Inside Health

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Series that demystifies health issues, separating fact from fiction and bringing clarity to conflicting health advice.

Bats and the risk of rabies; hip dysplasia in babies; online health tips; clinical law.
Anti-inflammatories & ovulation; probiotics and Parkinson's; giving blood; patient forums
Declining male fertility, diagnosing urinary tract infections, and health websites.
Obesity and Cancer campaign; intelligent liver function tests; which websites to trust.
Deprescribing July 2, 2019
In a new series Dr Mark Porter explores the growing trend to 'deprescribe'.
Fiddling figures in research, involving parents in the care of premature babies, feedback.
Why vaping divides public health experts, prehabilitation before surgery, hospital safety
Dr Mark Porter investigates CBD oil, visits a dental phobia clinic and talks gout.
Opioids for long-term pain and evidence for deprescribing them. Diagnosing concussion.
Regulation of home fetal heart monitors, deconditioning in hospital, alcohol harm paradox.
Online GP consultations, a new test for pre-eclampsia and could aspirin treat cancer?
New treatment for migraine, iron overload and should low-risk cancers be redefined?
Genes and confidentiality; sore throats and cancer; diet for epilepsy; hair and drips.
Unproven IVF add-ons; does rest help running injuries? DNA analysis on the NHS
Should policy-making organisations in public health partner charities funded by industry?
Drug shortages, eye drops for myopia, is muscle more dense than fat? And sarcopenia
High Blood Pressure Jan. 8, 2019
Dr Mark Porter discusses high blood pressure, a silent threat that isn't well managed.
Blood pressure pills and cancer, aortic aneurysm repair, sinks and hospital infection
Epipens are in short supply and under fire for their design. Dr Mark Porter investigates.
France delists Alzheimer's drugs, quality of life after hip fracture and prostate cancer.