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339 Marvel Noise Episode 339 Dec. 24, 2019


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338 Marvel Noise Episode 338 Dec. 18, 2019
We’re Baaaaaack! Steve, Andrew & Kevin talk up some recent reads, including the Absolute Carnage event spiralling out of Venom’s series, Morbius, the Amazing Mary Jane, Tony Stark: Iron Man, Yondu, the New Mutants retro one- shot, Dr Doom,
337 Marvel Noise Episode 337 Oct. 29, 2019
Steve covers his trip to the 2019 BaltimoreComicCon and is then joined by Gerry McDade to present Tomb of Dracula #45-50, as has become our Halloween tradition! #MN337 @marvelnoise
336 Marvel Noise Episode 336 Oct. 17, 2019
Steve, Andrew & Kevin share some recent reads while Steve heads off to the BaltimoreComicCon! #MN336 @MarvelNoise
335 Marvel Noise Episode 335 Sept. 14, 2019
We’re back after a summertime break to bring you Marvel Team-Up #1-3 (featuring Spider-Man & The Human Torch), a slew of recent reads, and Immortal Hulk #13-22! Hulk Smash! @marvelnoise #MN335
334 Marvel Noise Episode 334 Aug. 6, 2019
Steve, Andrew, and Kevin share some recent reads, look back at Neil Gaiman’s Eternals limited series, and deep dive into New Warriors issues 2-4!
333 Marvel Noise Episode 333 July 19, 2019
Steve runs through every Iron Man appearance from Marvel Team-Up, then Andrew & Kevin talk up Spider-Man: Far From Home and much more Marvel Miscellanea!
332 Marvel Noise Episode 332 June 30, 2019
Steve gives a rundown of the War of Realms event tie-in issues and then is joined by Andrew and Kevin to discuss the Jessica Jones season 3 L.A. premiere, the conclusion of 'Hunted' in Amazing Spider-Man 22-23, New Agents of Atlas, The Black Cat 1,
331 Marvel Noise Episode 331 June 7, 2019
In this conversation from May, Steve, Andrew & Kevin fire off some recent reads of current titles (The War of Realms, Symbiote Spider-Man, Thanos, Savage Avengers, Avengers, Marvel Team-Up, & The Invaders), then pass judgement on Avengers: Endgame!
330 Marvel Noise Episode 330 May 4, 2019
A solo Steve May-the-4th effort as he spews forth his recent reads: lingering fallout across titles from Operation: Galactic Storm (the '90s event covered on Episode 328) and over 50 Star Wars books, including Star Wars 44-61,
329 Marvel Noise Episode 329 April 19, 2019
Talking about Marvel recent reads before vacation, including Millie the Model Annual 2, Amazing Spider-Man: Hunted, Spider-Man: City at War, Spider-Man: Life Story – The ’60s, Meet the Skrulls, Conan: Age of Belit, Ms Marvel, Marvel Rising,
328 Marvel Noise Episode 328 April 3, 2019
Steve, Kevin & Andrew spin some Marvel Tales from decades past with their long awaited deep dive into 1992's Operation: Galactic Storm...Enjoy! #MN328 @marvelnoise
327 Marvel Noise Episode 327 March 1, 2019
Steve, Kevin and Andrew fire off some recent reads before diving into the solo Human Torch stories from Strange Tales 101-107....enjoy! #MN327 @marvelnoise
326 Marvel Noise Episode 326 Feb. 1, 2019
Steve, Andrew and Kevin serve up the Marvel Universe by Frank Miller, a plethora of recent #1’s, and a Thunderbolts epilogue: Dark Avengers, vol.2!
320 Marvel Noise Episode 320 Oct. 8, 2018
Steve & Mike Spring (from the After the Ending Podcast) give their spin on the 2018 Baltimore ComicCon, then Andrew & Kevin take advantage of the open mic and whip out a filibuster-sized discussion of unknown scope and subject! Enjoy! #MN320 @marvelnoise
319 Marvel Noise Episode 319 Sept. 12, 2018
Steve, Kevin and Andrew whip up a recent reads roundtable with the 1st issues of West Coast Avengers, Cosmic Ghost Rider, Fantastic Four, Captain America, Edge of Spider-Geddon and The Punisher, plus Steve’s Gwenpoole soapbox,
318 Marvel Noise Episode 318 Aug. 18, 2018
Steve tells Gerry McDade about the 2018 BostonComicCon, they talk about buying original art, then Steve wraps up with his thoughts on the latest Marvel Two- In-One series and new Fantastic Four #1 before heading off to the beach. Enjoy! @marvelnoise #MN318
Host Derek Coward talks about thirteen years of the Deliberate Noise Network.
317 Marvel Noise Episode 317 Aug. 3, 2018
Steve, Andrew and Kevin revisit the 1991 Dragon Seed Saga from Iron Man 270-275, which spirals into coverage of the new Tony Stark: Iron Man and Amazing Spider-Man relaunch series (as well as Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk and Marvel Rising). But first,
On this episode, we look back at our coverage of the Marvel Cosmic corner of the Marvel U, originally presented on Marvel Noise Episodes 117 & 118 (from May 2010). First Steve takes a solo spacewalk to bring us up to the mid-1980’s,