Midwest Teen Sex Show

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A video podcast about teen sexuality.

Nikol introduces the new comedy series Blue Movies. It's about porn.


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Older Episodes

Prom babies cry just as loud.
MTSS 25: Prom (Teaser) April 23, 2009
Have you been to prom?
No matter how many times you’ve seen the banana demo, it’s not the same as putting one on a boner.
Britney and Neil brainstorm a new video to promote the continued sponsorship from KoldCast.TV.
Deleted scenes from Midwest Teen Sex Show 24: Condoms.
MTSS 23: Vaginas Feb. 25, 2009
Find out what happens when vaginas stop being polite and start getting real.
Like the penis, the vagina has many names.
Got three minutes? Want to hook up?
Want to be friends with benefits?
Boobies. Boobs. Breasts. Knockers. Jugs. Tits. Fun Bags. Dirty Pillows. Milk Sacks. Hooters. Ta Ta’s. Melons. Headlights. Rack. The Twins. Boulders. Sweater Meat. Udders. Bee Stings. Jubblies. Chesticles. Bazookas. Mammaries. Blouse Bunnies. Yabbos. Flapjacks. Orbs. Twin Peaks. Dairy Section. Bosom. Lady Bollocks. Lunch.
The most important MTSS episode ever.
MTSS #20 (Full Episode) Nov. 22, 2008
The Green Tongue of HPV. Our Halloween Special!
MTSS #20 HPV (Teaser) Nov. 1, 2008
Welcome to the Abstinence Academy for slutty girls!
Have you ever had one?
MTSS #19 (Deleted Scene) Sept. 13, 2008
Go to KoldCast.TV to watch the premiere of Orgasms. The full episode will appear in this feed on September 27th.
Go to KoldCast.TV to watch the full episode.
A special message from MTSS... We have a sponsor and a new episode.
MTSS examines THE PENIS (despite other website claims, watching this episode will not make it bigger).