believe people should stop using silence as the new "no" in business communication.
I've recently replaced NextGEN Gallery with the Meow Gallery and Meow Lightbox plugins, alongside Essential Grid, and in this episode I explain why.
I recently took a look at Breathing Color's new media Belgian Linen and share my findings today, and how to create a home-made panel for your photos.
This week I bring you an interview with Aaron Nace, in which he shares how he got started as a creative and what led him to create the popular online learning site PHLEARN
This week we explore how using various combinations of lens and Extender/Teleconverter affects autofocus on the Canon EOS R down to aperture f/11.