Maxwell's House

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Maxwell's Smart

Brian and Tim sit down for an insanity filled 2+ hour podcast with the woman who pushed them out of her vagina decades ago.


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Older Episodes

Brian sits down with his smoking buddies Corey, Slim, and JMac for a HIGHlarious recap of their recent visit to the heart of Alabama.
Brian sits down with Constellation Park creators Christopher Laudando and Scott Meaney.
Brian feels bad for taking months off between podcasts and decides to make amends by exposing himself to the ridicule that comes with accidentally recording yourself rapping while drunk.
Brian, Tim, and newest podmate George get together on 420 for a rousing and no doubt controversial romp through the forest of words you just don’t say.
Brian gets distracted by the news of Taby leaving the show and forgets to end the podcast on the sad note of him STILL not getting a FatBurger!
Brian spends 30 heart felt minutes sucking the comedic ding dong of the every day normal guy, Jon Lajoie.
Brian takes 35 minutes of your life that you will never get back and spends it bitching and moaning about internet assholes.
Brian goes on a spiritual journey of remembrance through the forest of alcohol related blackouts.
Brian battles everything from emotions to poor punctuality on a spiritual journey to Kevin Smith’s SModCastle for an evening of debauchery with Matt Cohen and Malcolm Ingram.
Brian and Taby make their triumphant return with a heartfelt discussion about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.