Inside Health

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Series that demystifies health issues, separating fact from fiction and bringing clarity to conflicting health advice.

Claudia Hammond reports on the first drug trials for the treatment of Covid-19.
Claudia Hammond on moral injury, asthma, a Southampton update, and mental health services.
Margaret McCartney on COVID-19; Pneumonia; Viral Load; Trauma Care in Fort William.
Dr Saleyha Ahsan investigates the struggle to increase capacity in intensive care.
Coronavirus Special March 10, 2020
Saleyha Ahsan reports from her own emergency department about preparations for Coronavirus
Chris van Tulleken investigates hard sell in the private cataract business
Chris van Tulleken examines cigarette filters and how the media report sepsis.
Keen cyclist and GP, Dr Farrah Jarral investigates the health effects of air pollution.
Coronavirus; Breakfast; Women and Heart Attacks; Personal digital assistants.
James Gallagher on the virus almost nobody's heard of, Respiratory Syncytial Virus or RSV.
Coronavirus; Probiotics and gut health in early life; Pill Organisers; Haemophilia therapy
Dr Margaret McCartney on the challenges of healthcare when help isn't on your doorstep.
The best time of day to take blood pressure pills; ADHD; Recurrent fevers; Head lice
Antidepressant withdrawal; chemotherapy backpacks; dizziness; gels for pain relief
Zantac alert, newborn brain injury, Guide to Over the Counter choices, surgery for reflux.
High-dose statins over the counter, amyloidosis, and gene silencing.
Heparin and Pigs; Anticoagulants; Ovarian Freezing and Cancer; Thumb surgery.
Prescription Charges; Acute Kidney Injury; MMR vaccine; Meningitis in Students
Singing for breathlessness, Aneurysms and exercise, Sunscreens, Myasthenia gravis