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Meta-Cast is the brain-child of Josh Anderson and Bob Galen, two software development professionals who love to "debate" various topics pertaining to their profession.

Coming out of our previous episodes, Bob and Josh realized we needed to discuss the importance of diversity. Take a listen as we cover the numerous types of diversity (both the kind you can and the kind you can't see) and how they improve your teams and their delivery. Let's discuss as you share your diversity initiatives and challenges with everyone! More from our hosts: Get FREE agile coaching on Josh's new live stream. If you ever wanted to hear how our co-hosts would answer your individual question, this is your chance! Friday mornings, Josh hosts a free live stream …


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We made it! Thanks to all of our listeners and supporters, from all corners of the globe. Bob and Josh are excited to share our 150th episode with you. We don't dig into too deep on any traditional topics. Instead, we celebrate the
We see so many organizations struggle to nail the key decisions that shape their future. Why? In this episode, Bob and Josh show you how to engage in healthy dialog across your entire organization. This dialog ensures you land on the bes
We wrap up our three-part series that we're affectionately referring to as the "leave the nest and land safely" episodes. In episodes 146 & 147, we aggressively kicked you out of the nest, and in this episode, we arm you with tools to make sure
Episode 146 provided everyone with insights about when it is time to "leave the nest" and find a new gig for yourself. In this episode, we get more aggressive and provide tools, tips, and tricks to leave a bad situation. What tips can you share with
There comes a time in most jobs where it's time to leave, but sometimes that departure is harder than it should be. In this episode, Bob and Josh discuss ways for you to recognize when it's time to leave a job and offer a few tools to help you leave
Inspired by one of our Agile Podcast Network partners, Badass Agile, Bob and Josh review the attributes required to be an "agile badass". What traits have you seen if your badass agile colleagues? Let's discuss! More from our hosts: Get F
So much content is written/discussed covering ways to measure agile teams. In fact, we discussed agile metrics in the past, but this episode turns the tables and we discuss how agile leaders should be measured. If you're a leader, listen to this
Many organizations continuously acquire technical debt. A common source of this growing problem is a lack of understanding of the true cost of quality. If your organization can't seem to escape a mountain of poor architectural decisions and/or an un
In response to the following question from a listener, Bob and Josh discuss how to lead an agile team inside of an organization with traditional, individualized performance management. Can these two co-exist? We think so, and this episode helps you answer
Our previous episode introduced the importance of storytelling in agile. Towards the end of the episode, we threw out the idea of returning to this topic with some examples and role-playing to help everyone understand how powerful storytelling
Storytelling is an integral part of your success as a leader and/or coach. Get some tips and tricks from Bob and Josh as they walk you through the reasons storytelling is so important and then provide you with some insight on how to get better
A big thanks to Meta-Cast listener and Twitch chat superstar "firessue" brings us a fantastic challenge for this episode. Standing up new teams is hard, but adding teams and engineers to an existing, established team presents a whole new set of challenges
What unknowns will sneak up and cost your team dearly? If we knew those answers, life would be a lot easier! Thanks to Laura (AKA laurieblue on our Twitch stream), we were challenged to answer this question. Bob and Josh highlight the que
Remote teams are everywhere. Agile is everywhere. Unfortunately, those two don't always mix well together. We are here to fix that! Thanks to our listener Ryan, from Virginia, for asking us to take on this topic. What tips a
It's a special Halloween night episode! Bob and Josh wrap up their series on fear in the agile world with a deep dive into common sources of fear for leaders in the agile world. If you are an agile leader, don't be scared, listen to this episo
Episode 134 dug into common generators of fear that teams experience during an agile transition. Sticking with our scary/spooky theme for October, we decided to turn the tables around and examine how we, as agile leaders, generate fear. As the
Halloween is near, so we decided (thanks to a tip from a listener on Twitter) to dig into the numerous ways fear presents itself in the agile world. Aside from identifying common patterns and situations that generate fear, we offer a few of our trie
No team is perfect. At some point in your team's evolution a team member will have a string of bad days that cause a significant amount of strife and turmoil in your team. Use this episode to pick up some tips, tricks, and advice on how to han
How do you know when you have too little/too much process in place? Use this episode to get an understanding of what a "good enough" process looks like for a team of 5 versus a team of 50 so that you and your team can maintain success as you grow. …