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Special podcast version of Michael Shelley's weekly radio show, featuring interviews with the high-rollers of rock, soul, country, and jazz.

Linda Gale Lewis - "Interview" Linda Gale Lewis - "Who's That Guy?"
Jody Porter And The Berlin Waltz - "Sunsick Moon" Jody Porter And The Berlin Waltz - "Sheet Lightning" Jody Porter And The Berlin Waltz - "Crashland" Jody Porter And The Berlin Waltz - "Sink To The Bottom"
Howard Grimes - "Interview" Eddie Floyd - "On A Saturday Night"
Paul Rutner - "Interview" Mumps, The - "Crocodile Tears"
Steve Cropper - "Interview"
B.J. Thomas - "January 2010 Interview"
Dean Friedman - "Interview" Dean Friedman - ""Ariel" recorded live on Jim Price's WFMU show in 1979"
Joel Selvin - "Interview"
Keith - "Interview" Keith - "98.6"
Al Jardine - "Interview" Al Jardine - "Waves of Love 2.0"
Bergen White - "Interview"
Mike Skill - "Interview"
The Michael Shelley Players - "A Radio Christmas Carol"
Tony Micale - "Interview" Reflections, The - "Just Like Romeo And Juliet"
Mark Ribowsky - "Interview" Little Richard - "Rip It Up"
Kurt Baker - "Interview" Kurt Baker - "She Don't Really Love You, Dude (live from Kurt's apartment in Spain))" Kurt Baker - "I Like Her A Lot"
Yvonne Vernee Allen - "Interview" Donays, The - "Devil In His Heart"
Bruce Thomas - "Interview" Elvis Costello And The Attractions - "Lipstick Vogue"
Emmit Rhodes - "February 13, 2010" Emmit Rhodes - "February 27, 2016"